Cincinnati Zoo 2


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Restaurant                                                  Winter Quarters                

   The restaurant opened in 1938 and is still in operation today. The winter quarters were constructed in 1895 to provide warmer climates for some species during the winter months. Elephants for example.


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Aquarium                     East Wing Aquarium                        Piranha    

   The Aquarium opened in 1950 and is now called Manatee Springs.


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They had a lot of different rides years ago. (See elephants)                  Some of the paying customers                            Boat rides            

   The pony track seen above was a popular attraction for many decades. It was located west of today's Insectarium and Nocturnal House. The gondolas seen in the last card above were used on the zoo lake in 1889 for a musical performance, Scenes from Venice, with a "cast of hundreds" A huge canvas backdrop that was painted by Cincinnati artists Henry Farny and John Rettig was used. The 1900 postcard view in the 4th card shows the boats being used to ferry visitors around the lake. They were only used for a brief time.


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     A group of College Girls                                        Safari  Train                                                A rare card titled: Don't be Balky!

   The first miniature railroad was built in the 1940s. In 1952 it was expanded and relocated. A 25' high trestle was constructed over the African Veldt.


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A General View                                 Children's Zoo

  The Children's Zoo was originally opened in in 1937. It was renovated in 1964 in memory of Powel Crosley Jr., a long time supporter of the zoo.



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   The second and third cards above shows a sacred cow. This is not a misprint, up till 1952, when it was eliminated, there was a Camel and Sacred Cow House.


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     You would think someone would  have known the difference between a Hippo. and an Elk (Wapiti) in the last card above. 


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These 8 cards will also be seen on the Sets page

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3 Barless Enclosures

   Completed in 1934 the three barless enclosures shown above housed the Lions, tigers and African Birds. These were a gift of Mrs. Lilly Ackerland Fleischmann. The image is by Paul Briol.



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   "Zee-koe" the young hippo seen in the first card (and probably the 2nd one also) above was not only one of the most popular animals in the early 1900s, but was also one of the most valuable. He was acquired from Germany for $3,000. He died in 1923 after swallowing a ball and was mounted and displayed at Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History.

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Julia & Gigi                                                    

   Julia & her son Gigi in 1933. Photo by Paul Briol



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   The first two cards above show the first giraffe born in this country that lived to maturity. The male giraffe was named Kermit and the female was named Alice, they were named after President Teddy Roosevelt's children. When the baby giraffe was 8 months old, Alice died of fright. It appears that she was terrified of thunderstorms and would freeze in place and tremble all over. The 3rd card above shows the moving of a giraffe in 1906 for the opening of the new elephant house. The heavily padded walls of this wagon was pulled by six horses.


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