Zoo Chromes


   Although this is not a chrome card, it is a larger than normal (5 X 7) card showing the Zoo's annual Festival of Lights that is put on each year in December. This card is for the 1987 show.

Zoo Festival of Lights.jpg (1251609 bytes)


   The first larger than normal card was also put out in a poster by the zoo. It was titled "New Ones", illustrating the zoo's success in breeding the animals in their care. The cards in the 2nd row are different versions of this theme.

Zoo-New Ones.jpg (1073457 bytes)


            Zoo (11).jpg (472872 bytes)        Zoo Animals.jpg (335802 bytes)    Zoo Animals back.jpg (110869 bytes)        Zoo Multi.jpg (671503 bytes)
                                                              Back of card on left


Rhinocoeros.jpg (83668 bytes)        Zebra.jpg (132128 bytes)        Bison.jpg (403450 bytes)
Rhinoceros                      Zebras                             Bison    


Zoo (5).jpg (740159 bytes)    Asian Elephant.jpg (120994 bytes)    Chrome-Zoo Elephant.jpg (777652 bytes)        Zoo-Gretchen the elephant.jpg (359858 bytes)
                                                     Asian Elephants                                                    Gretchen the African Elephant


Giraffe.jpg (112472 bytes)        Zoo (3).jpg (403703 bytes)


Blue & Gold Macaw.jpg (84011 bytes)        Bald Eagle.jpg (129321 bytes)        Toco Toucan.jpg (91044 bytes)        Golden Conure-Parrot.jpg (99701 bytes)
   Blue & Gold Macaw                    Bald Eagle                                    Toucan                     Golden Conure (parrot)


Zoo (9).jpg (533575 bytes)
Black Diamond Peacock


Zoo-Lowland Gorilla-V.jpg (247589 bytes)    Gorilla & baby.jpg (122781 bytes)    Sumatran Orangutan.jpg (160721 bytes)    Orangutans.jpg (351187 bytes)    Zoo (8).jpg (391952 bytes)
Lowland Gorilla             Gorilla & Baby                Sumatran Orangutans           Bornean Orang-utans                Chimpanzee          


Zoo-White-Cheeked gibbons.jpg (344569 bytes)                                Tasmanian Devil.jpg (139719 bytes)
White-cheeked Gibbons                                           Tasmanian Devil               


Red-Eyed Tree Frog.jpg (67793 bytes)        Passion Flower Butterfly.jpg (120031 bytes)        Warthog.jpg (880779 bytes)        Timber Wolf.jpg (120841 bytes)
   Red-Eyed Tree Frog             Passion Flower Butterfly                        Warthog                                Timber Wolf          


Koala  eating.jpg (830489 bytes)           Zoo-Lion-lg.jpg (299108 bytes)         Lion cub&mother.jpg (832208 bytes)        Zoo (10).jpg (364178 bytes)
      Koala                                         Lion                                Lion cubs with mom                          Manatee          


White Tiger.jpg (244937 bytes)        Zoo-White Tiger Cubs.jpg (830562 bytes)        Zoo-White Tiger & Cub.jpg (318995 bytes)
  White Tigers  

Bengal Tigers, Orange & White.jpg (579497 bytes)

Bengal Tiger.jpg (407896 bytes)        Zoo (2).jpg (650627 bytes)        Zoo (4).jpg (469195 bytes)
Sumatran Tiger


Zoo-Polar Bear Cub.jpg (255313 bytes)        Zoo (6).jpg (348528 bytes)        Zoo (7).jpg (378030 bytes)        Zoo.jpg (328054 bytes)
Polar Bears


Zoo-Mighty Buck.jpg (330190 bytes)        Zoo Penquins.jpg (137875 bytes)        Zoo Bactrian Camels.jpg (340915 bytes)
     Deer                                          Penguins                                      Camels


Walrus.jpg (380629 bytes)


Zoo Eland Continental.jpg (461586 bytes)



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