Y.M.C.A. & Y.W.C.A.



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Heyl House

   The non-postcard image above shows the first building owned by the Cincinnati YMCA. The year was 1871 and it was located on the southeast corner of 6th and Elm.



   By the middle of the 1880s the old Heyl House above was too small to accommodate the growth the YMCA had experienced over the previous 15 years. It was also ill suited for the program of physical activities that the Association was contemplating. As a result the building, seen below, on the northwest corner of 7th and Walnut was constructed. It opened in 1891 and lasted until the Building Commission of Cincinnati condemned, for certain uses, part of the structure. In 1914 the Association launched a drive to obtain $500,000 for a new building, which resulted in the Central Parkway Branch. This building was converted into the Shubert Theater which opened in 1921 and operated until 1953. It later reopened as the Reverend Earl Ivies' Revival Temple. This only lasted for two years before it was again renovated and returned to being a legitimate theater which lasted until it was finally demolished in 1976 to make way for a parking lot. There is an office building now on the site.

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   President Taft laid the cornerstone for this building at 1105 Elm St. It opened on 12/8/18. As can be seen in the card below when this building opened the Miami-Erie canal next to it had not been replaced by the subway tunnels that were being constructed in the former canal. In some of the following cards they have been retouched so that all you see is a paved street. Seepage from the old canal caused  a lot of problems when the swimming pool was being installed in the Y.

YMCA-Building New Central Branch.jpg (780535 bytes)
 Building under construction


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   The Ninth Street Branch at 630 West Ninth Street was constructed in 1915 and opened February 6, 1916. This branch was originally started in rented quarters at Seventh and Plum Streets in January, 1913. This branch of the YMCA was for African-American members only. The building you see to the left in the second photograph is the Boy's Building that was built in 1951 to replace a "temporary structure" that had been there since 1924. It contained a large recreation hall, four club rooms and a chapel, a check room, lavatories and office space. All images below, except for the first one, are not postcards.

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Ninth Street branch                                                      Not a postcard   


YMCA 9th St. Branch.jpg (843872 bytes)        YMCA-9th St.Branch-Lobby.jpg (541275 bytes)        YMCA-9th St. Branch-East end lobby.jpg (689143 bytes)        YMCA-9th St.branch-Reading Room.jpg (548458 bytes)
Photograph used for                         Lobby                          East side of lobby                 Reading room      
above postcard                                                                                                                                              


YMCA-9th St.Branch-Billiard Room.jpg (662120 bytes)        YMCA-9th St.Branch-Pool.jpg (468673 bytes)        YMCA-9th St.Branch-Dining Room.jpg (423753 bytes)        YMCA-9th St.Branch-Dorm Room.jpg (565480 bytes)
  Billiard  room                                Pool                                Dining room                        Dormitory room



   The Cincinnati  Y.M.C.A. has a gymnasium, shower baths, swimming pool, summer camps, day commercial school, night classes in law, business, trades, and automobiles; also Bible classes, Sunday meetings, social rooms, and an employment department. These privileges are being used by 2,400 men and boys.  You will be welcome.                                                        

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 Lobby at 7th & Walnut                   Auto School s.e. cor.               Annual Members Banquet                       Track Team            
Canal and Walnut                                                          


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Pool  &  Billiard room            Newsboys in front of "Y"                    Gymnasium Class                           Night Law School     


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Loading wagons for camp


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Eight cards showing a Y.M.C.A. camp  at Tawas Beach (Michigan)

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   The Georgian Bay YMCA Camp (also refered to as the North Woods Camp) was located on Beausoleil Island, Ontario, on Georgian Bay. It is in a National Park and Game Preserve of the Canadian Government.

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Georgian Bay Camp


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Y.M.C.A. for railroad men.
Fifth and Baymiller Streets.



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Located at 20 East 8th St.

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                                                       9th &  Walnut St.                                                                                   Present day photograph

   This YMCA building opened in 1929 at the corner of Ninth Street and Walnut. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on September 16, 1982.

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Chapel                                              Lounge                                              Cafeteria


Camp Lenmary
scan0044.jpg (235554 bytes)

   The information printed on the back states "YWCA'S CAMP LENMARY Twenty-eight miles from Cincinnati schedules camping periods during the summer for girls from the 4th through 10th grades; and is available for private groups for weekends in the Spring and Fall. For information call YWCA, Ninth and Walnut Streets Cherry 7090.



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