Extending from East Fifth Street downtown close to the Ohio River it connects Cincinnati with Columbia Parkway and the eastern suburbs. The Viaduct, built in 1937-1938 as a PWA project, cost approximately $1,150,000 to construct.

Columbia Ave Viaduct-1.jpg (109818 bytes)



Delta Avenue Viaduct.jpg (111082 bytes)



  Spanning the Mill Creek from Price Hill to Eighth Street in Cincinnati this Viaduct was built in 1928. The first bridge in this area of the Mill Creek was constructed in 1806 by the City, but a flood destroyed it soon after completion. A second one was built, but it was carried away by the flood of 1832. Believe it or not this structure was towed back from Louisville and restored on its foundations, only to be destroyed by fire. Another bridge was built in 1893, but in 1907 a section of the bridge 1/2 block long collapsed. 

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pre 1894 Viaduct 8th Street.jpg (279650 bytes)                8th St. Viaduct-1920s.jpg (132786 bytes)
1893 Viaduct                                      1920s Viaduct

   It was not until 1928 when a more permanent concrete structure was built when plans for the building of the Union Terminal included rebuilding this Viaduct. The last card shows the Viaduct from the top of Price Hill.

Eighth Street Viaduct-1.jpg (106156 bytes)    8th St Viaduct-z1.jpg (97177 bytes)    Eighth Street Viaduct-2.jpg (121984 bytes)    8th St Viaduct-z2.jpg (111140 bytes)    8th Street Viaduct n1.jpg (471357 bytes)

Eighth Street Viaduct-3.jpg (116013 bytes)

  These four newer views show the viaduct as it enters Cincinnati. The two center ones were obviously taken on the same day. Look closely and you will see that for some reason the photographer or the publishers decided to reverse the sky, why?-I have no idea.

Eighth Street Viaduct-new-1.jpg (73212 bytes)                Eighth Street Viaduct-new-2.jpg (87988 bytes)                Eighth Street Viaduct-new-3.jpg (96711 bytes)                Eighth Street Viaduct-new-4.jpg (107797 bytes)



Gilbert Ave Viaduct-2.jpg (111272 bytes)        Gilbert Ave Viaduct-3.jpg (127023 bytes)        Gilbert ave via-a.jpg (108374 bytes)        Gilbert Ave Viaduct-4.jpg (118192 bytes)

     Built in 1912 the Viaduct connects downtown at Ninth and Broadway to Gilbert Avenue and points north.

Gilbert Ave Viaduct-1.jpg (90110 bytes)        Gilbert Ave Viaduct.jpg (111241 bytes)       Gilbert Ave Viaduct-a.jpg (139146 bytes)
Replica Postcard

Mt. Adams Combo.jpg (688069 bytes)

   In the image above I have attempted to show the vast amount of changes that were made in order to build the I71 corridor in the downtown area. The left side shows the area in the 1940s and on the right is how it looks today. The Gilbert Avenue Viaduct can be easily seen in both halves. 



  The Harrison Avenue Viaduct was built in 1908. It traversed the Mill Creek and connected Spring Grove Avenue with Harrison Avenue to the west. Increasing population growth made this structure inadequate.


Harrison Ave Viaduct-1.jpg (111928 bytes)              western Hill's Viaduct-1.jpg (96825 bytes)        western Hill's Viaduct-2.jpg (111875 bytes)      *Western Hills Viaduct.jpg (164583 bytes)
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   The Western Hills Viaduct replaced it. This was a massive construction project costing $3.5 million that was started on November 5, 1930 and completed January 15, 1932. The city paid $1 million and the new Union Terminal Company paid the rest. The new terminal required the rail yards be elevated to a height not compatible with the old Harrison Avenue Viaduct, therefore they paid the additional cost needed to raise the whole structure. 3,300 feet long; it opened in 1933. Streetcars and trucks were restricted to the lower deck which terminated on Spring Grove Avenue on the east side. Autos and pedestrians used the top level which terminated on Central Parkway on the east side. Foundation pilings had to be sunk 200' before bedrock was reached. This viaduct was the only way to reach Western Hills during the 1937 flood.


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West Plaza Approach To Viaduct.jpg (237545 bytes)    BEV Of Viaduct.jpg (417918 bytes)    Parkway Approach To Viaduct.jpg (283457 bytes)
West Plaza Approach                   Birds-Eye-View Of Viaduct                    East Side Approach   



Hopple Street Viaduct-1.jpg (176501 bytes)            Hopple Viaduct.jpg (103853 bytes)            Hopple Street Viaduct-2.jpg (151445 bytes)

  This viaduct also spans the Mill Creek between Spring Grove Ave. on the east to Beekman St. in the west. 1,851' long it was completed in 1916.



Ludlow Ave Viaduct-1.jpg (94477 bytes)    Ludlow Ave Viaduct-3.jpg (184554 bytes)    Ludlow Viaduct Mill Creek.jpg (293068 bytes)    Ludlow Ave Viaduct-2.jpg (166685 bytes)    Ludlow Ave Viaduct-4.jpg (78228 bytes)

  Would you like to make a wild guess what this viaduct spans? Your right!! the Mill Creek.  It took 2 years to build and was completed in 1913. It is 1,750' long and connected Northside with downtown Cincinnati and actually increased congestion on the western side at Knowlton's Corner by turning it into a 6-way intersection.



Viaduct Liberty St..jpg (84323 bytes)

   This non-postcard image is the only one I have found of this viaduct that was in use from 1912 to 1929 when it was demolished for the construction of the Union Terminal. Today Liberty Street ends at the Dalton Street Post Office. The other side ended at Beekman Street and where you can still find a short section of road that was once part of this viaduct.



Park Avenue Viaduct-1.jpg (117059 bytes)        Park Avenue Viaduct-2.jpg (102089 bytes)        Park Ave. Viaduct 4.jpg (211679 bytes)        Park Avenue Viaduct-3.jpg (87442 bytes)

     This viaduct connects the east side of Eden Park and Walnut Hills.



Kenton Street Viaduct over Florence Avenue, Cincinnati.jpg (18394 bytes)*        Florence Ave. Viaduct.JPG (76681 bytes)
Kenton Street Viaduct  over Florence Avenue




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