JULY  7,  1915

   Although these cards claim that on July 7, 1915 a tornado struck Cincinnati it was, in fact, not a tornado. No one had seen a tunnel-shaped formation and the winds only reached 60 miles per hour. With today's construction the damage would be much less. This would be referred to as a microburst today. Nevertheless property damage was over $1 million and 38 people died, the most ever recorded for a non-tornado event. The storm struck at night and most of the deaths were caused by buildings collapsing onto residents getting ready for bed. Several steamboats were overturned with their crews missing and presumed dead. Ludlow and Covington Kentucky were also heavily damaged.

The next six cards are of a residence at 8th & Cutter Streets where 6 people died.

Tornado 1915-3 vert.jpg (82222 bytes)                                        Tornado 1915-a1.jpg (89876 bytes)


Tornado 1915-1.jpg (104185 bytes)        Tornado 1915-2.jpg (119479 bytes)        Tornado 1915-2a.jpg (88284 bytes)        Tornado 1915-2b.jpg (76624 bytes)


These six cards show the destruction at 6th. & Mound Streets. 12 people died.

Tornado 1915-4.jpg (103841 bytes)            Tornado 1915-5.jpg (108859 bytes)            Tornado 1915-7.jpg (126404 bytes)


Tornado 1915-10.jpg (91856 bytes)            Tornado 1915-11.jpg (89671 bytes)            Tornado 1915-6.jpg (116480 bytes)


Tornado 1915-9.jpg (93811 bytes)        9th & Mound 1915.jpg (102035 bytes)
9th Street near Mound 


Tornado 1915-14.jpg (104086 bytes)        Tornado 1915-14a.jpg (84449 bytes)        Tornado 1915-15.jpg (128541 bytes)
These three cards are of 5th and Central. (the third card shows a shop selling postal cards)


Tornado 1915-21.jpg (112389 bytes)        Philomena collapse.jpg (199464 bytes)

   The East Pearl Street cards above show the damage caused when the steeple of St. Philomena Church fell on this building (a bakery) which was across the street from the church.


Tornado 1915-16.jpg (106596 bytes)    1915 Tornado-Big Store.jpg (203104 bytes)    Tornado 1915-17.jpg (93485 bytes)            Tornado 1915-18.jpg (102388 bytes)    Tornado 1915-19.jpg (63958 bytes)
                    The Big Store on 5th Street near John St.                                          Automobile blown 200' to Fourth and Walnut


1915 Tornado-Steamer Convoy.jpg (166657 bytes)        Tornado 1915-23.jpg (83407 bytes)        Tornado 1915-24.jpg (84991 bytes)        Tornado 1915-20.jpg (78786 bytes)
Steamer  Convoy                      Pleasure boat Kelle                     Steamer Fulton                      Court and Broadway


2nd st-1915 tornado.jpg (181623 bytes)        Tornado 1915-22.jpg (80832 bytes)
E. 2nd Street                            2nd and Main



   The first recorded tornado in Cincinnati is this one on Sunday, March 11, 1917. It struck in Hyde Park, O'Bryonville, Mt. Lookout, Ault Park, and the East End.. The homes in the cards below were located in a six-block radius of Morton, Linwood, Grace, and Griest Avenues. The tornado killed three people, injured 32, and destroyed 110 homes. Property loss was estimated at $500,000.

1917 HP tornado 1.jpg (124206 bytes)    1917 HP tornado 2.jpg (135395 bytes)    1917 HP tornado 3.jpg (109966 bytes)    1917 HP tornado 4.jpg (145633 bytes)    1917 HP tornado 6.jpg (114323 bytes)


1917 HP tornado 5.jpg (87080 bytes)   1308 Grace Street.jpg (297900 bytes)   1917 HP tornado 7.jpg (129830 bytes)   1917 HP tornado 8.jpg (143652 bytes)   1317 Grace Avenue.jpg (286757 bytes)
1308 Grace Ave.                                                                                       1317 Grace Ave.                            

   The 1317 address for the 3rd & 4th images above was supplied by visitor Jay Gilbert who lived in the house in the 1970s. The house had a framed picture of the postcard along with a colored photograph of the house from the same angle. The 4th image shows the same house from a different angle. The two photographs above show the homes as they look today.

1917 HP tornado 9.jpg (80491 bytes)    1917 Tornado Linwood Ave..jpg (213729 bytes)1917 HP tornado 10.jpg (99039 bytes)    1917 HP tornado 11.jpg (118753 bytes)    1917 HP tornado 12.jpg (130189 bytes)
2 Views of Residence on Linwood Ave.                                                                                                                                        


Hyde Park Tornado-4th & Ewing.jpg (97080 bytes)
4th & Ewing-Real Photo



Terrace Park Tornado.jpg (84874 bytes)    Terrace Park Tornado-2.jpg (226157 bytes)    Terrace Park Tornado-19.jpg (205643 bytes)    Terrace Park Tornado-20.jpg (197964 bytes)
Terrace Park tornado. 4/30/1936