Sunlite Pool


  Sunlite Pool when built was considered to be the largest recirculating tiled swimming pool in the world and it still retains that distinction.  The pool measuring 200 by 401 feet has a capacity of 3,500,000 gallons of water. This water is purified at a rate of 47,000 gallons an hour in a filtration plant large enough to supply the water requirements of a city of 250,000 inhabitants. The time frame for these, except for the newer card at the bottom,  range from the thirties thru to the seventies. The depth of the water ranges from 6" to 10 1/2 feet. The cement floor was 7" thick and reinforced with steel. There was a half acre of sand plus a balcony hundreds of feet long where people could sit and watch the bathers. A new entrance road for cars was constructed using dirt excavated from the site. Water came from Artesian wells and from the city reservoir at California.
  The pool opened on May 22, 1925. McDonald's California Band played at the pool in the afternoon and Moonlite Gardens at night. Three days later the 2nd Island Queen made it's first trip to Coney Island.

Pool Layout.jpg (113879 bytes)
1924 Enquirer drawing

   The above non-postcard image was published in the Cincinnati Enquirer in August of 1924 (the sea swing was never installed).


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Sunlite Pool 13.jpg (115569 bytes)        Sunlite Pool 11.jpg (110089 bytes)        Sunlite Pool 12.jpg (108926 bytes)        Sunlite Pool 14.jpg (86804 bytes)


Coney Island Pool @ nite.jpg (310582 bytes)
Hard to find night scene


Sunlite Pool-extra large.jpg (2386853 bytes)
Large 6" x  9" card.


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