Suburban Streets



   Any Cincinnatian probably has wondered at some time in their lives just how long  I-275 is. Well you now can amaze your friends with your superior knowledge. It seems everybody who should know this have their own figure. It varies from 82.98 miles to 84.8 miles. An actual odometer reading by an Enquirer reporter read 84.5 miles. In any case I-275 is the longest full circumferential beltway in the nation. It passes thru 3 states; Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio.  In case you were wondering what the next longest beltway is, it is the I-495 Capital Beltway, Washington D.C., at a mere 67 miles. Atlanta is third with I-285 at 62.8 miles.


Grin and bare it-West Chester.jpg (175763 bytes)                            Celestial Intersection Mt. Adams.jpg (68009 bytes)
Corner  in  West Chester                                    Mount Adams        

   Anyone else have a picture of a funny or strange Cincinnati area street corner?


Addyston-River Road.jpg (135706 bytes)
Lower River Road


              AVONDALE                                                          BLUE  ASH

Main Avenue-Avondale.jpg (110350 bytes)        847 Glenwood Ave.jpg (116048 bytes)*                                      Blue Ash-Cooper Ave..jpg (175455 bytes)
 Main Avenue            847 Glenwood Ave.                                                          Cooper Ave.  

   The Glenwood Ave. residence is no longer there.



Colerain & Central Ave-Brighton.jpg (108787 bytes)    Central Ave. & Colerain.jpg (221988 bytes)
 Central Ave.& Colerain

   The 2nd image above is a photograph of the corner as it looks today.



Forrest Ave. Bond Hill.jpg (322831 bytes)               Bond Hill Paddock Ave,.jpg (193946 bytes)
 Paddock Rd. S. from Myrtle            Forrest Ave. E. from Paddock



Miami Ave-Cleves.jpg (88900 bytes)        Cleves-Miami Ave.jpg (120483 bytes)        Cleves-North on Miami.jpg (312818 bytes)    Cleves North on Miami.jpg (138364 bytes)
 Miami Looking South             Miami South on Porter                     North on Miami Between Laird & Markland Sts.       

   The last image above is a present day photograph, thanks to Kevin Lawson.

Cleves-Miami Ave.jpg (525224 bytes)        Cleves-Miami Ave-rppc.jpg (137167 bytes)        Cleves-South on Miami Ave.jpg (247463 bytes)\
       Miami Ave.                      Another Miami Ave.                    South on Miami     


Cleves-Miami Ave.jpg (243747 bytes)        Cleves-RPPC.jpg (910790 bytes)*      Cleeves Miami & Mulbury Sts..jpg (151456 bytes)
Miami Looking North     

   The last image above is the RPPC image that was used to make the 3rd card. Thanks to Scott Kabakoff. The building on the left side was the general store of Frank Ingram. It was used by the Cincinnati Public Library as station #33 in its free delivery system. A person could order, and pick up, a book from the main library downtown. The third image is, what I believe, this area looks like today. It is the corner of Miami and Mulbury Streets.

Symmes Cleves.jpg (364301 bytes)        Symmes St., Cleves.jpg (230309 bytes)
Symmes Street, Cleves

   The 2nd present day image is nothing but a guess on my part. It is the closest I could come to a possible match.



Fairpark ave-Carthage.jpg (137933 bytes)    Fairpark Ave.jpg (148297 bytes)                Carthage Pike.jpg (111348 bytes)
                    Fairpark Avenue                                                               Carthage Pike

   The 2nd present day photograph above shows that the church in the 1st card still stands. Today it is the Annoited Church of Christ at 7013 Fairpark Ave. on the corner of West Seymour Ave.



Clifton Ave-1.jpg (109019 bytes)    Clifton Ave-2.jpg (135301 bytes)    Clifton Ave-3.jpg (125330 bytes)    Clifton Fountain.jpg (263152 bytes)

  The fountain shown in the third card above was donated to the people of Clifton by Henry Probasco, the person who donated the Tyler Davidson Fountain in honor of his business partner. This fountain was dedicated in 1887 and is located on Clifton Avenue near McAlpin Avenue. 10 feet tall the top basin had an attached dipper for drinking. The lower basin was for watering horses, and at ground level there are side bowls that provide water for thirsty dogs. The last image shows what the fountain looks like today.



*Cheviot-Northbend & Harrison.jpg (80249 bytes)   Harrison Ave. & North Bend.jpg (166284 bytes)                Harrison Ave. Cheviot & Westwood P.O.s.jpg (274638 bytes)    Harrison & Cheviot Avenues Cheviot.jpg (126984 bytes)
Harrison & North Bend                                                                   Harrison & Cheviot Avenues

   The 2nd and 4th non-postcard images above shows what the areas in the postcards to the left look like today.

Cheviot Harrison PK..jpg (367290 bytes)
South on Harrison



Lincoln Ave-Delhi.jpg (71262 bytes)        Delhi-Lincoln Ave. from Main.jpg (173752 bytes)        Gracely Drive at Revere.jpg (170507 bytes)        Delhi Postoffice.jpg (67572 bytes)

   The 1st two cards are looking down Lincoln Ave. from Main Street. Lincoln Ave. is now Gracely Drive. Sayler Park has been known as Delhi, Lower Delhi, Home City, and Fernbank. The 3rd non-postcard image shows this corner as it looks today. Thanks to Ed Cipriani I am able to identify the last Delhi card. The building was the Delhi Post Office. Owned by his mother, and was located at the same corner of Gracely Drive (Lincoln Ave.) and Revere Ave. The building was used, over the years, as a telephone exchange, Post Office, Kroger and then a Strassells Grocery.



Main Ave., Elmwood Place.jpg (52141 bytes)    Main Ave-Elmwood Place.jpg (400028 bytes)    North Main Ave-Elmwood Place.jpg (94390 bytes)    
       Main Ave. (Repo.)                       Main Ave.                          N. Main Ave.           


Cor. Walnut and Highland Ave., Elmwood Place.jpg (79571 bytes)*    Highland & Walnut.jpg (167204 bytes)                        Elmwood Pl. N from Walnut on Main.jpg (93808 bytes)    Vine & Walnut, Elmwood Place.jpg (136877 bytes)
            Walnut & Highland                                                                            Corner of Walnut and Vine Streets

   The 2nd & 4th non-post card images above shows what the areas looks like today. Thanks to Kevin Lawson for the last image.


Elmwood Place-Vine St.jpg (149079 bytes)                Elmwood Place-Highland Ave.jpg (325369 bytes)
1st National Bank on left                             Highland Ave.         



Waverly Ave-Fairmount.jpg (113681 bytes)



Dooly block-Glendale.jpg (118008 bytes)        Glendale-The Block.jpg (131213 bytes)        Glendale-Tornado 8-19-12.jpg (2028462 bytes)        Dooley Square.jpg (296870 bytes)
       The Willis & Dooley Block. 20-29 Village Square.              Tornado damage 8/19/12        Block As It Looks Today

The Willis-Dooley Block was built in 1880 to replace a wooden business block that had been destroyed by fire. This building consists of two parts, the three story section contained the Masonic Hall on the top floor that was used by the Glendale Masonic Lodge until 1887 when the meeting place was moved to the nearby town of Wyoming. The remaining parts of the building have always been an important landmark containing many Glendale businesses over the years. Mr. Willis was the original proprietor of the coal yard, and Mr. Dooley was a carpenter and builder of many of the homes in Glendale. The last two images are not postcards.


Fountain Ave-Glendale.jpg (95589 bytes)        Glendale-Fountain Ave..jpg (322618 bytes)
Fountain Ave. Looking West              Fountain Ave.            



Main Street-Harrison.jpg (91891 bytes)   Harrison Market St..jpg (223889 bytes)   Harrison & Walnut Sts., Harrison.jpg (178155 bytes)    Market st-Harrison.jpg (100299 bytes)   Market Street, Harrison.jpg (206171 bytes)
      Main Street    (Harrison & Walnut)                                                                                     Market Street   

   Main street is now Harrison. Thanks to Kevin Lawson for the 3rd & 5th photographic images. The 2nd postcard may be mis-identified.

Harrison-State St-nw.jpg (202551 bytes)    State & Harrison, Harrison.jpg (186774 bytes)    State St. Harrison.jpg (246749 bytes)    State & Broadway Harrison.jpg (130855 bytes)    State Street, Harrison.jpg (214040 bytes)*
      State St. & Harrison                                                             State Street & Broadway                                                            

   The 2nd photographic image is a present day view of the 1st card. The 4th image above is a present day photograph of the house on the left in the 3rd postcard. Thanks to Kevin Lawson.


Harrison, Ohio Hill Street.jpg (477546 bytes)    Harrison-Driveway.jpg (112550 bytes)    Harrison-Bowles Corner.jpg (280342 bytes)    Bowles Block Harrison & North State.jpg (210466 bytes)    Harrison broadway.jpg (321369 bytes)
Hill Street                                                                              Bowles Block at North State & Harrison                               Broadway

   Thanks to Kevin Lawson for the 4th photographic image.


Harrison Ave-Harrison.jpg (52845 bytes)    State St-Harrison-2.jpg (104433 bytes)    Harrison Ave. RP.jpg (83862 bytes)    Harrison ave-Harrisom-1.jpg (90401 bytes)    Harrison rp-cs.jpg (101286 bytes)

Harrison Avenue. State Line runs down the center of the street. Indiana on one side Ohio on the other.

Harrison,OH Haarrison St.jpg (144363 bytes)    Harrison OH-po.jpg (420236 bytes)    Looking East on Harrison.jpg (200018 bytes)    Harrison state line.jpg (96635 bytes)    Harrison-rp7.jpg (140592 bytes)
Real Photo                                                                                                                                                                          Real Photo


Harrison-Koole St. Korner.jpg (124042 bytes)        HARRISON-RP.jpg (151015 bytes)        Harrison United Brethern Church.jpg (320805 bytes)
Koole Korner-Harrison Ave.         Real  Photo Postcard                    Sycamore Street            



Hartwell, Sturgis Ave..jpg (267496 bytes)

   Although the RPPC above says Hartwell, there is a problem. There may have been a Sturgis Ave. when this card was made (1914) and had its name changed, but there is no street with that name in Hartwell today. There is a Sturgis Ave. that is located 4 or 5 miles south of Hartwell in North Avondale and it is this location I believe this image was taken. I believe the street where the boy is sitting is Dickson Ave.