Spring Grove Cemetery 2


   Except for the first row, and the Odd Fellows card on the next page, everything else on the following pages are photographs. Apparently there were not very many postcards produced showing the Spring Grove mausoleums/monuments etc., at least I have not seen them yet, so I will endeavor to put up as many photographic images of them that I can. Of course there are thousands of them so this will represent only a small fraction that are there. I hope this will give you a feel for what an amazing place this historical resting place really is. I will put them up in alphabetical order (last names first) so that you will be able to locate a specific name, if I have it, quicker. I will intersperse a scenic view every once in a while just to break the monotony so that you will understand how beautiful the landscape really is.
   The row below is the only one that contains postcards, you will see more of these two items on the next few pages.

Mohlenhoff monument.jpg (93296 bytes)                                    Cemetery, Spring Grove.jpg (332443 bytes)
Mohlenhoff  Monument                                        Fleischmann mausoleum          

   Many of these monuments will only be identified by a single name. Most of these are very hard to research, if not impossible, but I will try and locate information whenever time permits (any help would be greatly appreciated). In any case the information I do supply will be in most cases very basic, just the bare essentials. I will not be putting many in a row so that I will have room to add others later on.

1aJoseph Earnshaw-Spring Grove Engineerr 45 Years.jpg (392399 bytes)    1bJoseph Earnshaw Plaque.jpg (638959 bytes)
Joseph Earnshaw Spring Grove Engineer

   I am placing these monuments out of order due to their importance in the early development of Spring Grove. The plaque for Joseph Earnshaw explains his importance to the cemetery. He also designed the original Hughes High School. Earnshaw was also the hydraulic engineer for the Eden Park Water Works. He and his partner T. B. Punshon were responsible for the surveying, grounds layout and engineering work for the cemetery (Adolph Strauch was the leading superintendent). Earnshaw and his partner were responsible for the layout of dozens of cemeteries around the U. S. They were also the engineers on the Eden Park Incline Railway, improvements at both Eden Park and Burnet Woods, hospitals, insane asylums, other railways and parks, bridges and the sub-division of 3,400 acres of land for the South San Francisco Land & Improvement Co. (California). 

Scenic View a.jpg (906336 bytes)                                                                    Scenic View b.jpg (1003703 bytes)
Scenic View A                                                                                             Scenic View B

   I am going to try and group all the Civil War soldiers in one spot for easier identification.


The Sentinel.jpg (206709 bytes)                Hooker, Joseph Monument.jpg (492084 bytes)    Hooker, Joseph Major General.jpg (887244 bytes)    Hooker, Joseph Major General Grave.jpg (400112 bytes)
Statue-The Sentinel                                                Major General Joseph Hooker         Grave Marker         

   The Sentinel is a statue of a Union Soldier that represents all Cincinnatians that died in the Civil War, Joseph Hooker is the highest ranked soldier in Spring Grove.

5th Ohio Infantry regiment monument.jpg (235949 bytes)            Lytle,William General (Lytle Park).jpg (186340 bytes)    Lytle Monument Spring Grove.jpg (348597 bytes)            Cox, Jacob Dolson Major General Civil War & Gov. of Ohio.jpg (354762 bytes)                Brigadier General Andrew Hickenlooper.jpg (557767 bytes)
  5th Ohio Infantry                           General William Lytle                       General Jacob Dolson Cox          Brigadier  General  
        Monument                                                                                                                                                 Andrew

   Cincinnati's historic Lytle Park was named after William Haines Lytle who was a poet and politician killed in action during the Civil War. He was originally buried under a 24 1/2 foot-high Italian marble monument depicting Lytle on horseback leading a charge at Chickamauga. It  deteriorated and had to be replaced in 1915. Jacob Dolson Cox was a Major General in the Civil War and a Governor of Ohio from 1866 to 1868. He became Secretary of the Interior under president Ulysses S. Grant. He was head of the Cincinnati College of Law  which had merged with Cincinnati College in 1834. He then became head of the fledgling University of Cincinnati which he held until 1889. After the war General Hickenlooper was appointed U. S. Marshall for the Southern District of Ohio. In 1871 he was appointed the city's civil engineer but left that post to become vice-president of Cincinnati Gas Light and Coke Co. He then served as president from 1877 to 1903. He was also Ohio's Lieutenant Governor from 1879 to 1881. He died May 12, 1904.

Brigadier General Melancthon Smith Wade.jpg (623893 bytes)            Captain John H. Brown Medal of Honor.jpg (700366 bytes)            Col. R.M. Moore.jpg (596455 bytes)            Lieutenant Colonel George R. Elstner.jpg (302171 bytes)
      Brigadier General       Captain  John H, Brown       Lieutenant Colonel             Brigadier General    
Melancthon Smith Wade                                                    Robert M. Moore                George Elstner           

   Captain Brown was awarded the Medal of Honor for valor at the Battle of Vicksburg (as a First Sergeant at the time). Robert Moore was a partner in the Mitchell, Rammelsberg & Co. He then formed a omnibus line from the old Buckeye House at Sedamsville to the Dennison House on Fifth Street, after the war he became Mayor of Cincinnati. George Elstner was killed near Atlanta and received a brevet promotion to Brigadier General of U. S. Volunteers on the same day.

McCooks Monument 4 McCook Generals Buried Here.jpg (401905 bytes)                Moor, Augustus General.jpg (273614 bytes)                Navy Seaman John H. Dorman Medal of Honor.jpg (269848 bytes)
       The "Fighting McCooks            General Augustus Moor      Seaman John H. Dorman

    Seventeen McCooks fought for the Union in the Civil War: 3 Major Generals, 3 Brigadier Generals, 2 Colonels, 1 Major, 1 Lieutenant, 1 Naval Lieutenant, 1 Private, 4 Surgeons, 1 Chaplain. 4 died in battle. 4 of the Generals are buried here: Alexander McDowell McCook, Daniel McCook Jr. (KIA), Edwin Stanton McCook, Robert Latimer McCook (KIA). Augustus Moor operated a popular tavern/coffeehouse/bakery in Cincinnati called "Moor's Garden", his son-in-law Major General Godfrey Weitzel is also buried here. John Dorman is a Medal of Honor naval seaman.

Sergeant John P. Murphy Medal of Honor.jpg (359514 bytes)                                                Cannon.jpg (384413 bytes)
Sergeant John P. Murphy                                                    One of several Cannons       

   This is the grave marker of Sergeant John P. Murphy, a recipient of the Medal of Honor.



Adams Monument.jpg (360519 bytes)        Alcorn, W. E..jpg (808014 bytes)        Allen, William M..jpg (194558 bytes)
             Adams                           Alcorn, W. E.                 Allen, William M.


Alter, Franklin President American Tool Works-Banker.jpg (294256 bytes)        Ammann Family Monument.jpg (335674 bytes)        Argwynne.jpg (372053 bytes)        Baker, John.jpg (1338922 bytes)
  Alter, Franklin                       Ammann                        Argwynne                           Baker, John     

   Franklin Alter was a banker and president of American Tool Works. The images that you will see with a sepia tint were takes by Spring Grove back in 1862 so they will be some of the oldest in the cemetery.


Bates, Isaac.jpg (673869 bytes)    Bates, Issac Monument.jpg (327837 bytes)        Bates, John.jpg (1183488 bytes)        Becker, Marion Co-author of Joy of Cooking.jpg (306012 bytes)
                                Bates, Isaac                                  John Bates                Becker, Marion

   Major Isaac Bates was a revolutionary soldier whose parents were among Cincinnati's first settlers. Marion Becker was one of the authors of the popular "Joy Of Cooking" cookbook., one of the more unusual monuments in the cemetery.


Benton Monument.jpg (252252 bytes)        Bell, James B..jpg (1197782 bytes)        Betts, O. C..jpg (1031279 bytes)        Bishop, Richard-Govenor of Ohio.jpg (242139 bytes)
              Benton                          Bell, James B.               Betts, O. C.                Bishop, Richard

   Richard Bishop was a Governor of Ohio.


Spring Grove Pond 1.jpg (441162 bytes)                                        Spring Grove Pond 2.jpg (298468 bytes)
  Scenic View 1                                                                  Scenic View 2


Bragg, Caleb-Publisher.jpg (345134 bytes)          Braun, Bob Television Star.jpg (235679 bytes)          Brenner Monument.jpg (262040 bytes)        Brehm, A..jpg (632832 bytes)
Bragg, Caleb                              Braun, Bob                            Brenner                      Brehm, A.

   Caleb Bragg was a well known publisher, Bob Braun was a well known television personality.


Brinkman.jpg (569213 bytes)        Brooks, E.S..jpg (302726 bytes)        Brown, Mathew Family Monument.jpg (357466 bytes)        Bruckmann.jpg (218982 bytes)
     Brinkman                      Brooks, E. S.                Brown, Mathew                 Bruckmann    


Bugher Monument.jpg (337176 bytes)            Burkhardt, Adam Edward (furrier).jpg (262722 bytes)            Enoch Carson.jpg (292947 bytes)
         Bugher, James            Burkhardt,  Adam Edward                Carson, Enoch T.           

   A. E. Burkhardt was a well known Furrier (Clothing Store). Enoch T. Carson was born in 1822 and made his fortune in real estate and lamps and gas fixtures. He was appointed by Abraham Lincoln as collector for the Port of Cincinnati. This was, of course, during the Civil War when Cincinnati was a distributing point for the Union Armies in the South. Over his lifetime he had accumulated hundreds of volumes of Shakespeare's works that became one of the founding collections for the University of Cincinnati in 1899, the year he died. 


Chase, Salmon P. Marker.jpg (381649 bytes)    Salmon P. Chase.jpg (377379 bytes)    Christ.jpg (332617 bytes)    Coffin, Levi Underground Railroad Fame.jpg (289407 bytes)    Coffin, Levi 2.jpg (308673 bytes)
    Chase, Salmon P                                       Christ                                                Coffin, Levi

   Salmon P. Chase was on an Ohio State Senator, 23rd Governor of Ohio, U.S. Treasury Secretary, and a Supreme Court Justice, he really should have tried to do something with his life. (The 1st image is his grave marker). Levi Coffin is famous for his work for the Underground Railroad.


Competition Even Now.jpg (232316 bytes)        Cooper, Meyers-Govenor of Ohio.jpg (251190 bytes)            Crabbs Monument (Sit down if you dare).jpg (405802 bytes)            Crosley Jr., Powell Owner of Cincinnati Reds-Crosley Radio-Cars-Etc..jpg (452595 bytes)
Competition Even Now!           Cooper, Meyers           Crabbs (Watch where you sit!)       Crosley Jr., Powell     

   Meyers Cooper was a Governor of Ohio, Powell Crosley Jr. Founded Crosley Radio Corp., started WLW & WLW-TV, Crosley Automobiles, Owned the Cincinnati Reds, Etc. Etc.


Dannenfelser Spring Grove.jpg (49453 bytes)       Davis, Charles Monument.jpg (358410 bytes)        Day, A. G..jpg (1041985 bytes)        Drackett, Philip Founder of Drackett Co. Windex-Drano-etc..jpg (325729 bytes)       Drake, Issac Father Of Daniel Drake.jpg (264938 bytes)
Dannenfelser, Charles           .Davis, Charles                Day, A. G                  Drackett, Philip                Drake, Isaac        

   Charles Dannenfelser (1854-1916) was a skilled and well known wood carver and furniture maker who is credited with the wood work that was done in the Taft Museum's library and was also responsible for the wood work done in the Marcus Fechheimer residence. The monument shows a woman kneeling next to a chair that represents his wife kneeling next to something he loved to make. His wife (Louisa) died in 1936. Philip Drackett founded the Drackett Co. (Windex, Drano, etc.), Isaac Drake is the father of one of the early settlers Daniel Drake.


Edwards, Edward Displayed at Music Hall bought by Edwards.jpg (263342 bytes)            Erhart.jpg (231548 bytes)            Emery, Thomas.jpg (986524 bytes)            Erkenbrecher, Andrew Manufacturing Cornstarch helped create Zoo.jpg (248926 bytes)
  Edwards, Edward                           Ehart                           Emery, Thomas             Erkenbrecher, Andrew

   Edward Edwards monument was on display in 1893 at Music Hall, Edwards bought it and used it as his monument. The figure is actually that of a mermaid with dolphins swimming around her feet. Called "Origins of the Harp" it was sculpted by Louis Lawson in 1887. Edwards manufactured caskets and burial vaults as part of his building material business. Thomas Emery founded the Emery Candle Co., which later developed into the nationally important Emery Chemical Co. Thomas also invested in real estate, and the family owned important sections of downtown Cincinnati. Andrew Erkenbrecher made his millions in cornstarch, he helped start the Cincinnati Zoo.


        Spring Grove Pond 3.jpg (309036 bytes)               Lucy Harrison Este-Daughter of William Henry Harrison.jpg (270007 bytes)                  Fireman's Monument.jpg (862308 bytes)               Spring Grove Pond 4.jpg (605834 bytes)
        Scenic View 3                        Este, Lucy Harrison                  Fireman's Monument                      Scenic View 4

   Lucy Harrison Este was the daughter of President William Henry Harrison. The Fireman's monument stands above the graves of 29 firemen who died in the line of fighting fires. (I have concerns about this image being incorrect, but I don't have the necessary proof to change it yet).


Fore, Dr. P. G..jpg (1127700 bytes)        Family Tree.jpg (425311 bytes)        Foster, Nathaniel. Doctor.jpg (547801 bytes)        Foster.jpg (233359 bytes)
 Fore, Dr. P. G.                Family Tree?           Foster. Nathaniel Dr.              Foster       


Scenic View c.jpg (643347 bytes)                                                                                Scenic View d.jpg (940950 bytes)
Scenic View C                                                                                                                    Scenic View D  


Fritz, Jacob1.jpg (196891 bytes)        Gates, John.jpg (1238023 bytes)        Gibson, T..jpg (335748 bytes)        Grandin.jpg (1147547 bytes)
Fritz, Jacob                   Gates, John                       Gibson, T.                       Grandin

   Jacob Fritz (1833-1884) was a butcher for Salisman Sausage Co. in Cincinnati. The monument itself is one of the few at Spring Grove Cemetery that was signed by the maker, Herman W. Suhre (1856-1928) in 1873. The monument includes statues of Germania (in marble) and a priest. Symbols of good over evil, such as a dove biting the tail of a beaver. A serpent (immortality) is wrapped around an anchor (wisdom). Two hands clutch an ax to symbolize the chopping down , or death, of a tree or of a life, and a padlock is broken free of a chain, symbolizing the opening of heavens gate. There is ivy climbing up the tree monument with four logs encircling the trunk all decorated differently. 


Grant, U.S. President & General's Family is buried Here.jpg (446158 bytes)        Gregory, Walter.jpg (1280235 bytes)        Groesbeck, John H..jpg (1336877 bytes)        Groff,  Dr. William.jpg (281152 bytes)
     Grant's Family             Gregory, Walter              Groesbeck, John H.                Groff, Dr. William     

   President Grant's Mother & Father who lived in Covington, Kentucky are buried here. William Groff was a physician who was involved in classical studies. He was a member of the Egyptian Institute and the Asiatic Society. His wife, Sarah died in Egypt in 1900 and he died a year later in Athens.


Groshon, Belinda.jpg (1259201 bytes)        Hafer.jpg (392589 bytes)        Hale Monument.jpg (251816 bytes)        Harmon,Judson 42nd Attorney General & 46th Gov. Ohio.jpg (453628 bytes)
Groshon, Belinda                   Hafer                               Hale                          Harmon, Judson     

   Judson Harmon was Ohio's 42nd Attorney General and 48th Governor.


Johnny Appleseed Statue Symbolizes spirit of giving and faith.jpg (351891 bytes)
Johnny Appleseed Statue

   The Johnny Appleseed statue symbolizes the spirit of giving and faith.


Spring Grove Pond 5.jpg (322343 bytes)                                                    Spring Grove Pond 6.jpg (359622 bytes)
Scenic View 5                                                                                  Scenic View 6


Spring Grove Special Effect Shot.jpg (229715 bytes)
Scenic View with Special Effects





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