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Rarely seen cards                                                                                                                                               


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Scenes on Western Avenue behind centerfield bleachers     Finlay & Western                                                                                                           


Crosley vic pallos.jpg (199584 bytes)                    Crosley Field Nostalgia.jpg (263953 bytes)                Crosley The Final Summers.jpg (131669 bytes)  *  Crosley The Final Summers back.jpg (61431 bytes)
Outside Left Field Fence                                        1965 View                                                                                                                            


Crosley Field Drawing.jpg (242884 bytes)                  Crosley Batting Cage.jpg (241679 bytes)                    Crosley Field-Etch Tone.jpg (284516 bytes)
Postcard with interesting info.                Reds at the batting cage                         Looking east along Findlay   


*Crosley HTF.jpg (149014 bytes)                Last Crosley Pitch.jpg (284193 bytes)    Modern Reds-St Louis-Crosley.jpg (747384 bytes)
                    A  Rarely Seen Card                              Last Crosley Pitch             Crosley Revisited                

   Thanks once more to Ron Martin the first card has now been identified. This image was taken in the top of the 7th inning of the 1938 All Star Game at Crosley Field on July 6, 1938. Rudy York is at bat. Lou Gehrig is on first base, Joe Cronin is on second, and Joe DiMaggio is on third. The last two cards were put out advertising the sale of large offset lithographic prints of these scenes. The last one shows a game between the Reds and the Saint Louis Cardinals.


Crosley Field  7x 10.jpg (334914 bytes)  *  Crosley Field 7x10 back.jpg (160255 bytes)
Large card put out by WHIO Radio (Dayton)


1937 Flood Crosley.jpg (565720 bytes)    Crosley Field-37 flood.jpg (157231 bytes)                     Crosley Field 1937 Flood.jpg (308203 bytes)    Way Back-3.jpg (93546 bytes)
                  These are not postcards.                                                  Flood of 1937 nearly covering lower grandstand


   These next seven cards that were published in 1990 showing some real photos of Crosley Field during the 1940's & 1950's. The images are not very clear. You will notice in the last card the Publisher put their name on a billboard, Service Printing.

Raising Flag-1.jpg (730697 bytes)        Raising Flag-2.jpg (725761 bytes)        BEV Crosley Field.jpg (774223 bytes)        Crosley Field-Opening Day.jpg (837778 bytes)
Raising The Flag-1                      Raising The Flag-2                        Bird's-eye-view                        Opening Day (?)   


Taking The Field.jpg (788465 bytes)                        Reds Scoreboard.jpg (761071 bytes)                        1940 World Series.jpg (767443 bytes)
Taking The Field                                     The Scoreboard.                                    1940 World Series

   Taking the Field and The Scoreboard are actually the same image and, according to Ron Martin, was taken in 1938. The actual game was either 9/7/38 or 9/8/38. He was able to deduce this from the scoreboard which shows the uniform numbers for both the Reds and, the team they were playing, the Pirates were all double figures. 1938 was the only year none of the players on either team had single digit uniform numbers. The fact that the light tower was erected in 1935 and that the clock was larger in 1940 solidified the year. On the scoreboard the uniform number for the starting pitcher of the Pirates begins with a 4, on 9/7 Bob Klinger of the Pirates (41) faced Paul Derringer (52). On 9/8 Cy Blanton (46) faced Johnny Vandermeer (57). These facts plus the names of the other teams playing each other around the league on those days matches what the scoreboard says. Now is that some kind of detective work, or not?


Reds- Sent By Visitors Bureau.jpg (551622 bytes)
Postcard made by Visitors Bureau





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