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   I have tried to put together a series of images of Crosley Field as seen from all 360 degrees. It is obvious that some angles are much more prevalent than others, but I think I covered most areas.

Aerial 1.jpg (209135 bytes)    Aerial 1a.jpg (1106652 bytes)    Crosley looking North.jpg (536558 bytes)
            Before I-75                                                    After I-75


Aerial 2.jpg (1389798 bytes)    Aerial 3.jpg (135272 bytes)    Crosley Aerial-1950s.jpg (351194 bytes)    Aerial 3a.jpg (283951 bytes)


Aerial 4.jpg (666433 bytes)    Aerial 4a.jpg (682173 bytes)    Aerial 5.jpg (705811 bytes)    Aerial 6.jpg (148822 bytes)    Crosley BEV-BHP.jpg (676001 bytes)


   During the Communist hysteria of the 1950s the team used the name of Redlegs as a nickname in order to avoid any association with those nasty Russians.



   By the middle of the 1950's it became apparent that Crosley Field was in big trouble. After WWII the modes of travel for Americans began to change drastically. More and more people stopped relying on trolleys and busses to move about the city and, instead, owned their own automobile. As you can see in the first image below in 1956, the year the Reds attendance passed 1 million for the first time, the only main parking space was south of Crosley, on the west side of Dalton Street. Remember all the other parking spaces were being used by homes and businesses in the area. In the 2nd image you see the fans departing the stadium after the 1958 opener and heading south on Dalton Street. Many of these fans were going to the Cincinnati Union Terminal where they had special trains ready to take them home. Because it is opening day the city provided extra trolleys and busses to handle the large crowds. The 3rd image show the fans arriving in 1961 for a night game looking toward the stadium from Union Terminal. The 4th image shows where to park. This image was taken for a Reds ad for tickets sales during the beginning of 1961. By the time of the 1961 World Series in the 5th image you can see the vast number of buildings that were torn down for parking lots. The path for the new I75 expressway has been cleared at the lower right. No construction went on during the World Series so fans used the area as temporary seats sitting on the roofs of their cars and trucks. 

Crosley 1956.jpg (598514 bytes)      1958-leaving Crosley.jpg (791255 bytes)      1961-going to Crosley.jpg (564007 bytes)      Crosley Parking.jpg (721442 bytes)      Crosley 1961 WS.jpg (830142 bytes)
                  1956                             Leaving 1958             Arriving 1961      Reds Ticket Ad. early 1961    World Series 1961


   The first image below is basically the same as the last image above, taken a few months later on Opening Day of 1962. A newer larger stadium was needed as Crosley was one of the smallest stadiums in the league. Of course we all know the results. Riverfront Stadium was finally constructed along the Ohio River  After the Reds moved to Riverfront Stadium Crosley Field was turned into a auto impounding lot before it was razed in 1972. (see 2nd & 3rd rows below). Queensgate North Industrial Park is now located at this site (compare the 1991 image with the 1962 image).

Opening Day-1962.jpg (677702 bytes)        Crosley 1962.jpg (764169 bytes)        Crosley after demolition.jpg (778509 bytes)        Crosley 1990.jpg (723243 bytes)
Opening Day 1962                              1962                             After demolition                            1991                


Crosley Field Impound Lot.jpg (224523 bytes)
Crosley as Impound Lot


Crosley Field impound lot.jpg (74759 bytes)        Crosley Oct, 1971.jpg (1215797 bytes)        Crosley Impound Lot 2.jpg (102063 bytes)
1971  -  Crosley Field being used as an auto impound lot


Rev Bob Henson-1.jpg (711757 bytes)        *Singing Preacher-Rev. Bob Henson.jpg (52822 bytes)        Singing Preacher-Rev. Bob Henson-Back.jpg (16795 bytes)

   The Rev Bob Henson known as " The Singing Preacher", singing the National Anthem at Crosley Field.


Reds-Coke Ad-1.jpg (466109 bytes)        Reds-Coke Ad.jpg (459755 bytes)
Copyright 1947                        Copyright 1949

   A couple of postcards from the 40's combining Coke and the Reds.


Opening Day Menu.jpg (1231277 bytes)    Opening Day Menu-back.jpg (1208027 bytes)

   The above item was given out by Frisch's Big Boy to commemorate the first game ever played at Riverfront Stadium 6/30/1970.


Riverfront Stadium .jpg (183447 bytes)            Riverfront Stadium  (3).jpg (196686 bytes)            Riverfront Stadium  (2).jpg (293424 bytes)
Crossing Fort Washington Way            Coming up to gates                        Inside during game            

   The 3 real photo postcards above were taken by the same individual sometime in the 1970's.


Riverfront RPPC.jpg (204566 bytes)
From Parking Lot


   Riverfront Stadium was opened on June 30, 1970 and was replaced in 2003 by The Great American Ballpark. The 3rd card shows the ceremonies for the 1970 All Star Game while the 4th card show  the 1975 Championship trophy the Cincinnati Reds won.

Baseball-n.jpg (127090 bytes)      Baseball-1.jpg (98434 bytes)      Reds 75 Championship.jpg (108050 bytes)      Baseball-o-all star.jpg (128027 bytes)      RPPC Riverfront Stadium.jpg (223553 bytes)


Reds-lg.jpg (246210 bytes)                        cinergy Field.jpg (386228 bytes)
Large size Postcard                                                                          


Pete Rose-3rd game WS 10-20-76 Yankees.jpg (96732 bytes)        Superman 2-Home Plate.jpg (74583 bytes)        Sliding Rose.jpg (136625 bytes)

   The above photographs of Pete Rose vividly demonstrates how he played the game every day.


Rose-the Hit.jpg (264162 bytes)                        Pete Rose painting.jpg (376874 bytes)
Rose Breaks Cobb's Record                          Painting by Arthur Miller   


Goodyear Ballpark.jpg (365436 bytes)
New Spring Training Facilities





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