Souvenir Folders


   You are probably quite familiar with souvenir folders. They are almost always obtained during vacation trips to places you have never been to before. These ubiquitous folders can be found in almost any shop where a tourist might go. Although mailable they are mostly saved and taken home. They are then put away and forgotten about until one day you come across them once again. You might take a look at them but chances are you will just put them away again.
   They almost always contain images of real postcards that were made by that publisher in earlier years. They were accordion folded with pictures on both sides. These folders have been produced almost from the very start of the postcard era.
   I have hesitated in putting these items on this site because there is really no way to fully display them without damaging them using nothing but a scanner. You could probably use a camera for the job but this is one toy I have yet to purchase. Also I do not believe there is any great interest in these folders, but it is really necessary for me to show them in order to display the complete gamut of the postcard hobby. What I have decided to do is, basically, to show the  front and (in most cases) back of the folder and then display one or two scans of the images inside. I will list the publisher when it is available.

VERY  EARLY  SOUVENIR  FOLDER: The first item is probably one of the first attempts at producing a Souvenir Folder.  The top flap is secured beneath the red seal. The entire contents are shown.

Mail Souviner Card.jpg (142537 bytes)    Mail Souvenir Card back.jpg (66026 bytes)    Mail Souviner Card flap open.jpg (141381 bytes)    Mail Souviner Card contents.jpg (457400 bytes)


ZOO FOLDERS: The zoo and other publishers have put out many different types of mailable folders. Here are 8 examples.

Folder-uu.jpg (106711 bytes)        Folder-uu1.jpg (289109 bytes)        Folder-uu2.jpg (468306 bytes)
          Front                          Back                2 of 26 Images

   Published by the Powell Bros. for the Zoo. There are 13 images of the zoo on one side and 13 images of the city on the other


Zoo Souvenir booklet.jpg (262527 bytes)        Zoo Souvenir booklet-back.jpg (238473 bytes)        Zoo Souvenir pic2.jpg (286885 bytes)
      Front                         Back                    1 of 29 Images

   This booklet put out by the Radio Photo Finishing Co. is obviously a remake of the 1st folder. The difference is that this on opens like a book, it is hinged on the left side and contains 29 images, 14 of the Zoo and the remainder views of the city. See further below for yet a third version.


Zoo Folder-1a.jpg (95470 bytes)        Zoo Folder-1ab.jpg (282543 bytes)        Zoo Folder-1b.jpg (505600 bytes)
          Front                                Back                     2 of 13 Images

Published by the Wayne Paper Box & Printing Corporation


Zoo Folder-2a.jpg (452872 bytes)        Zoo Folder-2b.jpg (444919 bytes)
 Back                       2 of 7 Images

Published by The Cincinnati Zoo


Zoo Folder-3a.jpg (70008 bytes)        Zoo Folder-3b.jpg (662102 bytes)
Back      Front                 2 of 4 Images

Published by The Cincinnati Zoo


Zoo Folder-4a.jpg (33653 bytes)        Zoo Folder-4b.jpg (425488 bytes)
     Front                           2 of 4 Images

Published by The Cincinnati Zoo


Zoo Baby Chimps back.jpg (45944 bytes)        Zoo Baby Chimps.jpg (611091 bytes)
Front                            All 3 Images              

Published by the Cincinnati Zoo


Chimp Show-front.jpg (411768 bytes)    Chimp Show-pic1.jpg (1113867 bytes)    Chimp Show-pic2.jpg (1160424 bytes)    Chimp Show-pic3.jpg (594967 bytes)    Chimp Show-pic4.jpg (260088 bytes)
Back                                                        Complete set of pictures                                      

Published by the Cincinnati Zoo.


Zoo Folder-5a.jpg (260579 bytes)        Zoo Folder-5b.jpg (206938 bytes)
      Back                  2 of 26 Images

   Published by The Powell Brothers for the Zoo. There are 13 images of the zoo on one side and 13 images of the city on the other. A later version of the 1st folder above.


MISCELLANEOUS  FOLDERS: The next six folders are completely different and are produced for different reasons.

Folder-10a.jpg (343694 bytes)        Folder-10b.jpg (897764 bytes)
            Front                   3 of 11 Images

   Published by the International News Service this folder shows 11 images of the 1937 flood with descriptions for each one. All are of the Cincinnati area except one for Portsmouth and one for Wheeling, West Virginia    


Folder-11a.jpg (893494 bytes)        Folder-11b.jpg (591126 bytes)
       Back               2 of 16 Images

   This folder was published by the Marx Co. on Madison Road in Covington, Kentucky of a tornado that struck the area on July 7, 1915. With the exception of the two images above the remainder shows the devastation that hit the Northern Kentucky area.                            





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