Sets 2


Publisher The A. E. Wilde Co.

Private Mailing Card-1.jpg (62477 bytes)        Private Mailing Card-2.jpg (53277 bytes)        Private Mailing Card-3.jpg (62077 bytes)        Private Mailing Card-4.jpg (55638 bytes)        Rookwood-PMC.jpg (96457 bytes)
Steamboat Lottie          Art Museum                University            Fountain Square            Rookwood     


PMC Levee.jpg (148747 bytes)        Private Mailing Card-5.jpg (74514 bytes)        PMC Burnet Woods.jpg (169178 bytes)        PMC-Burnet Woods.jpg (162715 bytes)        PMC-Reservoir.jpg (148483 bytes)
  Levee                Bellevue Incline                          Burnet Woods                              Reservoir


PMC Sangerfest Hall.jpg (170948 bytes)    PMC Sangerfest Hall back.jpg (164225 bytes)
Sanger Hall                                              

   The back of the above card is identical to the backs of the set above so, even though it is obviously not a part of the first set, it was produced by the same publisher and so I really had no other place to show it. Perhaps it is the start of another set? The only information I have been able to find on the publisher, A. E. Wilde Co. is that they were wholesale booksellers that were located at 136 W. 7th St. 


PMC University back.jpg (69070 bytes)

PMC-aa.jpg (71680 bytes)        PMC-ab.jpg (110432 bytes)        PMC University.jpg (154902 bytes)        Mt. Adams View 1901.jpg (275721 bytes)
Four very old Private Mailing cards

   Even though the images on the front of these cards above do not seem to be related and there are no indication of who published them, I still believe they are part of a set because the backs are all identical and they were also mailed in the same time frame (1900-1901). I don't believe that what a set should be like had been determined, or agreed upon,  this early in the postcard age.


   These cards can be tricky to collect because, as you can see, the cards will have the same central image but will have different fancy designs surrounding it.

Tom Jones Fancy Border-2a.jpg (103360 bytes)      Fancy Border-vert-1st Natl Bank.jpg (247310 bytes)      Tom Jones Fancy Border-2b.jpg (94955 bytes)      Tom Jones Fancy Border-9a.jpg (86636 bytes)      Tom Jones Fancy Border-9b.jpg (82948 bytes)      Tom Jones Fancy Border-9c.jpg (87477 bytes)
    1st National Bank                                                                    Eden Park Water Tower


Tom Jones Fancy Border-5a.jpg (88424 bytes)        Museum-fancy border.jpg (87179 bytes)        Tom Jones Fancy Border-5b.jpg (101499 bytes)
Cincinnati Art Museum


Tom Jones Fancy Border-6.jpg (86977 bytes)        Tom Jones-632.jpg (97046 bytes)        Fancy Border-bs.jpg (230690 bytes)
Public Landing / Ohio River


Tom Jones Fancy Border-4.jpg (100124 bytes)        Fancy Border-UC.jpg (252714 bytes)        Fancy Border-UC.jpg (220065 bytes)
University of Cincinnati


Tom Jones Fancy Border-7.jpg (86142 bytes)        Fancy Border-Fountain.jpg (351749 bytes)
 Fountain Square


postoffice-fancy border.jpg (92660 bytes)        Tom Jones Fancy Border.jpg (371591 bytes)
Post Office/Custom House


Tom Jones Fancy Border-8.jpg (96619 bytes)        music hall-fancy border.jpg (93857 bytes)       FB Music Hall.jpg (386724 bytes)
    Music Hall/Washington Park   


Tom Jones Fancy Border Incline.jpg (97310 bytes)        incline-fancy border.jpg (81879 bytes)        Belevue Incline FB.jpg (80425 bytes)*
Bellevue Incline Plane   


Reservoir-fancy border.jpg (81179 bytes)        Tom Jones Fancy Border-3.jpg (95824 bytes)        Reservoir Fancy Border.jpg (284897 bytes)
Eden Park Reservoir 


Tom Jones Fancy Border-10a.jpg (88870 bytes)            Tom Jones Fancy Border-10b.jpg (101895 bytes)            Tom Jones Fancy Border-1.jpg (100784 bytes)
             Ingalls Building                                         City Hall


I have no idea how many cards are in this set.

Tom Jones Woodgrain-1.jpg (87031 bytes)        Tom Jones Woodgrain-2.jpg (81175 bytes)        1st Natl. Bank-woodgrained.jpg (139020 bytes)        Wood Grain Central Union.jpg (834151 bytes)


Tom Jones Woodgrain-5.jpg (98041 bytes)    Tom Jones Woodgrain-4.jpg (85197 bytes)    Tom Jones Woodgrain-6.jpg (75170 bytes)    Tom Jones Woodgrain-3.jpg (83959 bytes)    Tom Jones Woodgrain-7.jpg (89438 bytes)



  At first glance you would think that collecting these cards would be easy-WRONG. The backs of these cards all say there are 10 cards to the set. BUT there is apparently more than one set of each type so I will just put the same types together and see how many I come up with. There are obviously more than 10 images so they probably mixed them into different sets of 10. These cards are published by Feicke-Desch with a smooth shiny surface. Some cards will only have the double flying eagles on the back. The 13th image shows the back of this set.

Brown Carriage-1.jpg (97339 bytes)                Brown Carriage-2.jpg (128190 bytes)                Brown Carriage-3.jpg (147708 bytes)                Brown Carriage-4.jpg (96252 bytes)


Brown Carriage-5.jpg (124862 bytes)                Brown Carriage-6.jpg (134960 bytes)                Brown Carriage-7.jpg (115019 bytes)                Brown Carriage-8.jpg (106365 bytes)


Brown Carriage-9.jpg (108349 bytes)               Brn Carriage-brd cage.jpg (140629 bytes)                Brown-Music Hall.jpg (91750 bytes)                Browns Carriage Baseball-n.jpg (275713 bytes)


Brown Carriage-back set 1.jpg (51505 bytes)
Back of the above cards


  It is my guess that Norwood Souvenir published these cards first and then when Feicke-Desch bought them out they put their own name on them. They then issued the above set later. The backs of the Norwood cards are printed in red while the Feicke-Desch cards are black. The cards have both rough and smooth surfaces and have a sharper image then the ones above.

Brown Carriage-set 2-1.jpg (114488 bytes)        Brown Carriage-set 2-2.jpg (115844 bytes)        Brown Carriage-set 2-3.jpg (111208 bytes)        Sky Line in Brown Carriage.jpg (173899 bytes)


Brown Carriage-set 2-4.jpg (130951 bytes)                Brown Carriage-set 2-5.jpg (102577 bytes)                Brown Carriage-Rookwood.jpg (102120 bytes)


Brown Carriage-back set 2.jpg (60561 bytes)
Back of the above cards



   The following private mailing cards were issued around 1900 and are not only the first set but they are also the first postcards issued by Kraemer. These black and white vignettes consists of two sets. Both are identical except for the publisher credits. Set one was produced by A. O. & G. A. Kraemer while set two was produced by A. O. Kraemer alone. These two sets will be intermixed below as I will only show one card of each number. These two sets should not be confused by the many identical cards that were produced with no numbers (these were the actual first cards). There are eight different types of unnumbered cards with at least 74 different cards total. I am missing a couple of numbered cards in the set below and in their place, temporarily, I will show their identical unnumbered ones. There are two cards numbered #205.

Eden Park-b6.jpg (55507 bytes)        Carey oaks-z1.jpg (65933 bytes)        Lincoln Park-17.jpg (67947 bytes)        Ft Sq-west-z8.jpg (62591 bytes)
      #186-Eden Park                          #187-College Hill                      #188-Lincoln Park                  #189-Government Square

Art Museum-z13.jpg (66766 bytes)        #191-NA        Elm st north from 7.jpg (68822 bytes)        Island Queen-1d.jpg (59244 bytes)
#190-Art Museum           Suspension Bridge       #192-North From 7th                  #193-Coney Island

Garfield-11.jpg (78041 bytes)        195-West Covington View.jpg (152192 bytes)        Music Hall-1d.jpg (56756 bytes)        City Hall-1c.jpg (54993 bytes)
#194-Garfield Monument            #195-West Covington View            #196-Music Hall                          City Hall (Not #)          

8 st west from Garfield Place.jpg (67822 bytes)        199-Lagoon.jpg (118986 bytes)        Chester Park entrance 4.jpg (98238 bytes)        Eden Park-ya.jpg (74079 bytes)
     #198-Garfield Place                  #199-Shooting Chutes             #200-Chester Park (GT)            Eden Park Reservoir (Not #)
                                                 Putnam, Hooker & Co.

Crowds-9.jpg (49359 bytes)        203-Flower Parade.jpg (112654 bytes)        204-Eastern Hills.jpg (121769 bytes)        Museum Interior-4.jpg (70478 bytes)
#202-Eden Park 2 Views                #203-Flower Parade                      #204-Eastern Hills              #205-Art Museum Entrance

Fountain Square-27.jpg (60786 bytes)                Union Trusr-z8.jpg (61653 bytes)
        #205-Davidson Fountain            #206-Union Trust Bank