This section will be for the serious deltiologists out there. It will be of interest mainly to those of you who collect Cincinnati postcards or certain publishers. These cards will be separated into various sets, in other words they will have a common theme or layout. Almost all postcards are in "sets", some exceptions are real photo postcards (some of those are also in sets) and advertising postcards. Most sets are broken up into various categories plus there are several obvious sets on other pages, such as the Bismarck cards in the Tavern section, the Hyde Park tornado cards, the 16 card flood and ice gorge, etc. These will not be in any sort of order. In order to show these sets as complete as possible I will be putting some Northern Kentucky cards in some of them.


  I would actually be a little surprised if you had even seen this set before. I have only seen one other set and it contained the same cards as you see here, so along with that and the fact that there are an even number of cards I am reasonably secure in the belief that this is the complete set. The company was located on the northwest corner of Fillmore and Richmond. Founded around 1875, it soon was one of the largest supplier of coffins and undertaker's supplies in Cincinnati. During WWII 250,000 memorial caskets were needed for servicemen lost in battle overseas. Having won the contract, the company upgraded its production facilities and began producing a casket every two minutes until the order was filled. Publisher is unknown although they probably were produced by the company.

Cincinnati Coffin Co-1.jpg (51226 bytes)            Cincinnati Coffin Co-2.jpg (50076 bytes)            Cincinnati Coffin Co-3.jpg (72303 bytes)            Cincinnati Coffin Co-4.jpg (56421 bytes)


Cincinnati Coffin Co-5.jpg (59235 bytes)            Cincinnati Coffin Co-6.jpg (65592 bytes)            Cincinnati Coffin Co-7.jpg (66235 bytes)            Cincinnati Coffin Co-8.jpg (69212 bytes)


   The Cincinnati Coffin Co. issued a second set. No idea how many cards are in this one. If I were to guess I would say eight like the above set.

Cin Coffin-Spring Grove.jpg (127583 bytes)           Cin Coffin Co-ip.jpg (123717 bytes)             Cin Coffin-Spring Grove-2.jpg (109007 bytes)            Cin Coffin-Spring Grove-rev.jpg (83575 bytes)


Cincinnati Coffin Co.jpg (60635 bytes)                                Cincinnati Coffin Co - front.jpg (59709 bytes)    Cincinnati Coffin Co - back.jpg (30826 bytes)
Cincinnati Coffin Co. Factory                                                                  One of their products                              



  This series seems to have 2 reprints. The first set are private mailing cards. The second set are of the undivided back type, and the third set have divided backs. I will number each card and specify what ones I have. There are some variations on some cards between the types. I will show these variations where I can.

Max Weil-1.jpg (90305 bytes)                Max Weil-2.jpg (75875 bytes)                Max Weil-3.jpg (70105 bytes)                Max Weil-4.jpg (76794 bytes)
    #1 divided back                               #2 private mailing card                       #3 private mailing card                        #4 private mailing card
and private mailing card                                                                                                                                                       and undivided back   


Max Weil-5.jpg (73722 bytes)                    Max Weil-6.jpg (63878 bytes)                    Max Weil-7.jpg (70421 bytes)                Max Weil-8.jpg (93834 bytes)
 #5 private mailing card                        #6 undivided back                          #7 undivided back                               #8 undivided back     


Max Weil-9.jpg (86160 bytes)                        Max Weil-10.jpg (97320 bytes)                        Max Weil-11.jpg (46440 bytes)
   #9 undivided back                                     #10 private mailing card                                    #11 undivided back 
and private mailing card                                     and undivided back                                                                              


#12  Card Unknown


Max Weil-13.jpg (70854 bytes)                Max Weil-14.jpg (50733 bytes)                Max Weil-15.jpg (52479 bytes)                Max Weil-16.jpg (58417 bytes)
#13 undivided back                              #14 undivided back                             #15 undivided back                             #16 undivided back 


Max Weil-17.jpg (56341 bytes)                        Max Weil-18.jpg (100308 bytes)                        Max Weil-18a.jpg (92354 bytes)
  #17 undivided back                                         #18 divided back  &                                  #18 private mailing card
undivided back


Max Weil-19.jpg (91593 bytes)                        Max Weil-19a.jpg (85080 bytes)                        Max Weil-20.jpg (96444 bytes)
 #19 undivided back                                      #19 private mailing card                                #20 private mailing card


Max Weil-21.jpg (99961 bytes)                        Max Weil-22.jpg (90654 bytes)                        Max Weil-22a.jpg (92333 bytes)
  #21 undivided back                                        #22 undivided back                                    #22 private mailing card



  The first four cards were published for the Dow Pharmacies. All have real ribbon material on the school medallion. They are apparently in the schools colors. I have no idea how many cards are in this set.

Ribbon-Hughes.jpg (90989 bytes)                Ribbon -UC.jpg (109187 bytes)                Ribbon-Walnut Hills.jpg (106766 bytes)                Ribbon-Woodward.jpg (115641 bytes)
  Hughes High School                        University of Cincinnati                   Walnut Hills High School                   Woodward High School


OMI Ribbon.jpg (84052 bytes)
Ohio Military Institute
College Hill

   This card has been trimmed and is slightly different from the other four, it also was not published for Dow Pharmacies.



  There are obviously two different types in this series. They are the one pennant, and the double pennant types. I know there are more of these, I have passed on some because of their condition. Some cards will be missing the publishers name, but they will have the double flying eagles on the back. That is the logo of Feicke-Desch and the publisher they bought out, Norwood.

Flag booklet-Ft.Thomas.jpg (575913 bytes)

   This booklet contains 8 Flag Series cards of Fort Thomas. Unfortunately it is not possible to show any of the cards without seriously damaging this mint booklet. It contains several cards not found below. I will list the new cards so you will know what cards are available. Double Banner: View of Ft. Thomas, KY., Officers' Quarters; New recruits in line for mess;  Single Banner: One of the many buildings at Ft. Thomas, KY; Altamont Hotel.


1 flag-City of Tents.jpg (91719 bytes)                1 flag-Eden Park.jpg (102047 bytes)                1 flag-Fountain Square.jpg (112015 bytes)                1 flag-Ft thomas Barracks.jpg (107767 bytes)
City of Tents, Ft. Thomas                  Ohio River from Eden Park                        Fountain Square                                Ft. Thomas Barracks   

1 flag-Island Queen.jpg (98792 bytes)                1 flag-Soldiers Drilling.jpg (110597 bytes)                1 flag-YMCA Ft Thomas.jpg (103072 bytes)                Single Pennant-Athletic Sports.jpg (106581 bytes)
        Island Queen                           Soldiers Drilling, Ft. Thomas                    Y.M.C.A. Ft. Thomas                   Athletic Sports, Ft. Thomas

Mess Hall-aa.jpg (108796 bytes)                Single Pennant-In line for mess.jpg (134026 bytes)                Single Banner-Bird Cages.jpg (228951 bytes)                Single Pennant-Officers Quarters.jpg (150190 bytes)
      Soldiers at Mess Hall                             In Line for Mess                                 Bird Cages,  Zoo                                  Officers Quarters          

Single Pennant Suspension Bridge.jpg (216625 bytes)
Suspension Bridge



2 flags-Altamont Hotel.jpg (125459 bytes)                2 flags-Bird Cages.jpg (136567 bytes)                2 flags-Ft Thomas Water Tower.jpg (132107 bytes)                2 flags-Government square.jpg (137641 bytes)
Altamont Hotel, Ft Thomas                         Bird Cages, Zoo                          Water Tower, Ft. Thomas                        Government Square      

2 flags-Highland School.jpg (130508 bytes)                2 flags-Mt Adams.jpg (142004 bytes)                2 flags-Queen City Bathing.jpg (126973 bytes)                2 flags-Suspension Bridge.jpg (129842 bytes)
Highland School, Ft. Thomas                     Mt. Adams Incline                       Queen City Bathing Beach                       Suspension Bridge        

Double Pennant-Ft Thomas.jpg (136915 bytes)                One of the Many Buildings at Ft. Thomas, Ky.jpg (70623 bytes)*              Double Pennant-Island Queen.jpg (260025 bytes)                Flag-amusement.jpg (271113 bytes)
Preparing meals, Ft. Thomas                One of the many buildings                            Island Queen                                  Amusement Place          

Double Pennant-YMCA.jpg (286155 bytes)                Double Pennant-Eden Park.jpg (291318 bytes)                Double Pennant-Ft. Thomas Barracks.jpg (221131 bytes)                Double Pennant-Ft.Sq..jpg (220595 bytes)
At entrance of Y.M.C.A.                                 Eden Park                                 Barracks at Fort Thomas                          Fountain Square        

Double Flag Soldiers Drilling.jpg (477732 bytes)
Soldiers Drilling





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