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Chase Ave School Northside.jpg (115925 bytes)        Northside-Chase Ave.PS.jpg (274180 bytes)        Chase School.jpg (97178 bytes)        Chase Ave. School.jpg (165938 bytes)
 Chase Ave. School

   The Salmon P. Chase Elementary School opened in 1888 at 1615 Chase Ave. This school had no lunchroom so children ate on benches in the hallway or walked home. Vacated in 1979, it has now been converted into condominiums as can be seen in the last photograph above.



Not a postcard                                                                                                                                        
Old Kirby Road School.jpg (289679 bytes)                    Kirby Road School Northside.jpg (134002 bytes)                    Kirby Road School Northside 1.jpg (93204 bytes)
                   Old  Kirby Road                                                                                    new

Kirby Road 1910 School.jpg (187105 bytes)           Kirby Road School.jpg (204271 bytes)             Kirby Road School 2.jpg (209342 bytes)

   The old Kirby Road School was built in 1869 just below Chase Ave. on Kirby Way. The photo in the 1st image shows this building after an additional 4 rooms were added in 1878. When the new school was built in 1910, the old school was demolished for residences. The new school was located at 1710 Bruce Ave. and Kirby Road. It has now been closed and was auctioned off on 11-06-12 to a developer who plans to turn the building into apartments..


St Boniface School Northside.jpg (104615 bytes)                Northside-St Patricks School.jpg (305145 bytes)
St. Boniface School                              St. Patrick's School  

   St. Boniface School was built next to St. Boniface Church in 1870 on Blue Rock St. It was replaced by a new school in 1933 on Delaney Ave. St. Patrick's School closed in 1969 and the students were sent to St. Boniface.


Cumminsville School.jpg (223290 bytes)        1905 Elmore St. Garfield School.jpg (144055 bytes)        Garfield School 3.jpg (228132 bytes)
Garfield Public School                                  These Are Not Postcards                    


Garfield School.jpg (214363 bytes)        Garfield School 2.jpg (137129 bytes)
1927 Building

   The 1st James A. Garfield Public School, seen in the 1st row above, was erected in 1896. Located at 1905 Elmore Street it was replaced in 1927 with the building in the 2nd row. It was closed in 1979 due to low enrollment and everything is now apartments.



   Walnut Hills High School began as a 4 year program (grades 9 thru 12) that expanded to a 6 year program (grades 7 thru 12) in 1919 when it became a college preparatory school. This change proved very popular, and in 1931, the school moved to the 24 acre site on Victory Parkway. The old building remained a school that was renamed the Burdett School that was closed in 1979. The building has now been renovated (2005) and is now the Schoolhouse Lofts. The 2nd photograph in the 2nd row shows a fire that occurred in 1963. A couple of alumni of Walnut Hills High School are Theda Bara , Jerry Rubin.

Walnut Hills School 1.jpg (105134 bytes)        Walnut Hills School 2.jpg (109807 bytes)        School-Walnut Hills-a.jpg (104726 bytes)        School-Walnut Hills-b.jpg (106047 bytes)
First school built in 1895 at Burdett and Ashland Aves.

Walnut Hills High 2.jpg (288960 bytes)These are not postcardsBurdette (Walnut Hills HS) School Fire.jpg (143508 bytes)
                                                                                  4/4/63  Fire

Walnut Hills School 5.jpg (78484 bytes)        Walnut Hills School 6.jpg (67447 bytes)        Walnut Hills School 7.jpg (86982 bytes)
                  Two school plays                                             1936-37 school choir

Walnut Hills School 3.jpg (127745 bytes)            Walnut Hills School 4.jpg (109574 bytes)
Present School built in 1931 at 3250 Victory Parkway

Walnut Hills High.jpg (149186 bytes)        Walnut Hills 3.jpg (157772 bytes)        Walnut Hills 2.jpg (167467 bytes)
These Are Not Postcards



Purcell HS.jpg (312417 bytes)                Purcell  Marion HS.jpg (230408 bytes)
2935 Hackberry St

   Named after John Baptist Purcell, the first Archbishop of Cincinnati it was constructed in 1928. It was a high school for young men and was merged with the girls only Marion H.S. in 1981-82 and was renamed Purcell Marion H.S. The 2nd image shows the present school as it looks from above.



Douglass School Walnut Hills .jpg (56146 bytes)    6th Grade Douglas School-1910.jpg (74151 bytes)    Douglas School-3.jpg (292434 bytes)    Douglas School 4.jpg (280057 bytes)    Douglas School 4back.jpg (55494 bytes)
1910 6th grade class      Alms Place & Chapel St.           Name misspelled

   With an increasing African American population in Walnut Hills, Reverend Dangerfield Early began a school for the children in his home in 1858. When Walnut Hills became part of Cincinnati in 1870, the school came under the jurisdiction of the Cincinnati Colored School System in 1870 and a new building was built in 1872. It was called the Elmwood Avenue School. In 1887 Ohio's Brown-Arnett Bill called for the phasing out of segregated schools. In an attempt to circumvent integration, in 1902 the name of the school was changed to Douglass Elementary School, named for the famous writer and abolitionist, Frederick Douglass. The school ostensibly was open to any child in Cincinnati, but in reality became a magnet school for African American children. It was hoped that in an environment where there was no racial prejudice and an all African American faculty, the children would be able to learn unhindered by bigotry. The school indeed became a beacon for African American children, and many notable citizens including Wilber A. Page, minister of the Union Baptist Church, DeHart Hubbard, the first African American to win a gold medal in the 1924 Olympics (broad jump), and Jennie D. Porter, a teacher at Douglass who went on to found Harriet Beecher Stowe school attended. I put up the back of the 4th card because it was produced by a company that I did not know even existed. It was produced by the National Negro Post Card Co., Cincinnati Ohio. I will do some research and, hopefully find more information. (I am unable to locate any information on this Co. Can anyone help?)

Dehart Hubbard 1.jpg (463246 bytes)
DeHart Hubbard


                                                                                                                Not a postcard
Harriet Beecher Stowe School 1.jpg (106302 bytes)            Harriet Beecher Stowe School 2.jpg (62609 bytes)            Original Harriet Beecher Stowe School.jpg (244052 bytes)
Harriet Beecher Stowe School

   Harriet Beecher Stowe School  is located at 635 West Seventh St. Opened in 1923 as an all black jr. high school. The school was started by Jennie Davis Porter who was it's principal until her death in July 1936 at the age of 60. She started out as a teacher at the Douglass school above and after the flood in 1911 left the families of black children in the West End homeless and with no school, opened a private kindergarten. It quickly outgrew its space and in 1914 a new public school started and was named after the author of "Uncle Tom's Cabin", Harriet Beecher Stowe. Porter became its principal for the next 22 years. Even though Porter had been teaching for two decades she had never gotten any advanced degrees so, in 1919, she enrolled at U.C. where she earned a bachelor's degree in education in 1923, a master's in 1925, and then became the first African-American to receive a doctorate from UC in 1928.
   The late Mayor of Cincinnati Theodore M Berry was a student. The construction of I-75 and all the associated roads around it forced the school to close. The building is now called Broadcast Center (last image) and houses studios for WXIX-WCVX-WDJO-WKRC-FOX-19.


The schools from this point on will be listed in alphabetical order. (roughly)
 It was the only way I could get any order from this chaos.


Anderson Marching Band.jpg (771391 bytes)
Anderson High School Redskin Marching Band (1959)
Forrest Hills School District


Clifton Bartholomew 1.jpg (81720 bytes)        Clifton Bartholomew 2.jpg (118907 bytes)        Clifton Bartholomew 3.jpg (128411 bytes)        Bartholomew School 3.jpg (419161 bytes)
These four cards show The Bartholomew Boarding School in Clifton.

   Located on Evanswood Place, this was a college preparation school for girls.


Bond Hill School.jpg (271126 bytes)                    Carthage Public School.jpg (191979 bytes)
    Bond Hill School                                 Carthage Public School
California & Maple Aves.                             74th St. & Fairpark      


Cleves Public School.jpg (253428 bytes)        Cleeves School-rp.jpg (212375 bytes)        Cleves-School-.jpg (106637 bytes)
Cleves Public School


   In 1906 the building you see in the cards and photographs in the 2nd row below replaced an inadequate sized school called Resor Academy. It closed in 2004 and is now the Community Arts Center.

Clifton Public School.jpg (124597 bytes)        Clifton HS.jpg (329258 bytes)        Clifton Public School 1.jpg (103414 bytes)
Clifton Public School at McAlpin & Clifton Aves.


Clifton School.jpg (296901 bytes)        Clifton Public School.jpg (229669 bytes)        Clifton Public School 2.jpg (158130 bytes)        Clifton Public School 3.jpg (120584 bytes)


College Hill High School.jpg (30858 bytes)                  Colerain HS.jpg (836204 bytes)
College Hill High School                    Colerain High School             
                                                Founded in 1924


Elmwood place School 1.jpg (128656 bytes)      Elmwood Place School.jpg (121165 bytes)      Elmwood Place School.jpg (85127 bytes)    4th Grade-Elmwood Place.jpg (224486 bytes)
                                                                                                                                                 4th Grade Class
Elmwood Place  Public School

Not a postcard
Elmwood Place School Dedication-1900.jpg (357697 bytes)
School dedication 1900


Evanston School.jpg (106178 bytes)        Evanston School.jpg (134194 bytes)
Evanston Public School. Corner Dana & Trimble Aves.


Fairmount School 1.jpg (96957 bytes)        Fairmount School 2.jpg (108927 bytes)        School-Fairmount-a.jpg (101788 bytes)        Fairmount school-5n.jpg (278503 bytes)

Central Fairmount Public School

These are not postcards
Central Fairmount 2.jpg (196013 bytes)        Central Fairmount School.jpg (162762 bytes)                Central Fairmount 4.jpg (225658 bytes)        Central Fairmount 1970 version.jpg (398308 bytes)
Elementary School built in 1905-06                                          Elementary School built in 1970

   The first Central Fairmount Elementary School was built in 1905-06 at 2475 White Street and was used until they constructed a newer school next to it in 1930. It was used as temporary housing for Quebec Heights school in 2010, but was closed permanently in June 2012. It is up for auction on 11-06-12.


First Intermediate School 1.jpg (96446 bytes)        First Intermediate School.jpg (90836 bytes)
First Intermediate School at Clark and Baymiller Sts.


14th District School.jpg (262696 bytes)
14th District School

Sands School dedication.jpg (250132 bytes)       George F Sands.jpg (104829 bytes)
 George F. Sands School   N. E. corner  Poplar & Freeman

George F. Sands 1.jpg (161134 bytes)    George Sand School 2.jpg (209147 bytes)    George E. Sands School.jpg (234662 bytes)    Freeman Ave. & Poplar St. School.jpg (211716 bytes)    Freeman Ave. & Poplar St. School 1.jpg (235107 bytes)

   The 1st school at this corner was refered to as the 14th district school. It was replaced by the George F. Sands school in 1900. It was named after a former school principal and president of the National Baseball Association (1867-1868). It was changed from a neighborhood elementary school to a specialized school, Sands Montessori. It has been closed and was on the auction block on 11-06-12. I do not know the result of that auction. The images on the bottom row are photographs.


Glendale Public School

Glendale Public School.jpg (253699 bytes)        Glendale PS.jpg (197518 bytes)        Glendale School.jpg (92789 bytes)        Glendale Public School.jpg (259763 bytes)

Glendale Public School.jpg (325228 bytes)        Glendale School.jpg (268552 bytes)


Guilford School 1.jpg (88897 bytes)        School-Guilford-a.jpg (118215 bytes)        School-Guilford-b.jpg (120454 bytes)        Guilford School4.jpg (265376 bytes)
Guilford Public School 421 E.  4th  Street

   The Guilford School building is located on the site of Fort Washington. Constructed in 1914, this is where the boarding house of Jane Griffin stood and where Stephen Foster lived from 1846 to 1850 while working for a steamboat company.






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