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   The Allison Elementary building was constructed in 1896 at Allison Ave.& Weyer St. In 1901 the school opened a high school (building on right) in an old building that was already on the property. In 1914 the elementary school took over the high school for extra classroom space when the high school moved into a new building on Sherman Ave. (see below). The old house burned in 1917 and so a new 12-room structure was built for the elementary school at Allison Ave. & Courtland Ave..

Allison St School Norwood 1.jpg (80541 bytes)    Allison St School Norwood 2.jpg (89683 bytes)    Norwood High School Color.jpg (602403 bytes)    Allison St School Norwood 4.jpg (77654 bytes)    Norwood HS-s1.jpg (72988 bytes)

Norwood HS-is.jpg (236498 bytes)    Norwood HS-is-back.jpg (66164 bytes)
Ad for postcards on back of this card.

Allison Avenue School-Norwood.jpg (257756 bytes)    Norwood High School.jpg (251472 bytes)    Allison Street School-Norwood.jpg (220999 bytes)                                  Norwood Allison class.jpg (423519 bytes)
                                 Present Day School built in 1917                                                                                   Allison School class 


   The school now known as Norwood Middle School was constructed in 1912. The bottom row are photographs. Like many schools in their day as seen in the last two images there were separate entrances for the boys & girls.

New High School Norwood 1.jpg (93044 bytes)            New High School Norwood 2.jpg (96069 bytes)            New High School Norwood 3.jpg (127641 bytes)
Norwood High School  Sherman Ave. near Sexton built in 1914.

Norwood Middle School.jpg (338863 bytes)        Norwood High School-1912.jpg (270653 bytes)    Norwood High Girls Entrance.jpg (246592 bytes)    Norwood High Boys Entrance.jpg (234038 bytes)
            Norwood Middle School Today                                Girls Entrance               Boys Entrance


   The center card below says Marion Avenue School but that is a mis-print. The two photographs below show the Williams Avenue School that replaced the old one in 1917.

 Williams Ave School Norwood.jpg (89639 bytes)    Marion HS, Norwood.jpg (223362 bytes)    Public School Norwood.jpg (97452 bytes)
Williams Ave. School (Old)  North side Williams Ave., opposite Spencer Ave.

Williams Ave. School 2.jpg (212291 bytes)        Williams Ave. School-Norwood 1917.jpg (157463 bytes)


   The North Norwood Elementary school was built in 1891 at the corner of Marion and Highland Aves. The new fireproof structure seen in the cards below was erected in 1915 and went by the name of Marion Street School.  In 1981 the girls only Marion H.S. merged with the boys only Purcell school in 1981-82 and was renamed Purcell Marion H.S. The building now houses the Hamilton County Educational Service Center as seen in the last photo below.

North Norwood School-1914.jpg (249202 bytes)    North Norwood.jpg (180555 bytes)    North Norwood School.jpg (218311 bytes)                HCESC Learning Center Norwood.jpg (200586 bytes)


   St. Elizabeth Parochial School was on the West side of Carter between Lincoln Ave. and Courtland Ave.

St Elizabeths School Norwood 1.jpg (96009 bytes)    St Elizabeths School Norwood 2.jpg (138979 bytes)    Norwood-St. Elizabeth School.jpg (170966 bytes)    Norwood-St. Elizabeth back.jpg (181848 bytes)
                                                                St. Elizabeth's School                                      Back of last card

Now Known As The
St. Elizebeth School Building.jpg (230431 bytes)
Norwood Community Center


   Central School was the first school house in Norwood and was located at Main (Montgomery Pike) and Elm Avenues.

Central School Norwood.jpg (96782 bytes)        Norwood Central School.jpg (98079 bytes)        Norwood Central School.jpg (312164 bytes)        Central Public School-Norwood-n1.jpg (303528 bytes)
The original Central School 


   The Sharpsburg Elementary School was built in 1910, at Smith Road, Robertson Ave. and Forest Ave., to replace the Central School above. It was the first school in Norwood to have a cafeteria installed in 1919. The building is now home to the Norwood Service League, Head Start, and a childcare program. It was named Sharpsburg after the original name of the Norwood village.

Sharpsburg School Norwood.jpg (109137 bytes)        Norwood High School.jpg (318066 bytes)        Sharpsburg School, Norwood.jpg (276075 bytes)
Sharpsburg School 

Sharpburg School Norwood.jpg (263324 bytes)        Sharpsburg School 2.jpg (258573 bytes)
These are photographs


   Regina High School was an all-girls Catholic school that was founded in 1928. Built in Norwood Heights next to the seminary and Archbishop Henry Moeller's home at the corner of Fenwick and Quatman Aves (5400 Fenwick Avenue.) The property was donated to the Catholic Church by the Norwood Heights Co. in the hopes of attracting investors to the area. The school was operated by the Sisters of the Precious Blood for 49 years. It closed in 1977. The Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes is seen in the foreground of the 2nd card while in the distance can be seen the statue of Our Lady of Grace.

Regina HS-Norwood.jpg (82194 bytes)            Regina High School.jpg (557272 bytes)
Regina High School



    This school known as Samuel Ach Junior High was built in 1907-08 at 3485 Reading Road (corner of Reading Rd. & Rockdale Ave.). It was demolished in 1975-76.

Avondale Public School 3.jpg (82436 bytes)    Avondale High-z1.jpg (110786 bytes)    Avondale High-z2.jpg (88477 bytes)    Avondale High-z3.jpg (101793 bytes)    Avondale High-z6.jpg (120838 bytes)


Avondale High-z5.jpg (114854 bytes)    Avondale High-z4.jpg (107002 bytes)    Avondale Public School 1.jpg (115222 bytes)    Avondale Public School 2.jpg (108348 bytes)    Avondale High-z7.jpg (112896 bytes)


Samuel Ack.jpg (356463 bytes)      Avondale Public School 4.jpg (99867 bytes)      Avondale Public School 5.jpg (93450 bytes)                        Avondale class of 1908.jpg (76156 bytes)
                                                                                                                                          Class of 1908


Avondale University School.jpg (93662 bytes)                        Avondale Columbian School 1.jpg (120613 bytes)    Avondale Columbian School 2.jpg (90230 bytes)
    University School                                     Columbian High School.  Harvey Avenue & Union



   The Hyde Park School located at 3401 Observatory Avenue has been at this location since 1823. In that year the 2 room Mornington School was erected on the 16 acres of land that had been purchased. Changes were made over the years until it looked like what you see in the 1st image below. Finally, in 1902, the school you see in the next 2 rows was built. Because of increased attendance, by 1925, more room was needed and so in 1927 an addition to the school was completed and can be seen in the 4th row below.

Not a postcard
Hyde Park-1st school.jpg (186705 bytes)
Building below replaced
this school building


Public Schol, Hyde Park-l1.jpg (131293 bytes)    Hyde Park School 1.jpg (99153 bytes)    Hyde Park School 2.jpg (107167 bytes)
Hyde Park School     3401 Observatory Ave.

Not Postcards
Hyde Park School 2.jpg (180323 bytes)        Hyde Park School Front.jpg (447664 bytes)        Hyde Park School 3.jpg (201335 bytes)


Hyde Park Bult 1927 a.jpg (160874 bytes)        Hyde Park  Built 1927.jpg (135993 bytes)
1927 Additions


   The school below is located at 2488 Madison Road opened in 1919 and was known as East High School, in 1926 the name was changed to Withrow. Consisting of nine separate buildings on 28 acres of land it was regarded as one of the nations most beautiful schools. The 3rd card below seems to show some special occasion because of all the people entering the buildings.

Withrow School 1.jpg (135985 bytes)        Withrow School 1a.jpg (114436 bytes)        Withrow-rp BEV.jpg (548430 bytes)


School-East High-a.jpg (75520 bytes)      Withrow School 3.jpg (138212 bytes)      Withrow School 4.jpg (145683 bytes)      Withrow School 5.jpg (153402 bytes)      School-East High-b.jpg (95328 bytes)

 The clock tower stands 114' high.

East School-z2.jpg (77639 bytes)    East School-z3.jpg (119803 bytes)    East School-z4.jpg (122959 bytes)    East School-z5.jpg (115099 bytes)    Withrow School 2.jpg (92333 bytes)


Withrow School 6.jpg (68414 bytes)      Withrow School 7.jpg (105241 bytes)      School-East High-c.jpg (122615 bytes)      Withrow School 8.jpg (79439 bytes)      Withrow School 9.jpg (120002 bytes)
Industrial Arts Building                The Bird Bath            The Tower & Bridge          The Gymnasium                           The Organ           


Withrow School 10.jpg (86821 bytes)        Withrow School 11.jpg (91070 bytes)        Withrow School 12.jpg (87411 bytes)        East School-z1.jpg (104095 bytes)
The Lunch Room                           The Library                           The Auditorium                               The Bridge     


Non-postcard images of Withrow High School

Withrow School 3.jpg (100597 bytes)        Withrow1.jpg (306576 bytes)        Withrow School.jpg (166926 bytes)


Withrow layout.jpg (89895 bytes)        Withrow layout1.jpg (183821 bytes)        Withrow layout2.jpg (206055 bytes)        Withrow layout3.jpg (120781 bytes)
Withrow (East High School) architects drawings


Withrow2.jpg (180370 bytes)            Withrow3.jpg (178399 bytes)            Withrow4.jpg (217632 bytes)            Withrow6.jpg (441814 bytes)
Power plant & Industrial Arts Bldg.       Gymnasium & Stadium                             Auditorium                                    Footbridge                  





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