Salvage  Corps



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                                            110 East 8th Street                                                    Building today

  The only postcards on this page are the first two images. The Cincinnati  Underwriters Salvage Corps was closely coordinated with the Cincinnati Fire Department. While firefighters were trying to put the fire out the Salvage Corps was fighting to save whatever personal property they could from the ravages of smoke and water.  Begun by one man in the early 1880's, Herman Newman, who slept at Engine Co. 9's firehouse on Race Street. A Supply of tarpaulins, lanterns, and rubber boots were stored around the city at various businesses. Insurance companies saw the cost advantages of saving furniture and clothing from fire and water damage. The underwriters for the insurance companies took over the salvage operation in 1886. Below is section one of the state charter okaying the formation of the Underwriters Salvage Corps.

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   Below are some of the horses and men of the 19th century Salvage Corps. The first one shows an action shot of a pair of matched white horses.

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   Corpsman Chris Wolfer is shown at the "Joker" alarm station in the old headquarters at 110 East 8th Street.

Alarm Station-112 E 8th.jpg (666822 bytes)


   In 1905 the Salvage Corps received the first motorized fire apparatus in Cincinnati. A 50HP two-cylinder Winton passenger-car chassis was assembled at the Thomas B. Hanauer Bicycle Company of Cincinnati. The first image show this fire apparatus being christened by the Chief's daughter Marguerite thus this vehicle is always refered to as the "Marguerite". You will see the name on the side in the following photographs. In 1909, "Marguerite" was sent to the Ahrens factory to be fitted with an all steel body, (the original had a wood body with wicker equipment lockers, not very fire resistant!) The 2nd image was taken in 1909 at the Hill and Griffith fire. The last two are "Beauty" shots of the new vehicle. Why they are not wearing their uniforms in the 3rd one is a mystery.

Marquerite-1902.jpg (754652 bytes)        Marquerite in action-1909.jpg (674167 bytes)        50HP Winton-1905.jpg (66953 bytes)        Winton 2.jpg (92056 bytes)


   The next row shows the Salvage Corps in the 1950s. The 3rd image show the corpsmen in their full regalia.

Corps in 1953.jpg (422767 bytes)        Headquarters-916 Elm St.-1950s.jpg (843042 bytes)        Corpsmen ready for action.jpg (784711 bytes)


   This is a Salvage Corps article of the City Hall fire in 1957.

City Hall Fire Salvage Core 1.jpg (577869 bytes)        City Hall Fire-Salvage Core 2.jpg (810324 bytes)


   The next two images show the Salvage Corps at the scene of a warehouse fire. The last image show some of the canvas "salvage covers" the Corps used to protect the contents from smoke and water damage.

Corps in action.jpg (891351 bytes)        Goods saved.jpg (739330 bytes)

   On June 30, 1959 the insurance underwriters ceased its salvage operations. The Cincinnati Fire Department began to train a new squad (squad 1) to not only fight fires but to also do the necessary salvage jobs. Squad 1 was based with Engine Company 5. All ladder companies began to carry salvage equipment. This squad was disbanded in January of 1975. On July 15, 1982 the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.



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