The four large postcards below show half of the famous panorama taken of the riverfront east to the bend in the Ohio River. I have become rather fanatical about this set of eight photographs and , as a result, I have included the complete set below. These are very large and the best looking set yet produced. You can, of course, use the explanations for the four postcard versions on the first four images of this set also. When time permits I hope to do the same thing on the last four. I repeat these are very large so be patient.

 If you wish to see the entire panorama: Hit backspace to return.

1848 part 1.jpg (478638 bytes)  1848 part 2.jpg (570606 bytes)  1848 part 3.jpg (584237 bytes)  1848 part 4.jpg (554670 bytes)

   1st Image: The foot of Main Street is seen at right-center. The foot of Walnut Street is above the steamer Wave. The buildings to the left of Main St. were known as Sausage Row because of all the Irish that moved in there. It was earlier known as Bratwurst Row because of all the German settlers that lived there. Steamboats seen are Lancaster, Wave, Colorado, Highland, Mary No. 2 and The Doctor Franklin No. 2. 2nd Image: The church in the center is the Second Presbyterian Church between Vine & Race. The area in the right foreground was known as Cassilly's Row. Today it is the location of Great American Ball Park & US Bank Arena. Steamboats seen are the General Worth, Embassy, and  Car of Commerce. 3rd Image: Christ Church is in the background. Ludlow is the street at the left. Today this area is Yeatmans Cove. The packet Brooklyn is docked along side a steamboat that is under construction. 4th Image: Lawrence Street is left-center (this street only exists today as a one block street near Lytle Park). The steamboats seen are the John Hancock, The Alexander Scott and the Meteor.

1848 Panorama 1.jpg (943527 bytes)        1848 Panorama 2.jpg (849438 bytes)        1848 Panorama 3.jpg (847140 bytes)        1848 Panorama 4.jpg (873127 bytes)
Plate 1                                        Plate 2                                        Plate 3                                       Plate 4

1848 Panorama 5.jpg (1059414 bytes)        1848 Panorama 6.jpg (1107363 bytes)        1848 Panorama 7.jpg (880055 bytes)        1848 Panorama 8.jpg (824076 bytes)
Plate 5                                        Plate 6                                       Plate 7                                        Plate 8


  The importance of the Ohio River in the life of Cincinnati can be compared to the arteries in your body. The Ohio was the life blood of Cincinnati in its first 100+ years and kept it thriving. The arrival of the railroad of course lessened its importance to a large degree but it still remains a vital path for goods essential to the growth of this country.  The riverfront has been the focal point of all this activity ever since the city sprang up out of the wilderness.  Here are a few pieces of trivia to demonstrate the importance of the public landing, which is that part of the riverfront which is directly between the Ohio River and downtown Cincinnati:


Cincinnati at Wharf-Island Maid turning in.jpg (184830 bytes)
Skyline in late 20s

   You will see many cards below showing the skyline of Cincinnati. I thought it might be a good idea to name some of the major buildings that you will be looking at. In the non-postcard photo above you can see the Island Maid getting ready to make a landing next to the steamer Cincinnati. Looking left to right you can see the Union Central building, the Carew Tower, the Union Trust, the First National Bank, the Traction building, the Union Gas & Electric, the old telephone building, Christ Church and on the extreme right edge you can see the old Spencer House.


These 9 cards show the area west (down river) of the Suspension Bridge.

Sky Line-ad.jpg (125519 bytes)       Sky Line-aa.jpg (98150 bytes)       Riverfront from covington 5.jpg (96100 bytes)       Riverfront from covington 4.jpg (98501 bytes)
a REALLY retouched image                                                     


Cincinnati from KY..jpg (481629 bytes)        View west-vert-he.jpg (133371 bytes)


Sky Line-ag.jpg (90904 bytes)        Sky Line-af.jpg (88695 bytes)        Sky Line-ae.jpg (110793 bytes)        Suspension Bridge-43.jpg (123120 bytes)


   The cards below show the public landing and the area around as seen from the Kentucky shore line, the Suspension Bridge, and from the Cincinnati shore. Something to watch for: steamboats always docked facing up-stream.


Riverfront from bridge 2.jpg (98264 bytes)    1906 Steamer City of Cincinnati.jpg (164162 bytes)
Postcard and original photograph


Riverfront from bridge 1.jpg (158240 bytes)    Riverfront from bridge 3.jpg (119194 bytes)    Riverfront from bridge 5.jpg (119842 bytes)    Riverfront from covington 6.jpg (92619 bytes)    Riverfront 7.jpg (241301 bytes)


Riverfront from covington 8.jpg (87372 bytes)    Riverfront-wf.jpg (133160 bytes)    Riverfront-wf2.jpg (130947 bytes)    Riverfront-wf3.jpg (153856 bytes)    Sky Line-ac.jpg (69230 bytes)
The same steamboat is drawn into the three center cards.


Skyline from Ohio Riv..jpg (289910 bytes)        Steamboat Landing-Cinti.jpg (131228 bytes)        Skyline Riverfront Old.jpg (282815 bytes)        Cincinnati Sky Line GT.jpg (241388 bytes)


Riverfront-NP.jpg (200203 bytes)
Real Photo view from 
Newport, KY


Covington Riverfront from Cincinnati.jpg (490718 bytes)
Covington, Ky.  From


cin Landing-rp-vert.jpg (63466 bytes)        Riverfront vert-bl.jpg (84704 bytes)        Riverfront vert-bm.jpg (74782 bytes)    Riverfront vert-bm-2.jpg (107707 bytes)        Riverfront vert-bn.jpg (99649 bytes)
Real  Photo                                                                     Same image                                                   


Greetings-Public Landing.jpg (82657 bytes)                            Real Photo-Public Landing.jpg (81321 bytes)    Riverfront rpky.jpg (115586 bytes)    Riverfront 1914.jpg (109501 bytes)
A very rare view on a                                                                                  Three real photo postcards                                           
PMC mailed in June 1899                                                                                                                                                                            


Sky Line-ab.jpg (109813 bytes)        Riverfront from covington 9.jpg (88667 bytes)        Riverfront from covington 10.jpg (84921 bytes)        Riverfront from covington 11.jpg (88460 bytes)


Riverfront from covington 7.jpg (97315 bytes)        Skyline From KY.jpg (289603 bytes)        Riverfront from bridge 4.jpg (88381 bytes)        Riverfront from cincinnati 5.jpg (117949 bytes)


Riverfront from bridge 6.jpg (72133 bytes)        Riverfront from bridge 7.jpg (83275 bytes)        Riverfront from bridge 8.jpg (63506 bytes)        Ohio-Eastern Hills.jpg (54885 bytes)
                                                                                                                                                            Rare  Private Mailing Card


Riverfront from cincinnati 2.jpg (101300 bytes)        Steamboat Landing.jpg (552178 bytes)        Riverfront from cincinnati 4.jpg (113053 bytes)        Steamboat landing-aa.jpg (117152 bytes)


Riverfront from cincinnati 1.jpg (86079 bytes)    Riverfront from cincinnati 3.jpg (100400 bytes)    Steamboats Photo.jpg (783254 bytes)    Riverfront from cincinnati 6.jpg (91539 bytes)    Shipment of Honey.jpg (121260 bytes)
1904 Photograph

   The 2nd image above is of the public landing in the 1890s. In the foreground is the last of the Telegraphs belonging to the Louisville and Cincinnati Packet Co. In the lower right corner is either the Congo or the Carrolton, sister boats of the Telegraph. You can always tell which boats belonged to the Louisville and Cincinnati Packet Co. by the double white stripes on their smokestacks. Out in the river, the City of Louisville is in tow of the Hercules Carrel. In the 3rd card from left to right are the Peters Lee, Island Queen, Princess, and City of Cincinnati. The photograph is the one used for the 2nd image and you can see that the first boat is the Tacoma and the 3rd boat on the right is the towboat Hercules Carrel.

Riverfront toward mt Adams.jpg (110187 bytes)


1914 Riverfront.jpg (158626 bytes)    Riverfront Scene.jpg (1413773 bytes)
1914 Riverfront from Suspension Bridge (Same Image)


Riverfront from bridge 9.jpg (105954 bytes)    Old and New-bw.jpg (238667 bytes)
Same image


RP-Skyline-rare.jpg (140604 bytes)                Riverfront from covington nite 1.jpg (78496 bytes)        Riverfront from covington nite 2.jpg (99754 bytes)        Riverfront-wg.jpg (89308 bytes)
Very rare Real Photo PC                                                                                                                                                                        


Riverfront from covington new 4.jpg (112533 bytes)            Conoco card.jpg (390761 bytes)    Conoco Card back.jpg (72310 bytes)    Conoco Touraide 1.jpg (311083 bytes)
                                                       Conoco Service Station cards

   The 2 Conoco cards above were produced by the Conoco Oil Company and were available at all the Conoco Service Stations around the country. You notice I said "Service Station" instead of gasoline station. In the pre-war years up to the 70s, gasoline stations were actually fighting to win your loyalty. Gasoline stations were actually manned by attendants that "serviced" your car quickly and in a friendly manner. The Touraide was Conoco's way of winning you over to their gas. The Touraide was a set of personalized maps plotting the best or most scenic route for a family vacation. Instead of having a huge map that you had to constantly fold and re-fold you were sent a customized spiral-bound travel directory. The pages of this book contained portions of road maps showing the route of your trip, which was highlighted, to and from your destination. It also contained information about roadside attractions, motels, road conditions, and of course the location of the next Conoco Station.
   You got your Touraide by sending in the route you wanted to take on a postcard and whether you wanted to take the "quickest" way or the "Scenic" route. If you wanted both each route would be highlighted in its own color. This was all free.


Riverfront from covington new 2.jpg (106704 bytes)        Riverf-rp-cov.jpg (65952 bytes)        Riverfront-ff.jpg (93257 bytes)
Real Photo


Riverfront-neg.jpg (62951 bytes)        Riverfront-fh.jpg (98354 bytes)        Skyline-Jumbo.jpg (314326 bytes)
                                                                                                       7" x  9"  Jumbo card


Shanty Town.jpg (92184 bytes)                                   Shantytown 2.jpg (286437 bytes)

   This is shanty Town which was on the east side of the mouth of the Mill Creek. To see more of Shanty Town, go to the Flood and Ice Gorge page in the Disasters section.

Oh! for the life of a shantyboat man                           
Just doing the least that he possibly can                  
He floats down the current-the rivers his life            
A dog, an old stove, yeah! an maybe a wife;            
Some canned goods, some books-a philosopher he
Content to live simply; just letting things be             
Aspiring to nothing within his short span                  
Oh! for the life of a shantyboat man.                            

W. J. Levine            



Sawyer Point-ser.jpg (339112 bytes)
Sawyer  Point