Restaurants 2


Mohr's Buffet.jpg (740025 bytes)                Davids Buffet.jpg (310943 bytes)
Mohr's Buffet                                      David's Buffet
 5501 Bridgetown Road        Bridgetown


David's Buffet.jpg (655407 bytes)                Quebec Gardens.jpg (679826 bytes)                Guidara's Restaurant.jpg (332631 bytes)                Fox & Crow Restaurant.jpg (234532 bytes)
            David's Buffet                            Quebec Gardens               Guidara's Restaurant               The Fox & Crow   
          10784 Reading Road                     2291 Quebec Road               & Cocktail Lounge            9769 Montgomery Rd.
          Evendale                                       Price Hill                         3721 Harrison Ave.                   Montgomery


Howes Cafe.jpg (123348 bytes)                       Old Farm Smorgasteria.jpg (319229 bytes)
      Howe's Cafe                                       Old Farm Smorgasteria
  no information                                        4440 Reading Road
                                                                       Norwood (Paddock Hills)


Lenhardt's Restaurant-2.jpg (93602 bytes)    Lenhardt's Restaurant-1.jpg (104612 bytes)            Lenhardt's Restaurant.jpg (232754 bytes)
Lenhardt's Restaurant. 151 W. McMillan St.  Clifton              A Recent Photo                 

   In the 1880's Christian Moerlein built a home at 151 West McMillan as a wedding gift for his daughter, who had married John Goetz. The Lenhardt's Restaurant moved into the Goetz house in 1965. The restaurant has now been razed (1-4-14) to make room for an apartment building.


Canary Cottage.jpg (290754 bytes)        Canary Cottage-Cape Cod Room.jpg (317185 bytes)                    Venice Pavilion-Ross.jpg (141854 bytes)        Venice Pavilion-2.jpg (168686 bytes)
Canary Cottage.     420 Walnut Street                                                                                                                        

   The two real photo postcards above show the Venice Pavilion. It was located on Colerain Pike near Ross, Ohio in Butler County. This is a little further away from Cincinnati than I normally collect but I had the opportunity to obtain them and they have great views of the automobiles of the era.


Pizza Inn.jpg (291936 bytes)        Pizza Inn-back.jpg (125197 bytes)                       Pizza Inn.jpg (368354 bytes)    Pizza Inn back.jpg (135615 bytes)
7774 Montgomery Road   Kenwood                                                                        Various Locations              


Butterfly Restaurant.jpg (1067572 bytes)        Butterfly Restaurant back.jpg (90676 bytes)
 Butterfly Restaurant 1 mile from I-71 Fields Ertel Exit


Captain Hooks.jpg (661628 bytes)        Captain Hooks-2.jpg (366218 bytes)        Captain Hooks-back.jpg (195278 bytes)
Captain Hook's Restaurant - Riverfront

   I flipped the center card above around so you would not have to stand on your head to view it on this double-card.



Edwards Mfg. Co. 1908 Restaurant.jpg (555738 bytes)      Edwards Manf..jpg (111069 bytes)      Edwards.jpg (189363 bytes)      Edwards Restaurant.jpg (251365 bytes)
These are not postcards

Edwards Manf.RPPC.jpg (72384 bytes)            Edwards 539 E 5th.jpg (255820 bytes)    Edwards back.jpg (62406 bytes)    edwards_resatauran.jpg (180379 bytes)*
          Edwards  529 E. Fifth Street

   The Edwards Manufacturing Co. was a leading maker of sheet metal roofing, among other things, and was located near the foot of the Mt. Adams Incline. The plant was located along Eggleston Ave. between 4th & 5th Sts. The RPPC on the left in the second row shows the plant. It opened in 1875 but when it ceased operations I am not sure (1950s?). Eventually the main plant was demolished and made into a parking lot. The lot can be seen in the top row of photographic images. The remainder not torn down (administrative offices?) can be seen in the very narrow building in these photos. This address is now 529 E. 5th St. and was turned into the restaurant seen in the two postcards in the 2nd row called Edwards for obvious reasons. Edwards has since closed and I don't know who occupies the building now.


The Cedar's.jpg (280519 bytes)                Big Chef.jpg (187208 bytes)    Big Chef back.jpg (106887 bytes)
The Cedar's                                                     Burger Chef                    
  6287 Cheviot Road                                                                                                  
White Oak                                                                                                


Stuckey's West Chester.jpg (325361 bytes)        Stuckey's West Chester back.jpg (98344 bytes)
Stuckey's  7412 Tylerville Road West Chester



Milford-Millcroft-3.jpg (106848 bytes)    Millcroft Inn-Milford.jpg (126430 bytes)    Milford st home-water st.jpg (405476 bytes)    Millcroft Inn-4.jpg (269889 bytes)    Milcroft Ad,.jpg (409323 bytes)
203 Mill Street in Milford

Millcroft Inn, Milford.jpg (103399 bytes)

   The Millcroft Inn located at 203 Mill Street in Milford is a very popular and well-known fine dining establishment for. Originally built around 1812 as a residence it has since been used as a General Store, a warehouse during the Civil War and even as a bordello at one time. It began operation as the Gillcroft in 1939 as a tea room. When it became the Millcroft I do not know. The 5th card above is for a display of artwork by Grace M. Hunt that was shown in 1958 at the Inn. The last non-postcard image is a present day view.



Silver Spring Drive in.jpg (102754 bytes)           Jerrys drive in.jpg (118338 bytes)          Webbies Drive in.jpg (111224 bytes)    Webbies 2.jpg (255027 bytes)
Silver Spring                                       Jerry's                                      Webbie's   7661 Reading road   Roselawn
Kemper & Snyder                      10596 Springfield Pike                                                                                                  
Indian Hills                                    Woodlawn                                                                                                        



   The photograph below shows the very first Frisch's Drive-in that was constructed in 1939 in Fairfax. It was called the Mainliner after a tri-motor passenger airplane that had landed at Lunken Airfield. The very first Big Boy sandwich was sold here in 1946. The first Big Boy Drive-in was on Central Parkway in 1948. The building has undergone many changes, but "Big Boy One" remains the same. The very first Frisch's Restaurant in Cincinnati was in 1905. Samuel Frisch opened a small cafe in downtown Cincinnati on Freeman Ave. As of 2010, including franchises, there were 118 Big Boy Restaurants in operation.

Frisch's Mainliner-1939.jpg (464488 bytes)                                Frischs-fd.jpg (114678 bytes)
"The Mainliner"                                                         Mainliner  #2    
                                                                                 8000 Reading Road


Frisch Drive in.jpg (176259 bytes)      Frischs Mainliner.jpg (126694 bytes)      Frisch Mainliner-Wooster Pike.jpg (303933 bytes)      Frisch Mainliner-Wooster Pike.jpg (298043 bytes)
  Frisch's Mainliner.   5756 Wooster Pike                 Mariemont


Frisch,s Rest Norwood.jpg (53450 bytes)




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