Religious Institutions 3



Lane Seminary-1848.jpg (963566 bytes)
Seminary in 1848

Lane Seninary-Walnut Hills.jpg (127685 bytes)        Lane Seminary-aa.jpg (137979 bytes)        Lane Seminary.jpg (304672 bytes)                    Lyman Beecher Church.jpg (292711 bytes)
                                                  Walnut Hills                                                                                      Henry Beecher's first church 

   Lyman Beecher was the founder of the Lane Seminary (1829-1932) and he had five children. One of his sons, Henry Ward Beecher, upon graduation from his father's school went to Lawrenceburg, Indiana where he led the Presbyterian church seen in the above card. He left after two years and moved to Indianapolis, Indiana. His most famous sister Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896) who, of course, wrote one of the most famous books ever written, Uncle Tom's Cabin, or Life Among the Lowly. For nearly 30 years she wrote a book a year. She died in 1896.

Harriet Beecher Stowe.jpg (492969 bytes)        Harriet Beecher Stowe.jpg (98522 bytes)        Stowe.JPG (215160 bytes)        Stowe 2.JPG (44136 bytes)
                                  Harriet Beecher Stowe                                            Henry Ward & Harriet


                                                                                                         Not a postcard
Eliza House-Glendale.jpg (313346 bytes)        Eliza House.jpg (326671 bytes)        Eliza House today.jpg (151539 bytes)


Harriet Beecher Stowe Home-Walnut Hills.jpg (134914 bytes)        Harriet Beecher Stowe Residence (Walnut Hills).jpg (138697 bytes)        Stowe House-Drawing.jpg (251545 bytes)        Harriet Beecher Stowe Home.jpg (202803 bytes)

   The Eliza house, seen in the cards above, was part of the former Lane Seminary. It was built in 1833 to house the president of the Seminary. Harriet and most of her 11 brothers and sisters lived with their father in this house. Harriet lived here from 1833 until her marriage in 1836, with her first two children (twins) being born here. It was located at the intersection of Oak and Chester sts. in Glendale, it is now located at 2950 Gilbert Ave. in Walnut Hills. It was known for years as one of the most active "stations" along the Underground Railroad.. Today it is owned by the Ohio Historical Society, and is operated by volunteers of the Friends of the Harriet Beecher Stowe House, Inc.

Harriet Beecher FDC.jpg (140319 bytes)
Harriet Beecher Stowe's FDC

    Harriet Beecher Stowe was honored with a 75c stamp on June 13, 2007 in Cincinnati. This is the First Day Cover seen above.



Sacred Heart Seminary-8108 Beachmont.jpg (101604 bytes)                                        Nativity Diorama.jpg (338260 bytes)
   8101 Beachmont Ave.                                                     Nativity Diorama built by
                                                                                          Sons of the Sacred Heart Scholastics
                                                                                              8108 Beechmont Ave.



Bible Seminary.jpg (986414 bytes)        Cinti. Bible Seminary-2.jpg (803857 bytes)
Located at 2700 Glenway Avenue

   This seminary was first organized in 1923 and was located in the West End on West Eighth Street. Merging with the McGarvey Bible College in 1924 they moved to Grand and Maryland Avenues. In 1939 the school bought the Grandview Sanitarium at 2700 Glenway Avenue. It is now called the Cincinnati Christian University.



Sisters of the Poor Provincial House & Novitiate of St Francis- Hartwell.jpg (114347 bytes)            Sisters of the Poor.jpg (268529 bytes)



Perpetual Adoration Monastery 3020 Erie Ave..jpg (539889 bytes)        Perpetual Adoration Aerial.jpg (294515 bytes)
3020  Erie Avenue    Hyde Park

   The 2nd image above is a present day image of the Monastery.



Milford Novitiate-Milford-Jesuit Priests.jpg (114089 bytes)

Milford Jesuit Retreat League.jpg (379846 bytes)    Milford Jesuit Retreat-1.jpg (139310 bytes)    Jesuit Noviate-Milford.jpg (355924 bytes)    Milford Novitiate 2.jpg (232674 bytes)    Milford Retreat House Dining-Rec..jpg (276170 bytes)
                                                                                                                                                                                               Dining Room & Rec. Hall

Milford Retreat House.jpg (116089 bytes)    Milford Jesuit Retreat.jpg (276734 bytes)    Milford Jesuit Retreat.jpg (83644 bytes)    Milford Retreat-Lodge.jpg (282174 bytes)    Milford Retreat-River Scene.jpg (264801 bytes)
                                                                      Retreat House                                                                                              River Scene

Milford Novitiate.jpg (470865 bytes)    Chapel Hall-Milford.jpg (234273 bytes)    Milford Retreat House Chapel.jpg (285910 bytes)    Jesuit Novitiate Milford Chapel.jpg (491661 bytes)    Milford Jesuit Renewal.jpg (341538 bytes)
      Proposed Chapel                     Chapel Hall                              Chapel                          Community Chapel         Chapel in Renewal Center



Glendale Episcopal Rectory.jpg (223074 bytes)        Glendal Episcopal Rectory.jpg (69856 bytes)
Glendale Episcopal Rectory

   Built in 1875 the building is located at 940 Forest Avenue. The recent photograph on the right shows the building as it looks today, I believe it is now a private residence.



Sacred Heart School-Camp Wash.jpg (101322 bytes)        Sacred Heart School-6.jpg (196101 bytes)                St Boniface's Parochial School.jpg (90082 bytes)
  Sacred Heart School  Heywood Ave. Camp Washington             St. Boniface Parochial School
                                                                                                                        Blue Rock & Lakeman     


Mother of Mercy High School 1.jpg (110446 bytes)                Mother Of Mercy-V.jpg (220446 bytes)                Mother Of Mercy Academy.jpg (285113 bytes)
Mother of Mercy Academy and High School. Westwood


Mt. Healthy Assumption School.jpg (244092 bytes)
Assumption School

   The Assumption School (1500 McMakin St.) was built in 1858 by the Church of the Assumption that was next door at 7712 Joseph Street. The original structure was replaced by the building you see above in 1908. This building had four classrooms plus living quarters for the nuns who served as teachers. Due to increased numbers of students, the nuns were forced to move so that their living quarters could be used for classrooms. A new building was erected in 1950. By 1969 enrollment stood at 1,050. Since then enrollment has decreased due to two new parochial schools in the area. In 1986 there were 409 students.



Sisters of Mercy Convent.jpg (38530 bytes)    Sisters of Mercy School-1-1400 Freeman.jpg (79615 bytes)    Sisters of Mercy-South Side.jpg (192845 bytes)    Sisters of Mercy School-2-1400 Freeman.jpg (110821 bytes)    Merrcy Convent & School.jpg (334202 bytes)

Sisters of Mercy-aa.jpg (131355 bytes)    Convent of Mercy Main Altar.jpg (311280 bytes)    Sisters of Mercy Convent & School 1946.jpg (307105 bytes)    Our Lady of Mercy High 1409 Western Avenue.jpg (196919 bytes)

   The Our Lady of Mercy High School, constructed in 1897, was located at 1409 Freeman Ave. , now Western Avenue in the Queensgate neighborhood (next door to the Union Terminal). It was one of three Catholic high schools for girls founded by the Sisters of  Mercy. The other two were Mother of Mercy in Westwood, and McAuley High School in College Hill. They also established a teachers training program and established Edgecliff College which was later sold to Xavier University. This building has now been converted into a job training center which offers academic and vocational training for low income families. The last two images above are not postcards. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places on March 3, 1980. 

*Mount Carmel Home, Sisters of Mercy.jpg (60709 bytes)
Mt. Carmel Home
Sisters of Mercy


  St Clemens parochial.jpg (105328 bytes)          *St. Patrick's School, Northside.jpg (72826 bytes)          *St. Pius' New School, Borden Street, South Cumminsville.jpg (45416 bytes)
  St. Clemens Parochial               St. Patrick's School                       St. Pius New School         
         St. Bernard                                 Northside                         Borden St. S. Cumminsville


*German Catholic School-Reading.jpg (49626 bytes)                                        The Glenmary HQ.jpg (275057 bytes)
            German Catholic School                                    Headquarters Glenmary Home Missioners
                        Reading                                                        Seminary of Our Lady of the Fields
                                                                                                Brothers Training Center


Summit Country Day 1.jpg (240639 bytes)        Summit Country Day Chapel.jpg (317064 bytes)
Summit Country Day School
2161 Grandin Road



Evangelical Training School.jpg (323371 bytes)       Oakwood Istitute 2a.jpg (308071 bytes)       Oakwood Institute-2.jpg (276516 bytes)       Oakwood Institute Entrance.jpg (241346 bytes)

   The Oakwood Institute existed from 1923 to 1934 as a training school for women church workers. Located at 430 West Cliff Lane, (the address on first card is wrong), it was built between 1860 and 1865 at a cost of $500,000 ($13 million in today's dollars) for Henry Probasco, who named it Oakwood. Probasco was the gentleman who gave Cincinnati The Tyler Davidson Fountain in memory of his brother-in-law. This mansion was noted for its hand carved woodwork which took 3 years to complete by two brothers, William and Henry Fry. Except for the Oakwood years this has always been a private residence. It is now owned by John and Sara Neyer. The 3 images below are real photographs of the building as it looks today, and the plaque from The National Register of Historic Places..

Oakwood.jpg (254667 bytes)        Probasco Mansion.jpg (947101 bytes)        Oakwood Plaque.jpg (312421 bytes)



Winton Rd. Kolping Clbhouse.jpg (419538 bytes)        Kolping Club House 2.jpg (271264 bytes)
Clubhouse located at the
Kolping Grove 9158 Winton Rd.

   The German Kolping Society of Cincinnati was formed in 1924 and is located at 10235 Mill Road on 52 acres across the street from the St. Francis Seminary, from whom they purchased the land in 1981. The Clubhouse above is on 9+ acres of land bought in 1953.



Crusade Castle.jpg (388742 bytes)

   The Crusade Castle is located next to Ault Park and overlooks the Miami River Valley. It is the National Center of the Catholic Students Mission Crusade serving over 3000 educational institutions in the U.S. in the field of student mission education and activity.



Mary Reparatrix Retreat House.jpg (321841 bytes)        Mary ReParatrix Garden.jpg (437706 bytes)        Mary Reparatrix Chapel.jpg (261370 bytes)        Reparatrix Lounge.jpg (270043 bytes)
    Retreat House                     Retreatant's Garden                            Chapel                                      Lounge        



Methodist Literature Hdqts 1.jpg (282633 bytes)            Methodist Literature Hdqts 2.jpg (354179 bytes)            Lit. Headquarters.jpg (365553 bytes)

   Are you ready for this? This building is the Literature Headquarters of the Women's Division of Christian Service of the Board of Missions and Church Extension of the Methodist Church. It's located at 7820 Reading Road. The 3rd postcard is a painting of the building.



Grailville-Loveland.jpg (208326 bytes)            Grailville Oratory.jpg (230111 bytes)
Farm at Grailville Community College            Oratory-The Grail                

   Located at 932 O'Bannonville Road, Loveland, Ohio, this is now the home to the National Grail Office. The Grail began in Holland in 1921 as a Catholic lay organization, called The Women of Nazareth. Although founded by a Jesuit priest, Jacques Van Ginneken (1877-1949), it has always been run by women. Working with young women in Holland, England, and Germany they staged huge and colorful rallies and enacted religious dramas. At the invitation of the Chicago Archbishop, two Grail women came to the United States in 1940. They began their work at the Doddridge Farm, a summer camp in Libertyville, Illinois. By 1944 the Grail had grown to sixteen women so they moved to a farm in Loveland, Ohio. This farm is now Grailville. Over the years many new centers were created around the country. Today there are still centers in San Jose, California, Cornwall, New York, and in the Bronx.
   The Grail members became pioneers in Catholic feminist theology and, in 1969, voted to admit women of all Christian faiths. In 1975 they welcomed Jewish women as well. The second image has a blank back.



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