Religious Institutions 1



   This was a boarding school for primary and secondary Catholic and Protestant girls. The Academy had started in 1869 on west 6th Street. In 1874 they moved to Grandin Road. In October of 1876 they opened another school in the building you see below on Lafayette Ave. in Clifton. This was the home of William Neff who had made his fortune in pork packing. It had taken Swiss artisans two years to carve the woodwork, mantels, and stairway. The estate was called The Windings and was built in 1868. The estate was so costly to maintain that Neff could not afford to live there and had to sell it to the Academy. Due to economic reasons the school had to shut down and the  last class graduated in June of 1970. The buildings have been converted to condominiums.

1st Sacred Heart Parish Church.jpg (318087 bytes)
1st School & Parish

Academy of the Sacred Heart-525 Lafeyette-2.jpg (87444 bytes)     Sacrd Heart Convent-Clifton.jpg (117021 bytes)     Sacred Heart Academy 4.jpg (511496 bytes)     Sacred Heart-Clifton.jpg (148543 bytes)     Sacred Heart-Clifton.jpg (339232 bytes)

Academy of the Sacred Heart-525 Lafeyette-6 vert.jpg (76373 bytes)                                Sacred Heart Parlor & Dining Rm.jpg (204116 bytes)
                                                                  Parlor / Dining Room

Sacred Heart Convent-zz.jpg (90550 bytes)    Academy of the Sacred Heart-525 Lafeyette-3.jpg (96400 bytes)    Academy of the Sacred Heart-525 Lafeyette-4.jpg (104747 bytes)    Sacred Heart Academy.jpg (50594 bytes)    Academy of the Sacred Heart-525 Lafeyette-1.jpg (79845 bytes)



   The Ursuline Sisters of Brown County purchased this mansion at Oak St. & Reading Road from A. S. Winslow, who was the vice-president of the First National Bank, in 1906. The Academy is a private junior and senior high school for girls. In 1970 the school moved to Blue Ash.

Ursuline Academy-air.jpg (298809 bytes)        Academy of the Ursulines.jpg (91634 bytes)        Sisters Of The Ursauline.jpg (303421 bytes)
                                                                                                        View from right side




Cincinnati Missionary Training School-1.jpg (88801 bytes)        Elisabeth Gamble Home n1.jpg (295915 bytes)        The Gamble Deaconess Home.jpg (97328 bytes)


Deaconess Parlor.jpg (125577 bytes)        Cincinnati Missionary Training School-2.jpg (120089 bytes)        Cincinnati Missionary Training School-Boy's Club Room.jpg (322071 bytes)        Worker's Room Training School.jpg (263231 bytes)
                         The Parlor                                                      Boy's Club Room                       Worker's Room  

  Deaconesses were Methodist women who had devoted their lives to church work. The home, first opened in 1888 on York Street in the West End, was a home and a place to train for these women. The building shown in the cards above were located in the West End at 1029 Wesley Ave. It was  razed in 1950 for the construction of the George W. Hays Elementary School.



  Located at the corner of Young and Ringgold Sts. in Mt Auburn. It is (are you ready for this?) an interdenominational, independently operated, conservative evangelical institution that offers an accredited high school curriculum and 4 or 5 year programs in music, nursing, theology, Christian education, and missions. It was founded in 1900 by the Reverend Martin Wells Knapp (1853-1901). In his will Knapp left the school "to God". Well this did not set well with the courts and it ruled that God could not legally own land in Hamilton County. This resulted in the longest running case ever in Hamilton County Pleas Court. The fight was over whether the property was Knapp's personal property or a public charitable institution. Seven years later in 1907 it was declared a public institution to be administered by the courts. The school was turned over to its alumni on July 1, 1975. Receivership was terminated and the case was closed on April 27, 1982.
  The facilities now consist of 30 buildings. It also prints God's Revivalist, a bi-weekly religious publication. Many of these cards have been produced by the School. Most graduates enter the Christian Ministry.

Gods Bible School Aerial.jpg (266145 bytes)            Gods bible school-xa.jpg (94585 bytes)


God's Revivalist Memorial Bldg. Fund Drive 1920.jpg (310912 bytes)    God's Revivalist-back.jpg (96301 bytes)
Architects drawing for the Memorial Building

   The architects drawing above does not look at all like the finished building, but it was after all just a proposal.


Gods Bible School-1.jpg (82014 bytes)    Gods Bible School-2.jpg (94780 bytes)    Gods Bible School-4.jpg (91676 bytes)    Gods Bible School-3.jpg (129340 bytes)    Gods Bible School 1976.jpg (360951 bytes)
                                                                                    Main Entrance                                        Administration Building


Gods Bible School-Mem. Bldg.jpg (458693 bytes)        Gods Bible School-9 vert.jpg (112452 bytes)        Gods Bible School-Tabernacle Bldg.jpg (385963 bytes)        God's Bible School-Knapp Building.jpg (426419 bytes)
Knapp Memorial Building/Tabernacle/Boy's Dormitory


Gods Bible School-Campus Scene-vert.jpg (222108 bytes)                     George St Mission.jpg (82228 bytes)
 Campus Scene                                  Mission       
                                                     328 - 330 George St.


Gods Bible School-6.jpg (96781 bytes)    Gods Bible School-7.jpg (89313 bytes)                    God's Bible School Thanksgiving.jpg (236687 bytes)
    Annex 2 and 3                            Annex 1                                          Thanksgiving Day


Camp Grounds

Gods Bible School-8.jpg (101400 bytes)    Gods Bible School Camp Grounds.jpg (231354 bytes)    Gods Bible School-back.jpg (148232 bytes)    Gods Bible School-5.jpg (142393 bytes)
                                              Back of card on the left


The next seven cards are part of a set, I have no idea how many are in the set.

Admin-Gods Bible School.jpg (813050 bytes)    Auditorium-Gods Bible School.jpg (789018 bytes)    Girls Dorm-Gods Bible School.jpg (756361 bytes)    Leisure-Gods Bible School.jpg (367900 bytes)    Music Cons-Gods Bible School.jpg (816881 bytes)


Orphanage-Gods Bible School.jpg (808332 bytes)    Press-Gods Bible School.jpg (349765 bytes)
                                                Gods Revivalist printed here


Gods Bible School-Campus.jpg (340825 bytes)
1980s card of campus



  Located on 219 acres high on the bluffs overlooking the Ohio River on Delhi Pike to the west of Cincinnati, Mount St. Joseph first opened in 1869. It is the mother house of the Sisters of Charity and a college and academy for young women. The academy and college give training and grant certificates and degrees in the arts and sciences, music, home economics, commerce and finance, teaching, and library training. Plus a 5 year course in nursing in cooperation with Good Samaritan Hospital. Seaton Hall was added in 1929.

BEV-Mt St Joseph.jpg (124335 bytes)        Mt. St. Joseph Aerial.jpg (609203 bytes)        Mt St Joseph-1.jpg (128931 bytes)               College of Mt. St. Joseph.jpg (664188 bytes)
                          Overhead views of campus                                                                                    Campus


St Joseph Convent-Mother Hs.jpg (263901 bytes)    Mount St Joseph-ae.jpg (75394 bytes)    Mt St Joseph-2.jpg (104891 bytes)    Mt St Joseph-3.jpg (113090 bytes)    Mt St Joseph-5.jpg (123836 bytes)

Mother House St. Joseph Convent

Mt. St. Joseph On-The-Ohio d.jpg (588951 bytes)    Mount St Joseph-aa.jpg (126341 bytes)    Motherhouse Mount St. Joseph.jpg (246495 bytes)    Mt. St. Joseph North View.jpg (307752 bytes)    Mother House Mt. St. Joseph.jpg (344162 bytes)
                                                                                             North View


Mt St Joseph-14 vert.jpg (116190 bytes)                Mount St Joesph 2.jpg (431971 bytes)                Ann Seton Statue.jpg (400459 bytes)                Mt. St. Joseph Blessed Virgin.jpg (325089 bytes)
                         Seaton Hall                                  Mother Elizabeth Ann Seaton        Blessed  Virgin


Mt. St. Joseph Main Entrance.jpg (274059 bytes)    Mt St Joseph-6.jpg (147638 bytes)    Mt St Joseph-7.jpg (129734 bytes)    Avenue to Mother House.jpg (338999 bytes)    Mount St Joesph 4.jpg (408884 bytes)
Driveway Leading to Mother House of Sisters of Charity


Mt St Joseph-10.jpg (97358 bytes)        Mt St Joseph-9.jpg (97062 bytes)        Mt. St. Joseph Chapel Rear View.jpg (392986 bytes)        Mt. St. Joseph Chapel Corridor.jpg (399403 bytes)
                                                              Chapel                                     Rear View                            Chapel Corridor


Mt St Joseph-Chapel Mater Dai.jpg (255347 bytes)        Mt. St. Marys Bell Tower.jpg (305723 bytes)        Mt St Joseph-v1.jpg (99957 bytes)
Mater Dai Chapel                               Mater Dei Bell Tower                    


Mt St Joseph-wq.jpg (99374 bytes)                Mt St Joseph-wr.jpg (105661 bytes)                Mount St Joesph 5.jpg (352107 bytes)


Mount St Joseph-af.jpg (133771 bytes)        Mount St Joseph-ab.jpg (112427 bytes)        Mother Margaret Hall.jpg (172494 bytes)
Margaret Hall Nursing Home               Sister's Infirmary               Drawing  of Margaret Hall     


Mount St Joseph-ad.jpg (109126 bytes)        Mount St Joseph-ac.jpg (128635 bytes)        Mount St Joesph 3.jpg (508036 bytes)        Mount St Joesph a.jpg (338378 bytes)
Our Lady Of Lourdes Shrine              St. Joseph Shrine                                                                                                                         


Mt St Joseph Recreation Grounds.jpg (135916 bytes)        Mt St Joseph Minims Pavilion.jpg (133767 bytes)*      Mt. St. Joseph Minims Dormitory.jpg (324109 bytes)
Minims-             Recreation Grounds                            Pavilion                                        Dormitory                                     

   Minims are what the younger students at the academy were called.


Mt St Joseph-8.jpg (100313 bytes)    Mt St Joseph-d.jpg (123702 bytes)    Mt St Joseph-e.jpg (95875 bytes)    Regina Cottage.jpg (314603 bytes)    River View-Mt St Joseph.jpg (202951 bytes)
                                            Regina Cottage


Mt St Joseph-11.jpg (100974 bytes)    Mt. St. Joseph Art Gallery 2.jpg (227126 bytes)    Mt St Joseph-13.jpg (90528 bytes)    Mt St Joseph-12.jpg (87959 bytes)    Mt. St. Joseph Class Room.jpg (354884 bytes)
                            Art Studio                                      Seniors Recreation Room               Music Studio                       Class Room    


Mt St Joseph-a.jpg (128001 bytes)         Mt St Joseph-b.jpg (101696 bytes)          Mt St Joseph-c.jpg (100558 bytes)          St. Joseph Depot.jpg (336483 bytes)
Dining  Room                               Study  Hall                              China  Studio                             Railroad depot

   The steps on the right of the depot lead up to the motherhouse. The depot sat along the present day railroad tracks next to River Road. It was completely under water during the 1937 flood.


A Group of Students at Mt. St. Joseph-on-the-Ohio.jpg (65951 bytes)          Byrne Cottage.jpg (291485 bytes)
 A Group Of Students                    Byrne Cottage       


  The following is a set of nine photographs that I have obtained. Except for a couple of them, they are not identified. Obviously they are very old but I do not know when they were taken. What they show is pretty obvious but, except for one of the class photos, I do not know what classes they are. 

St. Joseph (2).jpg (531913 bytes)
Mother House


St. Joseph (3).jpg (473580 bytes)        St. Joseph (4).jpg (473269 bytes)        St. Joseph (5).jpg (348115 bytes)        St. Joseph (6).jpg (355341 bytes)
        Chapel                                        Chapel                                    Dinning Room                         Recreation Room


St. Joseph (7).jpg (425448 bytes)        St. Joseph (8).jpg (625286 bytes)        St. Joseph (9).jpg (432070 bytes)        St. Joseph.jpg (558000 bytes)
     Class Room                              Older Class?                            10th Grade Class                        Younger Class ?