Reds Players & Managers



   The very first set of baseball players in color were produced by the Morgan Stationary Co. of Cincinnati in 1907. This 12 card set showed the hometown Reds and their opponents. The players all have the belts in red thus the name of this set is known as "Red Belt" postcards. Set includes minor league players from the Toledo team plus one odd exception.

Red Belt-Use Two.jpg (240721 bytes)        Red_Belt_5.jpg (162569 bytes)        *Red_Belt_7.jpg (58685 bytes)        *Huggans-2.jpg (51432 bytes)         Red Belt-High One.jpg (264066 bytes)

   The 1st card, "Use Two if Necessary", has been identified as Hans Lobert, the park is not yet known. The 2nd card, "Its All in The Game-Noise", shows Reds manager Pat Moran in a road uniform. This card and the first Huggins card feature a painted backdrop. The 3rd and 4th cards, "Huggins Second Baseman Par Excellence", depict the star second baseman Miller Huggins who led the team in batting the previous year. The 4th card shows Huggins at the Palace of the Fans. The 5th card, "After a High One", depicts an as yet unidentified player in a Reds road uniform in a unknown ball park.


Red Belt-Long Green.jpg (373016 bytes)     Reds in Palace of Fans 1.jpg (116475 bytes)    Reds-hit & run.jpg (100904 bytes)    Red Belt-Safe.jpg (383307 bytes)

   The card on the left, "Out To The Long Green", shows unidentified players in the Palace of the Fans. The 2nd card, "Practice Makes Perfect", shows pitcher Sam Leever of the Pittsburgh Pirates in the Palace of the Fans Park. He apparently was added because he was from Goshen Ohio. In the 3rd card, "Hit and Run", the batter shown playing in The Palace of the Fans has not been identified. The most confusing card in the series is the 4th one above titled "Safe". It shows Hall of Fame third baseman Jimmy Collins of the Boston Red Sox in action at Boston's Huntington Avenue Grounds. It shows Collins playing in dress shoes instead of baseball spikes. He is also shown at 2nd base, not at his normal 3rd base position. Why this image was used in an Ohio-themed postcard series is a mystery.


dup-Red Belt (1).jpg (254969 bytes)      Red Belt photo.jpg (348364 bytes)     Red Belt-Consutation.jpg (315689 bytes)     *Red Belt 1907 Opening.jpg (527010 bytes)
     Replica                          photo used for card                  In Consultation                       Opening Day 1907

   All 3 of these cards are in The Palace of the Fans ballpark. The first 2 cards show Toledo players, as evidenced by their striped socks and the Toledo emblazoned across the chest of the runner in the 1st card, "A Home Run". The last card show the Reds and the Pirates on opening day 4-11-07. The Reds won 4 to 3.


*Honus Wagner Pitchers Practice.jpg (79332 bytes)
Pitchers Practice

   The postcard above is not associated with the Red Belt cards. I believe the player behind the target is Honus Wagner.



1919 Champions.jpg (1302219 bytes)    1940 Champions.jpg (844511 bytes)    1975 Champions.jpg (462474 bytes)    1976 Champions.jpg (470646 bytes)    1990 Champions.jpg (975926 bytes)
1919                          1940                           1975                          1976                        1990     



   The Wheel Cafe Menu below shows the National League champion Reds in 1939. 

Wheel Cafe Menu.jpg (1227774 bytes)        Wheel Cafe Menu back.jpg (128088 bytes)

The Wheel Cafe also issued two postcards. The first is a 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" postcard of the 1940 World Champion Reds. The second is a 5 1/2" x 7" postcard of the Reds 1978 Opening Day.

Wheel Cafe PC-1940 Reds.jpg (656672 bytes)    Wheel Cafe PC-back.jpg (131448 bytes)            Wheel Cafe 1978-Opening.jpg (393945 bytes)    Wheel Cafe 78 opening back.jpg (330417 bytes)



   From here on the postcards shown will consist of players, managers, coaches etc. that played for the Cincinnati Reds and are shown in their Reds uniforms. Many of these individuals will have multiple cards. I have "thinned out" many cards, but there are still many that will have 6 or more images. Most of these cards are candid shots of the players in games or taking batting or fielding practice. I am trying to put them into alphabetical order so that you will be able to find a particular person quickly. Many of these players you probably never heard of, I know I hadn't. I have split the players into two groups, those players who played from 1950 until now and those players who played before 1950 will be found on later pages. I am not going to give a lot of information on these players, every once in a while I may drop a little tidbit where necessary. There are several websites that will supply you with additional information.
   If you are trying to locate any Hall of Fame postcards they are located on page four of the Sports section.
   A great majority of the cards I am now getting will have autographs on them. I have no clue as to whether they are authentic or not. I really do not care. I am interested in the card only and if it happens to have an authentic autograph it is a plus. ( I actually believe the majority are authentic).
   There will be a few cards that will not have a postcard back. Many dealers will call a card a postcard so long as it has the same dimensions as one. Of course these cards could be used as a postcard by just sticking a stamp on the back and writing an address down, but they were not originally made to be used as such. I try to make sure they all have a postcard back before purchasing them but, occasionally, one will slip thru. I was not going to put these items up but then decided, why not? I paid good money for them so I may as well put them up for you to enjoy. These items will say blank back.


   The managers I will put in the order that they led the Reds.

Kelly, Joe.jpg (138876 bytes)    Reds-Pat Moran.jpg (127934 bytes)    Reds-Hendricks.jpg (121851 bytes)    Donie Bush-1933.jpg (126711 bytes)
        Joe Kelly               Pat Moran         Jack Hendricks        Donie Bush     
        1902-1905              1919 - 1923            1924 - 1929                   1933            
LF  1902-1906                                                                                                

Reds Manager Chuck Dressen.jpg (103197 bytes)     
Dressen, Chuck.jpg (208213 bytes)    Reds Johnny Neun.jpg (199813 bytes)    Bucky Walters.jpg (61479 bytes)
          Chuck Dressen  1934-1937              Johnny Neun       Bucky Walters  
                    3B 1934-37                              1947-1948               1948-1949  
                                                                                                     RHP  1938-48  


                                                                                                Autographed        Autographed        Autographed
Tebbetts, Birdie 1.jpg (172158 bytes)    Hutchinson, Fred.jpg (124780 bytes)    Heffner, Don.jpg (183943 bytes)    Reds-Heffner, Don.jpg (95480 bytes)    Dave Bristol-auto.jpg (123948 bytes)    Bristol, Dave 3.jpg (170417 bytes)
"Birdie" Tebbetts    Fred Hutchinson       Don Heffner   1966 (83 games)         Dave Bristol  Manager 1966-69        
1953- 1958                1959-1964                                                                                       Coach 1966, 89, 93          


   Autographed          Autographed                                          Autographed       
Sparky Anderson 75.jpg (196484 bytes)    Reds-Sparky.jpg (178224 bytes)     Anderson, Sparky.jpg (125877 bytes)     Reds-McNamara.jpg (124744 bytes)     Blank-John McNamara.jpg (129124 bytes)     McNamara, John-lg.jpg (127086 bytes)
Sparky Anderson 1970 - 1978                                                 John McNamara 1979 - 1982     
                                                                                                Blank back

   The two Sparky Anderson signatures do not look the same. I believe the left one is legitimate.


Reds-Rapp 1.jpg (134726 bytes)    Reds-Rapp 2.jpg (150307 bytes)    Reds-Rapp 3.jpg (157897 bytes)    Reds-Rapp 4.jpg (207651 bytes)    Reds-Rapp 6.jpg (190058 bytes)    Reds-Rapp 5.jpg (197567 bytes)    Reds-Rapp.jpg (130416 bytes)
Vern Rapp  1984


Rose, Pete-1.jpg (123835 bytes)
Pete Rose OF/1B/2B/3B
1963-78, 1984-86
Manager 1984-89



Reds-Jim Snyder.jpg (143641 bytes)      Reds-Snyder 1.jpg (133109 bytes)      Reds-Snyder.jpg (157396 bytes)      Tracy, Jim.jpg (245819 bytes)
                         Jim Snyder  1966-1976                                         Jim Tracy

   Jim Snyder managed Sioux Falls, Asheville, Trois-Rivieres Aigles, and Indianapolis for the Reds. In addition to being the manager of the Chattanooga Lookouts (1989-91), Jim Tracy was also the Reds minor league Field Coordinator in 1992.



Autographed          Autographed                                  
Amalfitano, Joe-lg.jpg (161144 bytes)     Reds-Brucker, Earle.jpg (122821 bytes)     Chapman, Ben.jpg (238175 bytes)
Joe Amalfitano      Earle Brucker Jr.       Ben Chapman
     1982           Coach/Manager 1952          1952     
                                       not in reds uniform                                        


Autographed         Autographed                                   
Reds-Dunlop.jpg (158814 bytes)    Coach Harry Dunlop.jpg (268459 bytes)     Dykes, Jimmie.jpg (110391 bytes)     Ens, Jewel.jpg (159077 bytes)    Ferrick, Tom.jpg (136510 bytes)
Harry Dunlop  1979-82 , 1998-2000        Jimmie Dykes            Jewel Ens             Tom Ferrick    
                                                                  1955-58                  1933, 1941               1954 - 58 
                                                                                                                                  Manager 58 (41 games)


Reds-Fischer, Bill.jpg (112506 bytes)      Garrison, Ford.jpg (174469 bytes)      Reds-Gowdy.jpg (133835 bytes)      Gullett, Don.jpg (166228 bytes)
   Bill Fischer             Ford Garrison            Hank Gowdy             Don Gullett   
     1979-83                         1953                 1938-42 & 45-46          1970-76 LHP  
                                                                 Manager 4 games-46   Coach 1993-2005


  Autographed                                                                         Autographed
Reds-Kimm 1.jpg (142057 bytes)    Kimm, Bruce 84-88.jpg (122220 bytes)    Reds-Kimm.jpg (162737 bytes)    Mills, Buster.jpg (277715 bytes)    Reds-Mills, Buster.jpg (125696 bytes)    Otero, Reggie 1.jpg (98746 bytes)
                        Bruce Kimm Coach 1984-88                                      Buster Mills     1953                        Reggie Otero
                     Minor League Manager 1983                                 Manager 1953 (8 Games)                        1959-65   
                                                                                                     not in Reds uniform


                                                                                                  Autographed            Autographed
Phil Page Coach 47-52.jpg (127136 bytes)
    Page, Phil.jpg (194401 bytes)    Page, Vance.jpg (84966 bytes)      Perlozzo, Sam-lg.jpg (107417 bytes)      Larry Rothschild-LG.jpg (129914 bytes)
                             Phil Page  1947-52                                         Sam Perlozzo        Larry Rothschild
                                                                                                   1990-92                     1990-93


Reds-Scherger.jpg (148398 bytes)      Reds-Scherger 1.jpg (89029 bytes)        Grorge Scherger 1971.jpg (153478 bytes)
George Scherger  1B Coach 1970-78 & 1982-86
Minor League Manager 1969


                                    Autographed                                               Autographed          Autographed
Shore, Ray 1.jpg (159119 bytes)      Reds-Shepard, Larry.jpg (154548 bytes)        Shepard, Larry.jpg (196507 bytes)      Sievers, Roy.jpg (117832 bytes)      Roy Sievers.jpg (107528 bytes)
Ray Shore                         Larry Shepard 1970-78                                 Roy Sievers 1966         



Reds-Garrett.jpg (116363 bytes)
Lee Garrett ?

   The name scribbled on the back of the card above SEEMS to read Lee Garrett. I can find absolutely no information on this person so I do not know what year this was taken or if I even have the name correct. Can anyone help?






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