Real Photo Postcards


   I have many hundreds of real photo postcards spread thru-out this site but I still have some that do not easily fit into a certain slot, ergo I have created this page. The middle card shows a playground in the Clifton area. The writers two children are the ones on top of the slide. I am not sure but it's my guess the last card is supposed to be humorous I never heard of a cow pulling a mail wagon, (unless of course it's a milk run!}, sorry about that. 

Koehler tour.jpg (224352 bytes)             Childrens playground.jpg (123613 bytes)             Mail Line.jpg (162608 bytes)
U.S. Tour June 1907                                                                                                     


These flying over Cincinnati cards were taken in various studios around town.

   I have some evidence that these cards may have been taken at Chester Park. When, and if, I can verify this I will move them to that section.

Flying over Cincinnati-1.jpg (113115 bytes)    Flying over Cincinnati-2.jpg (106592 bytes)    Flying over cinti-n1.jpg (186655 bytes)    RPPC Flying Over Cincy.jpg (123366 bytes)    Flying Over RPPC.jpg (115494 bytes)


Flying over Cincinnati-3.jpg (82822 bytes)


Flying over Cincinnati-4.jpg (91637 bytes)        Flying over Cincinnati-5.jpg (101553 bytes)        Flying over Cincy.jpg (53366 bytes)        RPPC Flying Over Cincy-4.jpg (131000 bytes)


Flying over Cin-vert-1.jpg (59061 bytes)        Flying over Cin-vert-2.jpg (63787 bytes)        Over Cincy-rp.jpg (131220 bytes)        Studio-Flying Over Cincinnati.jpg (68669 bytes)


Studio Shot-Flying over Cincy.jpg (304780 bytes)        Flying over Cin-vert-3.jpg (101279 bytes)        Flying over Cincinnati-nc.jpg (43777 bytes)        Flying Over Cincy.jpg (147786 bytes)


Studio shots of people posing in automobiles.

Real Photo-1b.jpg (51157 bytes)        3 men in auto.jpg (52432 bytes)        two men real photo.jpg (67704 bytes)        Studio shop-car aa.jpg (64320 bytes)
                                       A rare tinted color studio card.


Renslers RP.jpg (129296 bytes)


Carthage Fair RP.jpg (122849 bytes)

   This studio shot of three people on a boat called the Forest Park was taken at the Carthage Fair Grounds.


Paper Moon -baby.jpg (49645 bytes)        Paper Moon-vert.jpg (125581 bytes)

   These two cards are called paper moon photographs.


RP-1917-Soldier.jpg (147827 bytes)                Pair of Angels-Malys.jpg (75708 bytes)                Off The Water Wagon.jpg (81460 bytes)
A local studio shot                         A pair of angels                            Off The Water Wagon      
of a soldier in 1917                       Maly's 535 Vine St                               Bachelor Studios          
                                                                                                              536 & 1225 Vine
                                                                                                             531 & 703 Central



   Let me start out by saying there are no postcards involved in the following section. I decided to add it despite this shortcoming because of the significance of the first two images below. In front of the Walnut Hills Library you will find the memorial seen in the first photograph. This memorial lists the names of all the Walnut Hill citizens who served in combat during WWII. The second image is a close-up of a portion of this memorial showing the names of seven brothers who fought with one, James Lynch a marine, dying on the Island of Okinawa on 6/10/45. Having seven brothers serving at one time during the war only occurred 3 times in the U. S. The 3rd photograph shows Paul A. Lynch not long after he had enlisted posing with his parents with their Service Flag with seven stars for a article in the Time Star Newspaper in 1945.

Walnut Hills LibraryWWII Memorial.jpg (97541 bytes)        Lynch portion of WWII Memorial.JPG (120673 bytes)        Paul Lynch & Parents 1945.JPG (659087 bytes)

   The next photograph shows a chicken retail business, Lynch's Chicken that was started by Peter John Lynch in 1880 on the corner of May & Lindsay Sts. in Walnut Hills. You can see the building is still standing in the center image. This was a retail business that purchased live chickens from the stockyards along Deer Creek (AKA Bloody Run) where I-71 now runs. After Peter's death his son Peter Jr. took over the business. He had seven sons and two daughters (see memorial). When Peter Jr. and his wife both died within a week of each other in 1948 the business was dissolved due to lack of interest and a decline in business. The third image below shows the family home that was next to the chicken business. They also owned the residence next door that was used by the many relatives from Ireland that were constantly coming and going.

Chicken May & Wayne 1880-1948.JPG (160441 bytes)        Chicken Place Today.jpg (184488 bytes)        Lynch Residence.jpg (180191 bytes)

   The image below shows 3 of the brothers and a border & worker Joseph Meyer besides a truck used in the grocery business that was located a couple of blocks away from the Chicken business at 2400 Concord St. The Murphy half of the grocery partnership was Daniel Murphy who also happened to be a policeman plus he was also an in-law. The grocery was dissolved not long after this picture was taken and the Lynch family returned to the poultry business exclusively.

Lynce Grocery Truck.JPG (431362 bytes)

   The source for these items and the information was provided by the Lynch family archives.


   Andries Nielen was a photographer who traveled the world in the 1920s taking photographs which he then made into postcards. He had a publishing company for many years in downtown Cincinnati at 221-223 W. 4th Street known as The A. Nielen Co. They were known as a publisher and importer of cheap and fast selling ten cent serial books. Nielen almost always typed little gems of wisdom on the back of his postcards. On the front it usually said Nielen Cin. O. followed by a number. The first part of the number was the negative number and the last part was the year taken. If someone could tell me about the significance of the cane in the 3rd image I would be be very grateful. 

Slide Cabinet.jpg (183312 bytes)              Nielen Ohio From North Bend.jpg (332315 bytes)           Cleves N Bend Inn.jpg (355987 bytes)           A. Nieland with cane.jpg (225077 bytes)
A. Nielen's Lantern Slide Cabinet    Ohio River from North Bend                    From Cleves               Nielen With Century Cane        
Donated to library Dec. 1936                                                                                                                                                                  


Wylie Martin Slaughtering Poultry.jpg (480805 bytes)
Wylie Martin

   The postcard above was taken by Atherion's Photographic Post Cards in Harrison, Ohio, sometime between 1910 and 1920 (according to the stamp box). 3 of the men are holding turkeys and there are chickens wandering around. There is little doubt what they are doing (and we can also see why there was so much sickness back then). I can not find any information on Wylie so any help would be greatly appreciated.


AOS.jpg (134137 bytes)

   This card was sent from Cincinnati to a residence in Westwood. The A.O.S. could stand for the American Ontology Society, or the American Orchid Society, or (?). They were headed to Miami which is what Miamitown was called in 1905. Anybody have any Ideas?


Monkeying Around.jpg (103773 bytes)

   The card reads, "No sense in me monkeying around Cincy anymore so I'll be home Saturday night. Dick


Hobby Conv-1.jpg (138992 bytes)        Hobby Conv-2.jpg (162342 bytes)        Hobby Conv-3.jpg (54191 bytes)        Nat Hobby Show.jpg (169548 bytes)

   Someone went to all the trouble to cut up a postcard for use in making the third card then put Ohio on up-side down! (On purpose?) The cover was also produced for this convention.

All States Hobby Convention.jpg (336131 bytes)    Hobby Convention 1954.jpg (209014 bytes)    Hobby Convention 1954 back.jpg (268459 bytes)    ASHC Maximum Card (1).jpg (397580 bytes)    ASHC Maximum Card (2).jpg (359510 bytes)

   The first image above is a RPPC, the last four are not real photos but they obviously needed to be grouped with these cards. The ASHE you see stood for All States Hobby Convention.


Real Photo-1a.jpg (62807 bytes)        Real Photo-1c.jpg (93755 bytes)        Carthage water works.jpg (98287 bytes)        Real Photo-1d.jpg (62947 bytes)        College Hill multi-view.jpg (139403 bytes)
                                                                         Carthage Water Works                                             College Hill views


RPPC-man on mule.jpg (192581 bytes)

   This RPPC with a man sitting on a donkey was produced by F. Boellinger, Photo Supplies. 23 West Liberty St., Cincinnati. "Brewery Cincinnati" is written on the back but I take that with a grain of salt.


Montgomery-Modern Woodmen.jpg (150140 bytes)
Modern Woodmen
Montgomery, Ohio

   Modern Woodmen and its subsidiaries provide life insurance plus annuity, investment and banking products to the family market. Life insurance in force totaled over $33.7 billion in 2009. Modern Woodmen has two wholly owned subsidiaries: MWA Financial Services Inc. distributes investment products to Modern Woodmen members, and MWA Bank offers checking, savings, and loan services as a direct bank.
   Joseph Cullen Root founded Modern Woodmen of America on January 5, 1883. He operated a number of businesses, including a mercantile establishment, a grain elevator, and two flour mills. He sold insurance and real estate, taught bookkeeping classes, managed a lecture bureau, and practiced law. Root was a member of several fraternal societies through the years. He wanted to create an organization that would protect families following the death of a breadwinner. During a Sunday sermon in Lyons, Iowa, Root heard the pastor tell a parable about the good that came from woodmen clearing away the forest to build homes, communities, and security for their families. He adopted the term Woodmen. To complete the name, "Modern" reflected the need to stay current and change with the times. "Of America" was added to symbolize patriotism. Root visualized a society that was not limited to a certain religion, although membership was first restricted to rural Midwestern white men between the ages of 18 and 45. Certain professions were not allowed to join because of the danger present in their profession. In 1884, the head office was organized in Fulton, Illinois. The first death claim was paid to Henrietta Mayer of Davenport, Iowa, in 1884; the amount was $698.58. Root left Modern Woodmen in 1890 and began Woodmen of the World. He was instrumental in the growth of fraternal benefits societies throughout his life. Modern Woodmen moved its home office to Rock Island, Illinois, in 1897 and continues to be located in downtown Rock Island today.


Montgomery-pretty spot.jpg (180103 bytes)

   The Montgomery, Ohio card above says "A pretty Spot", It may all be in the eyes of the beholder but, I'm sorry, I can't agree with that assesment.


Milford-Labor Day.jpg (117228 bytes)                              Terrace Park Srs.-Hayride.jpg (223777 bytes)
        Labor Day-1914 Parade Entry                     Hayride Terrace Park H.S. Seniors-1912

  The two cards above are related. Everyone that was on the hayride in the 2nd card is listed on the back. The 1st card was mailed to one of those people (Francis Williamson).


Milford Telephone.jpg (78641 bytes)                                Hartwell Substation interior.jpg (187425 bytes)
     Milford Telephone Exchange                              This is L. C. Settle in 1925
                                                                                       inside the Hartwell Substation.


RP-Cincinnati Post.jpg (174963 bytes)                        Preparing for the game..jpg (184100 bytes)

   All I know about the first card is the kid is holding a Cincinnati Post newspaper. The 2nd card was taken by F. Bollinger, whose shop was at 23 W. Liberty St. It shows a group of youngsters wielding what looks like hockey sticks although a couple look more like something you would use for golf. Whatever sport they were preparing for it was being watched over by the Religious gentleman on the left.


Real Photo-Avondale.jpg (56036 bytes)                        Real Photo-downtown.jpg (85676 bytes)

   The back of the first card states that one of the signs on the buildings says Avondale, I personally can not read them so I can not confirm it one way or the other.  The next card shows what I believe is downtown Cincinnati with Christ Church seen in the distance, (4th street).


Model Train.jpg (70028 bytes)                        John Mall Upolsterer.jpg (148712 bytes)

   The first card was made by the person who built this model of a passenger coach in1907. The second card shows the shop of John Mall who was an upholsterer and mattress maker. His business was located at 559 E. Liberty.


German Trade Group.jpg (98893 bytes)                        William Dinkelacker Bakery.jpg (172125 bytes)

   The 1st postcard was taken in 1920 on the 10th anniversary of the formation of this German-Hungarian organization for the support of the various trades in the Cincinnati area. The top five gentlemen were the original organizers. The men around the center circle show the President and various officers. The 2nd card shows the William Dinkelacker Bakery that was located at 3021 Colerain Ave.


Sick RP.jpg (60784 bytes)                        Rothacker Market.jpg (327617 bytes)    32 East University Ave. Barbershop.jpg (270776 bytes)

  The first card is stamped on the back L. J. Sick 1514 Race St. Cin., O. Telephone Canal 4347-R. A little research shows that a Helen Sick had a confectionary at this address and that L. J. Sick owned a business called The Liberty Art Co. next door at 1516 Race Street. The 2nd card shows the Gottfried Rothacker Meat Market that was at 32 E. University Avenue ca. 1910. The last image shows the building still standing today. The ground floor is being used as a Barber Shop.


Wills Club.jpg (136715 bytes)                      *Contractor Ed Ryan.jpg (281912 bytes)
                                                                        Contractor Ed Ryan

  I have no information on Wills' Club or the White Horse Inn. (there was a White Horse Inn in Northern KY.) This Real Photo was taken By F. Boellinger 23 W Liberty St. No information on Ed Ryan?


RP Paint Store.jpg (98934 bytes)                        Butcher Shop-rp.jpg (279948 bytes)

  This interior shot of a unknown paint store was taken by Commercial Photographer W. H. Cubberly 1401 Vine St. The 2nd card above was also taken by W.H. Cubberly although his studio is now listed as 1332 Walnut Street. The image seems to show the interior of a butcher shop. The 1st card was dated 1908 and the 2nd card was mailed in 1913.


Bakery.jpg (63160 bytes)

  I was told that the calendar on the wall is a Cincinnati one. I can not verify this bakery was in Cincinnati.


Schriber Iron workers.jpg (74096 bytes)

  This group of men were employees of the Schreiber Iron Works that was located at Ivanhoe & Montgomery Avenues in Norwood.


Beer-RP.jpg (68416 bytes)

   These large barrels or casks were known as hogsheads and generally held 63 gallons. I always thought these were barrels of beer/wine or liqueur but who knows?


Loveland western union tower.jpg (76034 bytes)

  This real photo postcard taken in 1915 show several men standing on the steps of the Loveland Western Union tower.


Excavator-rp.jpg (282497 bytes)

  This image of an early shovel was taken by N. A. Berthol in Cincinnati.


Loveland RFD carrier.jpg (198301 bytes)

   This card was taken on Feb. 13, 1911 in front of what appears to be the Loveland RR depot. It shows the Loveland RFD #4 mail wagon and mailman.


Loveland Home.jpg (256633 bytes)

  This is another Loveland card as stated in the message written on the back on 9-10-1911. The address is unknown.


Water Line from KY..jpg (190190 bytes)

   This card shows a water line being built from Northern Kentucky to Cincinnati.


North Bend Rock.jpg (128878 bytes)

   This card says North Bend, Ohio. Does anyone know what this "rock" is all about?


1920 Record.jpg (174900 bytes)

   It turns out that F.G. Ledder was a superintendent at Western Southern Life Insurance Company and this postcard was sent out to his employees congratulating them for a job well done. Although $1171.89 does not seem to be much, even in 1920, for a whole year, I'm thinking this might be a monthly record for that year. I came up with a slightly different total when I added up the two outside columns ($21.25).


Symmes Veith & Sons.jpg (350921 bytes)

   This real photo postcard is of the delivery truck of Dan Veith & Sons of Symmes, Ohio. (near Loveland)


Avondale Ice Co..jpg (243530 bytes)        Ice Delevery Co..jpg (262534 bytes)
Two Ice Delivery Businesses

    The Avondale Ice Company was located at 652 Melish Ave. The Ice Delivery Company was located at the n.w. corner of Race & Canal.


Hill Top Ice & Coal Delevery.jpg (540260 bytes)*    Hill Top Ad.jpg (55552 bytes)
Hill Top Ice & Coal Delivery

   Thanks to Ron Grothaus for sending the two items above. His mother's uncle, Edward Schulz, is shown standing next to the team of horses. The postcard image was taken in front of the house at 807 Academy Ave. in Price Hill. As stated in the accompanying ad, Hill Top was located at 900 Enright Ave. in Price Hill.


Manderay Milk.jpg (229343 bytes)
Mandery Pure Milk Co.
2045 Harrison Ave.


Shaefer &  Sons-mover.jpg (179551 bytes)

   Another real photo of what appears to be a delivery business called Schaefer & Sons (no information). The photo was taken by Cincinnati Photographer N.A. Berthol.


Frank Gerrard Fruits.jpg (180934 bytes)

   Frank Gerrard Fruits & Vegetables, 3155 Reading Road. ( Photographer N. A. Berthol).


Carriage in front of L&N Depot.jpg (255677 bytes)

   The back of the card identifies the two men as George W. Page and William Patmann baggage master at the L & N Court Street Depot. I have been unable to locate either of these names so, right now, this is all the information I have.