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Harrison courthouse-rp.jpg (83249 bytes)        Harrison city Hall-1.jpg (100218 bytes)        Harrison city Hall-2.jpg (106304 bytes)        Harrison city Hall-3.jpg (94738 bytes)        Harrison city Hall-4.jpg (70746 bytes)        Harrison city Hall-5.jpg (96915 bytes)
Real Photo                Printed card                                                                                                                                                        



Miami Town Hall.jpg (113325 bytes)

   Before it was called Miamitown, it was known as Miami.


                   MILFORD                                                                    GLENDALE

Milford-Town Hall.jpg (243535 bytes)        City Hall, Milford Ohio.jpg (117041 bytes)        Milford Town Hall-1.jpg (121111 bytes)                        Glendale City Hall.jpg (320484 bytes)       *Town Hall, Glendale.jpg (64547 bytes)

   The Milford Town Hall was built in 1889 and combined with the opera house it resembled a Rhine Castle.


HYDE  PARK                        PLEASANT  RIDGE                    ST.  BERNARD

Hyde Park Town Hall-1.jpg (105610 bytes)    Hyde Park Town Hall-2.jpg (112474 bytes)    Pleasant Ridge Town Hall.jpg (122163 bytes)    St Bernard Town Hall.jpg (97345 bytes)    St Bernard town hall-RP.jpg (201846 bytes)
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   The Pleasant Ridge town hall was constructed in 1884 as a town hall for Columbia Township, of which Pleasant Ridge was the seat. Pleasant Ridge was incorporated as a village in 1891. After Cincinnati annexed the village in 1912 the Pleasant Ridge Masonic Lodge No. 282 bought the building.


                COLLEGE  HILL                             NORWOOD                LOCKLAND

College Hill Town Hall.jpg (351237 bytes)    College Hill Townhall.jpg (255716 bytes)        Norwood town hall.jpg (617101 bytes)        Town Hall, Lockland.jpg (97443 bytes)

    Located at the corner of Belmont and Larch Avenue the College Hill Town Hall, dedicated January  10, 1887, was added to the National Register of Historic Places on March 17, 1978. It recently has been used as a home for classes of Contemporary Dance Theater, and has been available to rent for events.



Loveland City Hall-np.jpg (93222 bytes)                Loveland town Hall-s.jpg (269238 bytes)        Loveland-City Building 5.jpg (238414 bytes)


                 MADISONVILLE                                  MONTGOMERY

Madisonville town Hall 2.jpg (245708 bytes)    Madisonville Town Hall-rp.jpg (154874 bytes)                  Montgomery-Town Hall.jpg (215183 bytes)



Westwood Town Hall.jpg (265282 bytes)    Westwood Town Hall-sepia.jpg (212345 bytes)                Westwood Townhall Building.jpg (257912 bytes)

   Constructed in 1889 the Westwood Town Hall is located on a 3 acre triangle of land Harrison Ave., Montana Ave. and Epworth Ave. It was initially used by the Westwood volunteer fire department and also contained the jail meeting rooms and village offices plus an auditorium where the Westwood Choral Society performed. It was used as a firehouse until 1909 when Fire Company 35 was moved to a new station. The Western Hills  YMCA leased the building for $1 a year from 1929 until 1966 when they then relocated to the Gamble-Nippert YMCA facility. The building was transferred to the Cincinnati Recreation Commission in the early 70s. After a $2-million renovation it reopened in 2005 and is now used for various community activities. The last image is a present day aerial photograph.



Juvenile Court Judge.jpg (92161 bytes)
Judge Caldwell giving advice
This is a very rare card



Markbreit Funeral 3.jpg (227310 bytes)        Markbreit Funeral-2.jpg (254833 bytes)

  Leopold Markbreit was Mayor of Cincinnati from 1908-1909. Markbreit Avenue is named after him. These two cards show his funeral procession being held in 1909. The view is looking north up Race Street. The procession is going south towards downtown Cincinnati passing over the Canal Bridge.



Political-no room.jpg (395414 bytes)                    Harry Gordon Vice Mayor.jpg (155910 bytes)                Senator Foraker 97-09.jpg (283119 bytes)

   When the first larger than normal postcard was made (1931) it would seem the Cincinnati Board of Health was not having much success in obtaining the money it needed from the city government. This looks like it may have been made for the editorial page of one of the city's newspapers. The second image was drawn ca. 1905 and shows the Honorable Harry L. Gordon who, among other things was a Vice Mayor of Cincinnati and the Lieutenant Governor of Ohio 1902-04. The third drawing shows the Honorable J. B. Foraker who was the Ohio Governor from 1886 to 1890 and a U. S. Senator from 1897 to 1909.


1914 election ballot.jpg (246684 bytes)
1914 Election Day postcard



Fred Morr-1962.jpg (102509 bytes)                Bettman-2a.jpg (147426 bytes)        Gilbert Bettman-1940.jpg (148218 bytes)                Gilbert Shaver-1956.jpg (98437 bytes)                Gordon Scherer.jpg (107484 bytes)
County Auditor                                     Gilbert Bettman                                         County recorder                    Gordon Scherer
     1962                               Attorney General      Common Pleas Judge                       1956                                    City council
1928                             1954                                                   


Paul Hupert.jpg (112291 bytes)                Peter Outcalt-1957.jpg (126934 bytes)                Leo Bradley-1982.jpg (69656 bytes)                Raymond Shannon-1959.jpg (100779 bytes)                Simon Leis-1954.jpg (110863 bytes)
Road Commissioner                   Peter Outcalt                               Leo H. Bradley                           Municipal court                     Simon L. Leis    
                                                         City council                            State representative                                1959                          Common Pleas court
                                               1957                                               1982                                                                                                1954


Cheviot Political Card.jpg (56045 bytes)            Robert Jennings.jpg (79729 bytes)            Wade Cushing-1914.jpg (73795 bytes)            Charles Taft.jpg (272179 bytes)
    1911 Cheviot card                            Clerk of Courts                   Common Pleas Court         Charles P. Taft
Treasurer of Green Township                                                                             1914                                                         


Jane Anderson.jpg (236054 bytes)            charles Levinson-1959.jpg (127801 bytes)    Charles Levinson back.jpg (101929 bytes)    Charles Levinson.jpg (159908 bytes)
Jane Anderson for State Rep.                                            Charles Levinson  City council  1959                                      


Marc Trabert-City Council.jpg (267663 bytes)    Marc Trabert-back.jpg (131817 bytes)                        Vote for Hunsicker.jpg (189323 bytes)    Vote for Hunsicker back.jpg (144699 bytes)
      J. Marc Trabert City Council. (64?)                                        Elmer Hunsicker Clerk of Courts 1940
Sent by Congressman Donald Clancy                                                                                                     


Vote for Bonham.jpg (153569 bytes)    Vote for Bonham back.jpg (185163 bytes)                                Political- Judge James Garfield.jpg (213411 bytes)
     Frank S. Bonham Judge Probate Court 1941                                                Judge James Stewart for
                                                                                                                                  Supreme Court of Ohio




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