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Taft Museum Paintings and Other Items

Taft1 (9).jpg (199692 bytes)                Taft1 (10).jpg (189638 bytes)                                        Taft-portrait.jpg (161467 bytes)
Mr. Charles Phelps Taft      Mrs. Charles Phelps Taft                                        William Howard Taft    
          By Raimundo De Madrazo (1841-1920                                                      By Joaquin Bastida


Taft Museum-Stevenson.jpg (226143 bytes)              The Sleeping Soldier-Taft.jpg (761729 bytes)              Portrait of a Young Man-Taft.jpg (573256 bytes)              Potrait of a Young Woman-Taft.jpg (581383 bytes)
Robert Louis Stevenson             The Sleeping Soldier            Portrait of a Young Man       Young Woman 
  By John Singer Sargent              By Gerard Ter Borch                                       By Frans Hals                            


Tafe painting-1.jpg (149247 bytes)      Taft painting-5.jpg (291897 bytes)      Taft painting-2.jpg (57394 bytes)      Taft painting-4.jpg (142469 bytes)      Taft painting-3.jpg (124890 bytes)
Changing Pastures      Portrait of Young Man   Song of the Talking Wire     Maria Walpole          Vaches A L'abreuvoir
  By Anton Mauve               By Rembrandt               By Henry Farny             By Gainsborough         By Constant Troyon


Taft1 (7).jpg (230926 bytes)                    Taft1.jpg (200495 bytes)                    Taft1 (8).jpg (177391 bytes)                    Duncan Fife-Taft.jpg (111730 bytes)
Edward & William Tomnkinson    Physician Visiting Sick Girl           Mademoiselle Gonin                       Duncan Fife                 
By Thomas Gainsborough                    By Jan Steen                             By  J.A.D.  Ingres                            Side Chair                


Taft1 (3).jpg (158633 bytes)                Taft1 (6).jpg (175667 bytes)                Taft1 (5).jpg (192983 bytes)                Taft Museum-Sewing Room.jpg (125424 bytes)
Edward Satchwell Fraser           Queen Maria Luisa            Cobbler's Apprentice           The Sewing Room at Katwijk      
By Sir Henry Raeburn      By Francisco Jose de Goya      By Frank Duveneck                      By Joseph Israels             


Taft-379.jpg (106616 bytes)            Taft-391.jpg (117927 bytes)            Taft-407.jpg (147331 bytes)            Taft-444.jpg (158070 bytes)
     The Ladies Maryborough              A View On A High Road       Landscape With Cattle & Figures            Old London Bridge          
By Sir Thomas Lawrence                By Jacob Van Ruisdael                  By Meindert Hobbema                       By J.M.W. Turner    


Taft Museum-Cleves.jpg (377404 bytes)                                         Taft Museum-Laughing Child.jpg (218896 bytes)                                        Taft Museum-Man on Sill.jpg (266401 bytes)
Francois De Cleves Duc De Nevers                    Head of a Laughing Child With a Flute                        Man Leaning On a Sill          
By Leonard Limosin                                                    By Frans Hals                                                       By Rembrandt      


Taft1 (4).jpg (191279 bytes)             Taft-395.jpg (141021 bytes)             Taft-422.jpg (143549 bytes)             Taft-440.jpg (86843 bytes)             Taft Museum (3).jpg (139109 bytes)
Joaquin Rodriguez Costillares     The Music Lesson          Mother And Child       Mrs. Mary Robinson      Portrait of Elderly Woman      
By Francisco Jose Goya       By Pieter De Hooch    By Jean Francois Millet   By Sir Joshua Reynolds    By Rembrandt Van Rijn 


Taft-445.jpg (136731 bytes)              Taft-447.jpg (224990 bytes)              Taft1 (12).jpg (157766 bytes)              Taft Museum.jpg (136120 bytes)
Landscape With Figures & Cattle          Paolina Adorno                    Les Environs De Paris                           Evening Solitude             
        By Thomas Gainsborough          By Sir Anthony Van Dyck                By J.B.C. Corot                     By Charles Francois Daubigny      


Art Museum-Crucifixion.jpg (244992 bytes)                Taft The Music Lesson.jpg (392473 bytes)                Taft Saltcellar.jpg (215658 bytes)                Taft Museum Porcelain Jar.jpg (279827 bytes)
       The Crucifixion                  The Music Lesson                Saltcellar of Saint            Porcelain Jar with Cover
    painted enamel                     Peter de Hooch                   Porchaire Faience               Chinese  1662-1722 
French 15th Century                      1629-1683                           16th Century                                                      


Taft-The Brook.jpg (403161 bytes)            Taft Les Sphinx.jpg (296834 bytes)        Taft-Le Lion Amoureux.jpg (337485 bytes)            Taft Chrysanthemums.jpg (580343 bytes)
      The Brook                                Les Sphinx                            Le Lion Amoureux                Chrysanthemums
Jean Baptiste Camille Corot                                      Jean-Babtiste Huet                                           Chinese Porcelain         


Taft1 (11).jpg (198597 bytes)          Taft Jane Fraser Tytler.jpg (79642 bytes)          Taft1 (2).jpg (176575 bytes)          Taft-Mrs. John Johnson.jpg (118092 bytes)
               Dedham Mill              Mrs. Jane Fraser-Tytler          Mrs. Gwyn            Mrs. John Johnson
    By John Constable 1931       By Sir Henry Rayburn    By John Hoppner       By George Romney


To see some other Taft cards check out the Parades section on the entertainment Page



Cover-Taft Birthday-1934.jpg (165735 bytes)



Taft Cover.jpg (265473 bytes)    Taft cover-n1.jpg (214631 bytes)    Taft cover-n2.jpg (456655 bytes)    Taftfdc.jpg (214789 bytes)    Taft FDC-pb4.jpg (227069 bytes)

   William Howard Tafts eldest son, Robert A. Taft (1889-1953), served as a United States Senator from 1939 until his death in 1953. He ran for President in 1940-1948-1952. He was known as "Mr. Republican". The 4 cent stamp shown was issued in his honor on Oct. 10, 1960. The first cover is a hand drawn cover.

Taft BLK4.jpg (247086 bytes)    Taftfdc1.jpg (481547 bytes)    Taft FDC-PB.jpg (223901 bytes)    Taft FDC-SS.jpg (193224 bytes)


Kennedy  FDC.jpg (171556 bytes)
J.F.K. Memorial Issue


   The first non-postcard image is a map showing all the annexations to the city up to 1940. It gives the date of the annexation and shows very clearly the growth of Cincinnati.

Annexation map.jpg (929960 bytes)



       The ninth President of the United States William Henry Harrison had his home in North Bend and is where he is buried.

Harrison's Home & Tomb 1853.jpg (503687 bytes)
1853 Painting of his home & Tomb


Harrison Tomb-dd.jpg (117107 bytes)        Harrisons old tomb.jpg (103605 bytes)        Harrisons old tomb-aa.jpg (110000 bytes)        RP-Harrisons Tomb-n1.jpg (224100 bytes)
            Original tomb showing neglect in left card at the turn of the Century.            


Harrisons new tomb.jpg (59785 bytes)        Harrison Monument vert..jpg (130131 bytes)
New Tomb


William Harrrison-b.jpg (109939 bytes)        William Harrrison-c.jpg (99628 bytes)        William Harrrison-d.jpg (72501 bytes)        Harrison's Tomb-n1.jpg (269979 bytes)


William Harrrison-a.jpg (174552 bytes)        Harrison-North Bend.jpg (41854 bytes)        Harrison Monument RP.jpg (101087 bytes)
Harrison Home


William Harrison Spring-RPPC.jpg (192686 bytes)       Harrison Spring.jpg (628370 bytes)        W Harrison-hard water spring.jpg (83842 bytes)        W Harrison-soft water spring.jpg (87221 bytes)
                                    Harrison Spring                                          Hard water spring       Soft water spring


Harrison Monument.jpg (197454 bytes)
Present Day Photo



Milford-Army Officers at funeral.jpg (420458 bytes)      Gov. Pattisons Funeral-Bugler.jpg (319975 bytes)      Promont Late Residence-Milford.jpg (295846 bytes)      John Pattison Governor 11-05 died 6-06 Milford.jpg (80773 bytes)      Milford-Patterson Home.jpg (101445 bytes)

   Two cards showing the O.N.G. at the funeral in Milford of  John M. Pattison, 43rd governor of Ohio. Elected 11 / 1905,  Died 06 / 1906. He was also president of Union Central Life Insurance Co. He died from Bright's disease. The last 3 cards are of the Governors Home, Promont, in Milford. This Victorian Italianate mansion was built between 1865 and 1867 by William Megrue. Megrue managed to lose his fortune before construction was completed in 1867 and in 1869 Megrue's estate sold the property to John Armstrong Wade who called it "Beechwood." Milford residents began referring to the mansion as "the Castle" because of its attached tower that rises 5 stories from the basement to its observation room. Wade lost the mansion thru foreclosure and Pattison bought the property and its 56 acres in 1879. Pattison's father-in-law called it Promont because of its location high above the city of Milford. After his death ownership passed through several owners until it was left to the Milford Historical Society in 1983, where it is now headquartered. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Pattison House, Milford.jpg (185681 bytes)
Birds-eye-view of Promont Today



Grants Birthplace.jpg (135014 bytes)

   Although not actually in the Cincinnati area, it's close by and his parents home from 1859 to  1873 was at 518-520 Greenup Street across the Ohio river in Covington Ky. (it still stands).





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