Pennant Cards



      Pennant cards are what are called generic postcards. They are mass produced by the millions and then are either stamped with the town or city name or, like these, pasted with felt triangles. A large percentage of Cincinnatians were of German heritage so I can see why there would be such a interest in these types of cards here but I don't know why there would be such a fascination with Dutch children and humor in other parts of the country but obviously there was. As you can see in the first row they varied the pennant colors, and if you look closely you will see that on the first 24 cards Cincinnati is spelled incorrectly. They apparently made a immense number of these and then decided to use them anyway or they would have lost money on the Cincinnati part of their venture. Check out the 23rd and 24th cards and you can see that they did make an effort to correct this problem.

Felt Pennant-1.jpg (106015 bytes)    Felt Pennant-2.jpg (90438 bytes)    Felt Pennant-3.jpg (108758 bytes)    Felt Pennant-4.jpg (107985 bytes)    Felt Pennant Dutch Girl.jpg (244140 bytes)


Felt Pennant-Dutch Boy.jpg (280681 bytes)    Dutch Pennant-ww.jpg (77299 bytes)    Felt Pennant-6.jpg (83089 bytes)    Felt Pennant-7.jpg (86330 bytes)    Felt Pennant-8.jpg (89351 bytes)


Felt Pennant-9.jpg (93414 bytes)    Felt Pennant-10.jpg (96505 bytes)    Felt Pennant-11.jpg (85269 bytes)    Pennant-d1.jpg (91163 bytes)    Pennant-O Leetle Card.jpg (270920 bytes)


Felt Pennant-BP.jpg (90413 bytes)    BP Don'i Kick My Dog Around.jpg (272227 bytes)    Felt Pennant-13.jpg (105065 bytes)    Felt Pennant-12.jpg (101428 bytes)    Pennant-yet.jpg (95291 bytes)


Felt Pennant-5.jpg (100407 bytes)    Felt Pennant with Water Tower.jpg (259493 bytes)    Felt Pennant-20.jpg (92049 bytes)    Felt Pennant It Costs me Somedings.jpg (269930 bytes)    Felt Pennant Costs Me Some....jpg (491581 bytes)


Felt Pennant-15.jpg (86770 bytes)    Felt Pennant-21.jpg (75830 bytes)    Felt Pennant-18.jpg (86497 bytes)    Felt Pennant-22.jpg (84600 bytes)    Felt Pennant-23.jpg (88157 bytes)


Pennant-Yellow Wishes.jpg (98964 bytes)    With Best Wishes BP.jpg (302110 bytes)    Just A Line BLue Pennant.jpg (256678 bytes)    Felt Pennant Gibson House.jpg (187348 bytes)


Felt Pennant-25.jpg (96262 bytes)    Felt Pennant-26.jpg (81306 bytes)    Felt Pennant-27.jpg (118598 bytes)    Felt Pennant-28.jpg (109309 bytes)


Felt Pennant-xmas.jpg (105731 bytes)    Felt Pennant-ll.jpg (73409 bytes)    Pennant, Felt-Water Tower.jpg (142456 bytes)Felt Pennant-16.jpg (77054 bytes)    Pennant-There Are Plenty.jpg (224613 bytes)


Felt pennant-window shot.jpg (69507 bytes)    Felt Pennant-24.jpg (89878 bytes)    Pennant felt-y.jpg (202356 bytes)    Felt Pennant-14.jpg (107338 bytes)    Felt Pennant-17.jpg (89573 bytes)


4 Banners.jpg (171852 bytes)    Felt Pennant-Like the town.jpg (193108 bytes)    Felt Pennamt-pink.jpg (132332 bytes)    Felt Pennant-19.jpg (78736 bytes)    Pennant-bt.jpg (80021 bytes)


Pink Pennant Thinking of You.jpg (201801 bytes)                        Orange Pennant Always A Longing.jpg (158984 bytes)                        Good Time Y Pennant.jpg (208653 bytes)


Christmas Pennant.jpg (289272 bytes)                            Imbossed & Sprinkled RP.jpg (398665 bytes)
   Christmas Card                                              Embossed with glitter


Norwood Red Pennant.jpg (154561 bytes)





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