The first 2 non-postcard images below are of soldiers marching down Main Street getting ready to turn to their right onto Fifth Street on their way to the war in Europe. The 3rd postcard image may be the same group of soldiers having turned onto 5th Street and heading west in front of Post Office.

Victorious 5th & Main.jpg (856953 bytes)        Soldiers Leaving 1917.jpg (746833 bytes)        1917 parade.jpg (81833 bytes)
These are not postcards                                                         


WW1 Return 9.jpg (79022 bytes)
37th Regiment off to
 war. Walnut Street.


  A triumphal arch was constructed for the returning soldiers at the end of World War I. Set up on the south side of Fifth Street across from the Post Office. The soldiers, marching east, are passing under the arch which is inscribed "Honor For Duty Nobly Done". The units shown are the 37th Division, the 147th Infantry regiment, the 136th Field Artillery, and the 112th Military Police.

WW1 Return 4.jpg (108605 bytes)    WW1 Return 5.jpg (131658 bytes)    WW1 Return 6.jpg (74843 bytes)    WW1 Return 7.jpg (81780 bytes)    Return of 37th Parade.jpg (248220 bytes)


WW1 Return 8.jpg (111434 bytes)       WW1 Return 1 vert.jpg (85229 bytes)      WW1 Return 2 vert.jpg (112884 bytes)      Soldiers Returning 1919.jpg (600932 bytes)      WW1 Return 3 vert.jpg (69054 bytes)      WWI Parade.jpg (201890 bytes)

    The 4th image above is a photograph.


Norwood Parade-rp.jpg (189982 bytes)
This WW 1 military parade
was held in Norwood


Over-The Rhine Parade.jpg (512500 bytes)                    Parade-1918.jpg (150598 bytes)

   The 1st card shows a parade passing in front of the Edward F. Kaelin jewelry store which was located at 1823 Vine Street in the Over-The Rhine district. The vehicle seems to have crosses representing grave markers on the bed of the truck. The parade could have something to do with the end of WWI, but this is nothing but a guess on my part. The 2nd card was mailed 5/23/18 in Cincinnati by one of the soldiers who states that they are leaving for "the other side" around June 1st.


   I have no information on why these vehicles are bedecked with flowers or what the various parades are all about but they are interesting.

Decorated by Fern.jpg (374665 bytes)        203-Flower Parade.jpg (112654 bytes)

Flower Parade 4 .jpg (77731 bytes)    Flower Parade 5 .jpg (73112 bytes)    Flower Parade 6 .jpg (85069 bytes)    Flower Parade 2 .jpg (98836 bytes)    Flower Parade 3 .jpg (112792 bytes)



   The 1st card shows the Arch of Peace which spanned Vine St at 12th. in 1898. It shows soldiers from the Union and the Confederacy clasping hands, below which is the motto "United we Stand, Divided we Fall". One of the main tenants of the GAR was uniting a divided country. The next three cards are also of the Grand Army of  the Republic's 32nd National Encampment in 1898. These encampments were held by the veterans of the Civil War. This was written on the second card (if you haven't guessed by now I try and clean up the images so they look presentable) "Dear Jim, I received your letter at the Conference, but have not had time to answer. The G.A.R. Encampment is a big affair. 200,000 people came to the city. The parade was immense it took 4 hours to pass. The city is beautifully decorated. Yesterday we visited Fort Sherman where there are 1700 tents all filled with soldiers". You can see this parade in the 4th card. Taken on Government Square looking west, you can see Fountain Square under the arch with the fountain itself, very faintly seen, under the name Rosecrans on the arch. The local transit system was overwhelmed and broke down due to the huge numbers of people attending the encampment. Thousands of conventioneers were stranded at the zoo.
   The GAR provided relief funds for needy veterans, widows, and they started up orphanages in several states. They also raised funds for monuments, commemorative plaques, and equestrian statues. They also donated cannons and fieldpieces to cities and towns.
   The GAR started the designation of May 30 as Decoration Day for laying flowers on the graves of Union soldiers. As the Civil War veterans passed away, it became Memorial Day to honor soldiers of all wars.

Grand Army Arch.jpg (126929 bytes)            GAR Souvenir 1.jpg (101636 bytes)           GAR Souvenir 2.jpg (104444 bytes)         1898 GAR Parade.jpg (307701 bytes)


   The GAR held encampments for 83 years (1866-1949) until the last Civil War Veteran for the Union Army died. Different cities held this annual national encampment with Cincinnati holding three of them (the 1st in 1869, this one in 1898 and the 3rd one in 1930).The 6 non-postcard images below are of the 1898 encampment. The first three images show the arch, seen in the 4th card above, from the Fountain Square side looking to the east. It was illegal for people to walk across the top of the arch but police finally gave up trying to stop mostly young men and women from crossing. They had to wait more than an hour to do so. 

1898 GAR Parade-Govt Sq.jpg (112159 bytes)           1898-GAR.jpg (96803 bytes)           1898-GAR 1.jpg (46974 bytes)


   The first image below shows the arch that was at 4th & Race and the last two images show the arch that was near the corner of 5th and Race.

1898 GAR 4th & Race Arch.jpg (70278 bytes)        1898 Gar Reunion Arch 6th & Race.jpg (101831 bytes)       1898 GAR Reunion-Race St Between 5th & 6th.jpg (87992 bytes)


   The 1st card below shows the G.A.R., in 1907, marching down to a boat on the River Front which will take them to Point Pleasant, Ohio. There they would take part in the unveiling of the Ulysses S. Grant Monument. The 2nd card is a close-up of some of these men.

GAR Riverfront.jpg (117836 bytes)               *gentlemen of the G.A.R..jpg (91592 bytes)
 Members of the G.A.R. going to U.S. Grant's monument unveiling in 1907


Front of GAR Phamplet.jpg (113806 bytes)                Gar Map to Grants Home-1930.jpg (351115 bytes)

   The G.A.R. members taking the trip to Grant's monument were given the pamphlet above. Besides advertisements it mainly contained the map partially seen above. 



   The next ten cards are of the 66th annual Conclave Grand Commandery Knights Templars of Ohio held Oct. 14-15, 1908. The 2nd & 3rd rows show the festivities that were held in front of the Post Office on 5th Street (Government  Square). The first card in the 4th row shows the parade going south on Race St. between 7th and 8th Sts. I am not sure of the location on the last two.

Knights Templar 1908 vert.jpg (84288 bytes)


Templar1.jpg (301362 bytes)        Knights Templar 1915.jpg (97530 bytes)        Templar2.jpg (631848 bytes)        Templar3.jpg (781311 bytes)


Knights Templar Parade-RP.jpg (273696 bytes)        Knights Templar 1908 1.jpg (99880 bytes)        Templar Parade 1908.jpg (247866 bytes)        Knights Templar Parade 1908.jpg (416518 bytes)


Templar Parade 1908.jpg (248642 bytes)        Templar4.jpg (196662 bytes)        Templar5.jpg (250519 bytes)


Drill Club.jpg (113190 bytes)
Commandery #16 drill club


  The next five cards show Taft at his brother's home when the official notice of his election to the Presidency came, (first two). The first card is actually a error card in that it states that this was his Cincinnati residence, when in fact, it was his brother's residence. The next two cards show the parade that was held for him, and the last card shows the fireworks that night. It was claimed to be the greatest display of fireworks ever held.

Taft Notification .jpg (128632 bytes)     Taft Notification 2.jpg (391114 bytes)     Taft Notification Day.jpg (104697 bytes)     Taft Notification parade 1908.jpg (546134 bytes)     Taft Fireworks.jpg (78102 bytes)


Not a postcard
Taft Notification Day Parade.jpg (582856 bytes)

   The photo above shows the parade passing the Taft home. This photograph has been hanging on my wall for years and I thought it was about time for other people to see it.


Milford 1st Regiment.jpg (337671 bytes)                Syrian Temple parade.jpg (84812 bytes)    Syrian Temple Calliope.jpg (399463 bytes)            Madisonville Masonic Parade.jpg (80650 bytes)*
     O.N.G. parade Milford                         Syrian Temple Parade            No stamp Box                   Madisonville Masonic Parade  
Homer Denny is at the Calliope
(See Island Queen on Coney Island page)


*Decoration Day at Mt. Healthy O. May 30th 1910.jpg (53448 bytes) Decoration Day-Mt. Healthy Decoration Day-Mt Healthy.jpg (196268 bytes)
5/30/10   O.M.I. Cadet Band                                                            1918   (Replica)           


1940 Reds Parade.jpg (218938 bytes)

   This real photo postcard shows float #69 in the parade that was held in 1940 to celebrate the World Series win for the Cincinnati Reds.


Harrison Parade Member.jpg (253994 bytes)

   This scene in Harrison, Ohio shows a gaily bedecked horse and buggy posing either before or after a parade of some type.


Pleasant Ridge RPPC Parade.jpg (229148 bytes)

   This card shows a parade for something going on in Pleasant Ridge.


Mason Parade-08.jpg (212801 bytes)

   This card shows a parade held in Cincinnati by the Mason's on Oct. 21, 1908. The Harrison, Ohio Lodge is shown passing the camera.


July 4th Camp Washington.jpg (178999 bytes)

   This card shows a 4th of July parade in Camp Washington.