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Misprinted card                                                                                                


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Rivers-ae.jpg (89047 bytes)    Whitewater west of Harrison.jpg (224840 bytes)    Whitewater River Ripples.jpg (220596 bytes)    Banks of Whitewater River.jpg (296896 bytes)    Whitewater Scene nr Harrison.jpg (190230 bytes)


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Whitewater 5.jpg (102639 bytes)    Whitewater 6.jpg (106586 bytes)    Suspension Bridge-Cleves-Harrison.jpg (202057 bytes)    Harrison Bridge-06.jpg (119335 bytes)    Harrison Suspension Bridge.jpg (193297 bytes)

Bridge over Whitewater River at Harrison Ohio

Cleves Bridge Approach.jpg (134374 bytes)                                Suspension Bridge-Cleves.jpg (181758 bytes)    Harrison-White Water Bridge.jpg (94724 bytes)    Whitewater 7.jpg (98364 bytes)


Norwood-1913 Flood aftermath.jpg (143824 bytes)

   The card above shows the remains of the Suspension Bridge that spanned the Whitewater River at Harrison. It was destroyed in the 1913 flood. It is a view looking across the river toward the Indiana side from State St. A West Side Drug Store Sign can be seen on the hill. The West Side was in Harrison until the 1960's.


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Seven cards showing the Idlewild Camp along the Whitewater River

Idlewild-zz.jpg (130610 bytes)        Idlewild Club House-f2.jpg (108854 bytes)        Idlewild Camp-Harrison.jpg (337783 bytes)


Belle Isle-Harrison.jpg (773414 bytes)                Camp unknown-Harrison.jpg (543427 bytes)
Belle Isle Club House                            Name Unreadable     


Harrison-Rifner's Run.jpg (241756 bytes)
Rifner's Run



   The two maps below, for the most part, show the Mill Creek and its many tributaries. The two Miami's are also partially shown.

Not a postcard
River Tributaries.jpg (349454 bytes)
Mill Creek & Tributaries


Mill Creek ox teams.jpg (118731 bytes)        Mill Creek 2.jpg (96208 bytes)        Mill Creek 5.jpg (104921 bytes)
Oxen pulling out logs                                                                   Ludlow Ave. viaduct  



Millcreek at Lockland.jpg (115397 bytes)        Mill Creek 1.jpg (129483 bytes)        Mill Creek-z1.jpg (129850 bytes)


Benson St. Bridge, Mill Creek Valley, Lockland.jpg (78163 bytes)        Benson St Bridge-Lockland.jpg (136497 bytes)        Lockland-Reading Bridge.jpg (190547 bytes)        Lockland-Millcreek Bridge.jpg (219727 bytes)
Benson Street Bridge

   This bridge crosses the Mill Creek connecting Lockland with Reading Ohio. Benson Street is on the Reading side of the bridge and Wyoming Ave. is on the Lockland side. Today the I-75 freeway crosses over the top within a few feet of it.



Covered bridge.jpg (111622 bytes)        Mill Creek at Mt Healthy.jpg (110559 bytes)        Millcreek at Mt. Healthy.jpg (205267 bytes)        Below the Falls Mt Healthy.jpg (252136 bytes)
                                                                                          Real Photo                      Below The Falls


C.C. Groff Flour Mill & Mill Creek.

*Mill and Mill Creek, Mt. Healthy-1.jpg (38097 bytes)       Mt Healthy-Mill & Mill Creek.jpg (276402 bytes)        Harriman's Mill Mt Healthy.jpg (299537 bytes)        Mt Healthy Flour Mill.jpg (133561 bytes)

  Mt. Healthy Mill (5).jpg (178597 bytes)                                                                                        Mt. Healthy Mill (6).jpg (222375 bytes)
   Photo used in the above PC                                                                                                             Photo used in the above PC


Mt. Healthy Mill.jpg (270445 bytes)    Mt. Healthy Mill (2).jpg (310307 bytes)    Mt. Healthy Mill (3).jpg (391697 bytes)    Mt. Healthy Mill (4).jpg (291975 bytes)    Mt. Healthy Mill (7).jpg (118687 bytes)
                  Pictures taken in 1986 when a government study of the mill was taken                                            early photo

The large 4 story building seen in the above cards was built in 1819 as a saw mill, and was used for over 100 years.  The saw mill was operated by Jediah Hill and later by his son-in-law Henry Rogers. In 1887 it was sold to Charles Hartman and when timber became scarce, Hartman began to mill flour. The farmers in the area would bring in grain and take home flour. Hartman and his family also originally lived in this structure. In 1898 Hartman built a home next to the mill and modernized the flour mill. Because the mill sat down in a valley he named the flour Pride of the Valley Flour. In 1911, C. C. Groff bought and ran the mill. I have been told that the mill was burned to the ground by an arsonist in Oct. 1981 (never solved). In later years the property was sold and became part of Winton Woods, a Hamilton County Park.



Mill & Bridge.jpg (277660 bytes)
Unknown River & Mill



Mill Creek 4.jpg (100063 bytes)    Mill Creek 3.jpg (130957 bytes)    Mill Creek at Clifton Springs.jpg (289037 bytes)
All of these cards show the river at Northside


WESTWOOD                       WHITE  OAK

Taylors Creek-Westwood.jpg (315388 bytes)                Boating White Oak Creek.jpg (121611 bytes)
Taylor's  Creek                                    White Oak Creek



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