Other Rivers


  There are basically four rivers that empty directly into the Ohio River in the Cincinnati area. The Licking River directly across from Cincinnati in Northern Kentucky can be found on the Northern Kentucky site mentioned on the Main Page. The other three are the Little and Great Miami Rivers and the Mill Creek. The Mill Creek has for the most part of the last century been considered one of the most polluted rivers in the country, running as it does thru most of the biggest polluting factories and businesses in the region. So don't be fooled by the hand colored images of the Mill Creek below.
  The Little Miami drains into the Ohio east of Cincinnati and the Great (Big) Miami enters the Ohio west of Cincinnati.  The Whitewater River flows into the Big Miami from Indiana. (only about 20 miles from downtown Cincinnati).



Little Miami 7.jpg (118270 bytes)        Little Miami 3.jpg (110291 bytes)        Little Miami 6.jpg (116737 bytes)        Little Miami 1.jpg (121310 bytes)
                                                                                                                                                   Possibly the Plainville Mill


Newtown Bridge.jpg (179686 bytes)
Newtown  Bridge


Pleasant Boat Ride.jpg (240597 bytes)      Little Miami 9 vert.jpg (112436 bytes)      Souvenir-Little Miami.jpg (47143 bytes)



View of Milford-1858.jpg (523016 bytes)
1858 View of Milford

Miami River bend towaed Milford.jpg (229763 bytes)    Little Miami-Milford m1.jpg (275938 bytes)    Milford-Fishing on Little Miami.jpg (249621 bytes)    Little Miami Milford 3.jpg (103529 bytes)    Milford-C&O Bridge.jpg (237885 bytes)
C. & C. Traction Bridge                                                                                                                                                                                            

Milford C.& C. Traction Bridge.jpg (246302 bytes)        Little Miami Milford 1.jpg (117632 bytes)        Milford Bridge 2.jpg (322273 bytes)        Milford Bridge.jpg (351034 bytes)
                                                                                            These are not postcards

   The last two images above are present day photographs of the area.

Little Miami-Milford-a.jpg (154132 bytes)        Milford BEV.jpg (122942 bytes)        Milford River Front.jpg (294415 bytes)        Milford River Scene.jpg (295113 bytes)

Milford RP Bridge.jpg (176581 bytes)        Milford Bridge 1.jpg (233771 bytes)        Milford Bridge-3.jpg (313826 bytes)        Milford Bridge-4.jpg (271617 bytes)

Milford-Miami Bridgerp.jpg (243574 bytes)        Milford Miami Bridge.jpg (147431 bytes)                    Milford Summer Camp-1904.jpg (246906 bytes)
                                                                                                             RPPC Summer Camp



Miami River at Loveland-bm.jpg (62193 bytes)    Little Miami Loveland 1.jpg (105302 bytes)    Little Miami Loveland 2.jpg (88866 bytes)    Loveland Little Miami River.jpg (263106 bytes)    Rivers-ab.jpg (112116 bytes)

Little Miami Loveland 3.jpg (135969 bytes)    Fishing Little Miami Milford.jpg (99131 bytes)    Loveland B&O Bridges.jpg (215517 bytes)    Loveland New Bridge.jpg (113025 bytes)    Loveland-B&O Bridge.jpg (105938 bytes)

Loveland-B&O Bridge.jpg (274170 bytes)    Loveland Brdg.jpg (803022 bytes)    Loveland-New Bridge.jpg (154017 bytes)    Loveland Miami Bridge.jpg (307946 bytes)

Loveland Island.jpg (211774 bytes)    View Little Miami at Loveland.jpg (78309 bytes)    Little Miami Loveland 4.jpg (84364 bytes)    Loveland Moonlight on Little Miami.jpg (384543 bytes)

Loveland-Miami River-rp.jpg (119493 bytes)    Loveland-boating on Little Miami.jpg (288634 bytes)    Loveland Riverfront.jpg (165634 bytes)    Rivers-ac.jpg (99930 bytes)
                                                   Boating near Loveland                                                   Bridge over Obanion Creek

Loveland-Little Miami-1.jpg (194784 bytes)    Loveland-River Scene.jpg (355544 bytes)    Miami River Loveland.jpg (147131 bytes)    Loveland-Little Miami-2.jpg (222683 bytes)                Double-Card Loveland Park.jpg (236814 bytes)
                                            Four Real Photo Postcards                                                                                   Loveland Park

   The last card above is a Postal Card, it has a serrated edge on top which means it was a double card originally. The half removed was probably a post card that had to be mailed back to receive something.

Loveland Bridges.jpg (263603 bytes)
Present day photograph


West Loveland-RP.jpg (219003 bytes)
West Loveland

   The real photo postcard above shows the intersection of Loveland Ave. and Riverside Drive. The Little Miami river can be seen on the left.



Foster Viadut.jpg (411382 bytes)
Viaduct over Little Miami

Little Miami near Loveland-Foster.jpg (91435 bytes)    Little Miami 4.jpg (100848 bytes)    Foster Bridge.jpg (264061 bytes)    Foster Bridge Over Little M..jpg (503617 bytes)    Drifting on River, Foster.jpg (291634 bytes)

   Foster is located between Loveland and Kings Mills.


Little Miami Kings Mills.jpg (90341 bytes)      Rivers-aa.jpg (88275 bytes)      Kings Mill Bridge.jpg (277950 bytes)      Kings Mills Bridge 1.jpg (219635 bytes)      Kings Mills Bridge 2.jpg (261590 bytes)
River at Kings Mill


RR Bridge Little Miami.jpg (280601 bytes)
R.R. Bridge


On The Little Miami.jpg (382684 bytes)            On the Little Miami.jpg (222024 bytes)
On The Little Miami

   The two postcards above do not specify the location but they were by the Batavia Post Card Co. so I am assuming they would not travel very far to take a generic image like this. The 2nd card is obviously a colorized version of the 1st card.




   Miami changed its name to Miamitown sometime in the 1920s.

RP-Miamitown mill.jpg (179874 bytes)        Big Miami 1.jpg (96671 bytes)        Miamitown-Homes along river.jpg (113570 bytes)
       RPPC                                                                                        RPPC of homes


Big Miami 2.jpg (110308 bytes)        Big Miami 3.jpg (85746 bytes)        On The Great Miami River.jpg (365103 bytes)
Covered bridge 


Junction of Big Miami
Whitewater-Big Miami.jpg (85710 bytes)                Whitewater-Miami Jct.jpg (238522 bytes)
And Whitewater River


cleves missing bridge.jpg (403879 bytes)        Cleves The Lost Bridge.jpg (120136 bytes)*
Lost Bridge? at Cleves, Ohio  

Can anyone help explain this one?





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