Ohio River 2



   The first two cards show the construction of this water treatment plant located next to the Ohio River in California, which is around two miles down river from Coney Island. Opening in 1907 the water was pumped from an intake located on the Kentucky side of the Ohio, (see 5th row of cards). Traveling through a 1400' tunnel sunk beneath the Ohio River, it was pumped from 85' beneath the ground by steam-powered pumping engines to a settling basin. It then goes to a filtration plant and chemically treated before entering an underground reservoir. From there it flowed by gravity to the main pumping station on Eastern Avenue where it was distributed throughout the city by water mains. The capacity was 120 million gallons a day. By 1924 this capacity was deemed inadequate during peak periods. In 1925 a 35 million gallon reservoir was constructed on Winton Road, and 14 water tanks were erected at Mt. Airy in 1927. Renovation of this plant between 1936-1938 increased the capacity to 180 million gallons daily. Also added were two more secondary basins and another pumping station. By the 1940s the water supply was again inadequate. Many improvements and modernizations in the 50s and 60s have more than doubled the capacity of the station you see below.

Cincinnati Waterworks-1.jpg (124825 bytes)        Cincinnati Waterworks-2.jpg (120130 bytes)        Cincinnati Waterworks-3.jpg (106860 bytes)        Cincinnati Waterworks-4.jpg (120715 bytes)

Cincinnati Waterworks-5.jpg (105095 bytes)        Cincinnati Waterworks-6.jpg (93826 bytes)        Cincinnati Waterworks-7.jpg (97127 bytes)        Cincinnati Waterworks-8.jpg (113554 bytes)

Cincinnati Waterworks-9.jpg (99328 bytes)        Cincinnati Waterworks-10.jpg (109770 bytes)        Cincinnati Waterworks-11.jpg (84910 bytes)        Cincinnati Waterworks-12.jpg (104485 bytes)

New Water Works.jpg (51152 bytes)        Cincinnati Waterworks-13.jpg (104051 bytes)        Cincinnati Waterworks-14.jpg (109236 bytes)        Cincinnati Waterworks-15.jpg (79771 bytes)

Cincinnati Waterworks-16.jpg (114814 bytes)        Water Works-ky1.jpg (119115 bytes)        Water Works-vert-n1.jpg (290672 bytes)        Water Works-ky2.jpg (86280 bytes)        Cincinnati Waterworks-18.jpg (119417 bytes)
Towboat James Moren with empty barges                                     

Pumping Station.jpg (165754 bytes)                                                                            California Water Works.jpg (188002 bytes)
Photograph used for                                                                                                           Present day aerial photograph     
postcard  above                                                                                                                                                                    

Water Works-ky3.jpg (102991 bytes)    California from KY.jpg (404074 bytes)Waterworks RPPC.jpg (122565 bytes)
                                                                        Bird's-eye-view from Kentucky                                                   RPPC

Waterworks Driveway.jpg (392438 bytes)                        Country Cottage near the New Cincinnati Waterworks.jpg (80437 bytes)*
Driveway to home near               Country Cottage near Waterworks
new waterworks                                                                              

Waterworks Trip.jpg (257568 bytes)
Businessmen Inspecting Water Works


Beckjord Station.jpg (145880 bytes)    Beckjord Station back.jpg (62964 bytes)
Walter C. Beckjord Power Station

   The Beckjord Power Station is really outside my collecting area but I thought I would show it since it is one of three power stations of The Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company.



Convict Ship 1.jpg (78277 bytes)          Convict Ship 2.jpg (85018 bytes)                                Convict Ship Success-1918.jpg (628967 bytes)
        The British Convict Ship Success                                                                   not a postcard

   Success, a British convict ship, built in 1790 was the oldest ship afloat when she toured the Ohio River in 1917-18. This ship was used to transport felons from England to Australia. The purpose of the exhibit was to show the barbaric conditions the convicts had to endure and the prison reforms that had been implemented in the years since.


Waterwalker.jpg (59004 bytes)
Read the card! 


Hydroplane Visits Cin, Nov 6-11, 1919.jpg (63290 bytes)                        Professional Deep Diver.jpg (330255 bytes)
Hydroplane Visits Cincinnati                             Professional Deep Diver   
November 6-11, 1919                                                                            


Not a postcard
Santa Maria Pageant.jpg (520028 bytes)
Replica of Santa Maria

   The 1892 image above shows a replica of the Santa Maria that was built for the river pageant that took place on October 21 in honor of the 400 anniversary of Christopher Columbus' voyage to the new world.


   The last part of this page shows some of the recreational uses of the Ohio River. If you want to see the "Beaches" you will have to go to the Northern KY web site mentioned on the main page and go to the Campbell County section. From there go to the Bellevue and Dayton pages.


Queen at night.jpg (107559 bytes)      Gym Boat Club-w.jpg (90815 bytes)      Boat Club vert.jpg (103528 bytes)      Gym Boat Club-x.jpg (93114 bytes)      Boating vert.jpg (80667 bytes)
The Island Queen seen cruising past the Boat Club.

Gym Boat Club-y.jpg (102824 bytes)    Gym Boat Club-z.jpg (105862 bytes)    Ohio River at Sunset.jpg (272797 bytes)    Ohio River at Sunset back.jpg (63252 bytes)

These are not postcards

1912  Ad.

Cin Gym & Athletic Club.jpg (174552 bytes)        Gymnasiun Boat.jpg (777108 bytes)        Gymnasium Boat Club-n1.jpg (457523 bytes)
Gymnasium and Athletic Club


   Both the Launch Club and the Gymnasium Boat Club boats were the focal points for many activities  including the colorful regattas which are below. Founded September 6, 1890 The Cincinnati Gymnasium and Athletic Club built this boat in 1892 so that its members could experience life on the river. They called it the Cincinnati Gymnasium Boat Club and it lasted for 35 years until it sank near Coney Island. Boats were originally harbored at Smith's Bath House, foot of Vine Street. The club moved to Cincinnati Gym Grounds in the East End and built its own boathouse in 1892. It was moved to Nine Mile, above Coney island in 1928 where it sank a year later. The Ohio River Launch club boat (called Helene) was also started in 1892 with the club boat located at the foot of Strader Street, East End.

Not a postcard
Cincinnati Launch Club photo-1897.jpg (238130 bytes)
1897 photo of "Helene"

Boat Club 1.jpg (107512 bytes)        Boat Club 2.jpg (108549 bytes)
The Ohio River Launch Club

   The Ohio River Launch Club held its first annual Regatta in 1908. They were a huge success, in some years drawing as many as 10,000 spectators and up to 300 boats.  This club was one of the first power boat organizations in the nation. The club was started by a group of individuals who were crazy about the Ohio River and all the pleasures that could be enjoyed on it. The clubhouse boat was 80" long and 30' wide with two decks. The upper deck had a kitchen with the remaining space consisting of one large room that was used for meals, meetings, smokers, and dances. The lower deck contained a reception room, lockers for the members, and a room for baggage. The boat was moored to the river bank by huge cables that were needed to keep the clubhouse in place during the large fluctuation of the river during the boating season, (anywhere from a couple of feet to flood stage of over 60'). 

*Island Queen-regatta.jpg (41949 bytes)               *Ohio River Launch Club..jpg (42950 bytes)
   RP with Island Queen                        RP taken with pc on left


Gym. Boat Club Phamplet.jpg (576459 bytes)        Gym. Boat Club Phamplet (2).jpg (985636 bytes)Gym. Boat Club Phamplet (3).jpg (1116428 bytes)

   After the Boat Club ceased operation (probably in 1907?) they decided to have a reunion in 1908. The people who produced the pamphlet above cut up 4 current postcards and pasted them onto the pages. I show 3 of the 4 above.


Regatta 1.jpg (96995 bytes)        Regatta 2.jpg (127822 bytes)        regatta 3.jpg (100955 bytes)        Small Boats-x.jpg (90824 bytes)

   The cards above and below show the regattas at the turn of the century with their gaily bedecked boats. These races attracted thousands of spectators along  the banks of the Ohio, while others boarded small craft of their own to watch or participate. Three classes of boats participated in the regattas depending on size, speed, and engine. The longest race of the day was 16 miles for class C boats, those classified as speed boats, those boats capable of speeds of 15 MPH or better. The course started at the boat house and ran up-river to a stakeboat opposite Coney Island and back for a distance of 8 1/2 miles. The class C boats ran the course twice for 16 1/4 miles.

Regatta 4.jpg (108775 bytes)        Regatta photo.jpg (355783 bytes)

   The second non-postcard image above is the photograph that was used to make the postcard on the left.


Athelitc club & YMCA-Foot of Wal.Hills.jpg (77469 bytes)*
Athletic Club & Y.M.C.A.  
Walnut Hills in Background   


Sailboat near Cincinnati.jpg (227359 bytes)        Boating 2.jpg (116003 bytes)        Boating 4.jpg (88453 bytes)
Sailing on the Ohio


Estel pleasure boat.jpg (317083 bytes)    EStel pleasure boat back.jpg (177149 bytes)                Estel Party Boat.jpg (63205 bytes)
          Pleasure Boat Estel for hire.                                                  Not a postcard

   The little moonlight dance boat Estel was well known by those Cincinnatians who indulged in river parties. The proprietor was Oscar H. Schmidt who had an office at 222 West Third Street in Newport, KY. Built in 1907 for family parties and small crowds he later came up with the idea of providing a space for dancing by building an auxiliary boat that was attached to the Estel. Both boats were lighted and the Estel had a galley and some cabins.


  Boating 1.jpg (101211 bytes)                  Boating 3.jpg (79431 bytes)                    Motor Boating on the Ohio.jpg (267408 bytes)
  On the picturesque Ohio                       Kind of overloaded isn't it?                                  Speed Boat              


Sam Hern Speed Boat.jpg (321187 bytes)
Louisville to Cincinnati
 Speed Record

   The postcard above shows "The Ol Pro", Sam Hern, setting the record for the shortest time from Louisville to Cincinnati on August 19, 1958. Len Osborne was in the back seat. The 133 miles was driven in 192 minutes for an average of 41.6 M.P.H. 
   Sam Hern was the first Mercury outboard motor dealer in Cincinnati. In 1947 he bought 3 mercury outboard motors and began building, and selling, race boats from his back yard in Norwood. In the early 50's he expanded to building family runabouts and moved to a lot on Seymour Avenue near Cincinnati Gardens. In 1979 his son Jack and partner Jim Stewart bought his fathers business and, in 1979, moved the business to a five acre site in Fairfield. Hern Marine has become the largest Marine Store in the mid-west.


Moonlight Ride.jpg (88077 bytes)                   Fishing 1.jpg (106432 bytes)      Fishing 2.jpg (105113 bytes)     Fishing 3.jpg (121806 bytes)
              A moonlight ride.                      Fishing on the Ohio. All three look like the same area, the last 2 are obviously the same day


Towboat.jpg (234828 bytes)                                Picturesque Ohio River.jpg (334884 bytes)
       Towboat on the Ohio.                                    Picturesque Glimpse of the Ohio