Odds & Ends 3


   These cards are called sample cards. They were mailed out to prospective customers in the hopes they would order large amounts to sell in their shops. They could have also been passed out directly by salesmen as they went on their routes.


Art & Scenery -30-front.jpg (106498 bytes)    Art & Scenery -30-back.jpg (54221 bytes)        Kraemer no. 30.jpg (195666 bytes)    Kraemer no. 30 back.jpg (80276 bytes)

Special Art & Scenery #30

Kraemer Salesman Special Art.jpg (266512 bytes)    Kraemer Salesman Speaial Art back.jpg (83746 bytes)


Delft Scenery Cards-front.jpg (65322 bytes)    Delft Scenery Cards-back.jpg (69895 bytes)
Delft Scenery Cards 


Birthday Cards -30-front.jpg (139281 bytes)    Birthday Cards -30.jpg (68696 bytes)    Birthday Cards -30a-front.jpg (134888 bytes)    Birthday Cards -30a.jpg (65309 bytes)        Birthday Cards -410-front.jpg (113171 bytes)    Birthday Cards -410.jpg (63807 bytes)
                          Birthday Cards #30                                                                                       Birthday Cards #410


Birthday Cards -500-front.jpg (128430 bytes)    Birthday Cards -500.jpg (75897 bytes)                    kraemer Birthday cards-700.jpg (309267 bytes)    Kraemer Birthday 700-back.jpg (110830 bytes)
Birthday Cards #500                                                                            Birthday Cards #700


Kramer Best Wishes.jpg (171884 bytes)    Kraemer Best Wishes back.jpg (108717 bytes)
Special Birthday Cards


Floral cards-1c.jpg (91814 bytes)    Floral cards-1c-back.jpg (68441 bytes)    Kraemer sample-s1.jpg (93329 bytes)
Special Floral Cards #1


Floral Cards -3.jpg (103893 bytes)    Kraemer Floral Cards 3.jpg (286326 bytes)    Kraemer Salesman Special Floral.jpg (182627 bytes)    Kraemer Floral back.jpg (227144 bytes)
   Special Floral Cards #3   


Floral Cards -4.jpg (94077 bytes)    Floral Cards -4-back.jpg (73013 bytes)                    Flower cards-400-front.jpg (108297 bytes)    Flower cards-400-back.jpg (71490 bytes)
Special Floral Cards #4                                                                            Flower Cards #400            


Scenery Cards-219.jpg (133868 bytes)    Scenery Cards-219-back.jpg (70335 bytes)
Scenery Cards #219


My Relations Cards.jpg (112458 bytes)    My Relations Cards-back.jpg (73255 bytes)        Kraemer Relation.jpg (257866 bytes)    Kraemer relation-back.jpg (109112 bytes)
Special to my Relations Cards


Kraemer Honey Boy.jpg (305184 bytes)    Kraemer Honey Boy back.jpg (191495 bytes)        Kraemer Relations.jpg (305995 bytes)    Kraemer Relations back.jpg (167423 bytes)
Special to my Relations card


Thanksgiving Cards-front.jpg (137357 bytes)    Thanksgiving Cards-back.jpg (62011 bytes)
Thanksgiving Cards


Easter Cards-88a-front.jpg (128975 bytes)    Easter Cards-88a-back.jpg (72842 bytes)                    Santa front.jpg (124575 bytes)    Santa back.jpg (45067 bytes)
          Special Easter Cards #88-A                                                        Special Christmas & New Year Cards #A


Kraemer Salesman Special New Year.jpg (181945 bytes)    Kraemer Salesman Special New Year back.jpg (151525 bytes)
Special New Year Cards No. A.


Kraemer Foreign PC.jpg (113533 bytes)    Kraemer Foreign PC Back.jpg (51432 bytes)    Kraemer Foreign Scenery.jpg (360737 bytes)
Special Foreign Scenery


uc-c3kramer.jpg (111829 bytes)    uc-c3kramer-back.jpg (64203 bytes) 
Kraemer's Colorgraph


W. H.  STANAGE  &  CO.

Stanage -1440-front.jpg (146442 bytes)    Stanage -1440-back.jpg (55131 bytes)                    Stanage-1212-front.jpg (125588 bytes)    Stanage-1212-back.jpg (44993 bytes)

          Stanage-1015-front.jpg (110782 bytes)    Stanage-1015-back.jpg (69625 bytes)                    Stanage-1460-front.jpg (114458 bytes)    Stanage-1460-back.jpg (63492 bytes)

Stanage-511-front.jpg (115381 bytes)    Stanage-511-back.jpg (63782 bytes)                    Stanage-682-front.jpg (103187 bytes)    Stanage-682-back.jpg (76637 bytes)

Stanage-S59-front.jpg (116425 bytes)    Stanage-S59-back.jpg (79939 bytes)                    stanage-S76-front.jpg (87511 bytes)    stanage-S76-back.jpg (63928 bytes)



US Novelty Art Series.jpg (500708 bytes)        US Novelty-2.jpg (117348 bytes)        US Novelty-3.jpg (114702 bytes)        US Novelty-4.jpg (110349 bytes)

US Novelty-5.jpg (86842 bytes)        US Novelty Co. Sample.jpg (239444 bytes)        U.S. Novelty Co. Sample.jpg (74829 bytes)        US Novelty-n1.jpg (101995 bytes)

Salesman Sample-Nov.jpg (73303 bytes)        US Novelty-n2.jpg (110541 bytes)        US Novelty-n3.jpg (128095 bytes)        Chicken To-Day.jpg (256630 bytes)

Novelty Co series.jpg (98409 bytes)        US Novelty-1.jpg (132093 bytes)



Colortype.jpg (113785 bytes)        National Colortype Sales card.jpg (365499 bytes)                    National Colortype Reply.jpg (209501 bytes)    National Colortype reply back.jpg (142336 bytes)

   The card on the right above is a reply from the National Colortype Co. for an order that had been placed with them.



Standard Publisher Sample.jpg (152933 bytes)    Standard Publisher Sample back.jpg (216523 bytes)    Standard Publishing front.jpg (139740 bytes)



Kaeser & Blair Price List.jpg (494363 bytes)    Kaeser & Blair back.jpg (433947 bytes)



Newport Studio-front.jpg (146265 bytes)    Newport Studio-back.jpg (59164 bytes)    Newport Studio 2.jpg (346074 bytes)    Newport Studio 2 back.jpg (139264 bytes)
134 West Fourth St., Cincinnati


Salesman Stamps.jpg (397242 bytes)

   This pane of stamps was removed from a much larger pane. These stamps were, I believe, used by the postcard salesmen as an easy way to show a prospective customer their current line of cards. They could also have been stuck on the salesman's order form as a way to ensure that the customer received the correct cards. I have seen a complete sheet of stamps for Kraemer, unfortunately it was much too expensive for me at that time.


Cincinnati News Pane 1.jpg (1223129 bytes)Cincinnati News Pane 3.jpg (1041305 bytes)
Cincinnati News Pane 2.jpg (1102837 bytes)Cincinnati News Pane 4.jpg (1164756 bytes)
Cincinnati News Salesman Stamps

 The 100 salesman stamp pane above was used by the salesmen for the postcard publisher Cincinnati News. This publisher was, after Kraemer, one of the largest producers of Cincinnati postcards. This pane is too large to scan at one time so I have divided it into four quarters.




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