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Cincinnati  Symphony  Orchestra

  Founded in 1895, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra is the fourth oldest American Symphonic Organization in existence. The concerts in the 1895-1896 season were played at Pike Opera House on fourth Street, in the following years they were played at Music Hall. The first conductor of the symphony was Frank Van  Der Stucken. A budget deficit forced the orchestra to fold in 1907. The Music Hall was considered to large for an orchestra to be heard by all the people in the hall holding 3,600 seats. In 1908 Mrs. Mary Emery donated  $500,000 for the construction of a new Ohio Mechanics Institute building including a large assembly hall to be known as the Emery Auditorium and let it be known that she would prefer it to be constructed so that it would be suitable for "entertainments, symphony and other concerts". Enough money was finally raised for the Symphony to start  up again in the 1909-1910 season.
  Leopold Stokowski was chosen as conductor and made his conducting debut on November 26, 1909 at Music Hall. After a very acrimonious relationship with the board of directors he left in 1912. Ernst Kunwald succeeded  Stokowski and in 1914 the orchestra moved its concerts to the completed Emery Auditorium. In late 1917 Kunwald began to express strong feelings for his native Germany and he was finally arrested, imprisoned for more than a year before he and his wife were deported in 1918. He died in Vienna in 1939 at the beginning of the next world war. You will find some cards of the orchestra in the Cincinnati Zoo section. 

Conductor-aa.jpg (189017 bytes)    Conductor-aa-back.jpg (112978 bytes)    Kunwald.jpg (84407 bytes)    Dr.Ernst Kunwald-3.jpg (280211 bytes)        Cinti Symphony.jpg (99677 bytes)    Stokowski.jpg (77193 bytes)
                           Back of card on left                                                                              Cincinnati Symphony    Leopold Stokowski
Ernst Kunwald                                                                                 


Pianist Myrtle Elvyn.jpg (140793 bytes)                Pianist Myrtle Elvyn-back.jpg (199819 bytes)                              Professor Napoleon.jpg (162906 bytes)
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Soloist Myrtle Elvyn                                Card reminding person of a
                   Advertising Kimball Pianos                                                            rehearsal at Music Hall


Alois Burgstaller.jpg (153798 bytes)                        Kubelik-Music Hall.jpg (199634 bytes)    Kubelik-Music Hall Back.jpg (131088 bytes)
 Tenor Alois Burgstaller                        Violinist Jan Kubelik recital at Music Hall         


Booth Lewis.jpg (143527 bytes)    Booth Lewis back.jpg (140782 bytes)
Tenor Booth Lewis at Old Vienna


*Musical Concert.jpg (98489 bytes)                Loveland Townhall & Opera House.jpg (95130 bytes)     Loveland opera Hs.jpg (173469 bytes)    Loveland Opera House-gt.jpg (76580 bytes)
A Musical Concert                                                                          Loveland Opera House                                           

   The Loveland Opera House was also Loveland's City Hall. To see more of this building go to the 3rd page of the Political section.


Glendale Lyceum.jpg (256242 bytes)    Glendale Lyceum-2.jpg (184416 bytes)    Lyceum Glendale.jpg (265532 bytes)
Glendale Lyceum

   A Lyceum is a building that is used for concerts and lectures. The Glendale Lyceum was opened February 22, 1892. It also is the towns library and museum. Membership is limited to the residents of Glendale and vicinity within a radius of three miles. The main hall is 40' x 50' with a large stage and dressing rooms.


1899 Saengerfest.jpg (179016 bytes)

   Very rare postcard promoting the 1899 Saengerfest. (Gathering of the several German singing societies then in existence)



Alexander.jpg (141895 bytes)        Cherniavsky.jpg (112057 bytes)        Lohmueller.jpg (73953 bytes)        Brass band.jpg (115075 bytes)
 Dick Alexander's Band           Cherniavsky's Jazz Band        Charley Lohmueller Band               2nd Independent        
                                                                                                                                                            Regimental Band


Juvenile Orchestra.jpg (70184 bytes)         Cadet BAND.jpg (132624 bytes)         Syrian Temple Band.jpg (127504 bytes)          ONG Band.jpg (247444 bytes)
Tusculum Juvenile Orchestra              O.M.I. Cadet Band                   Syrian Temple Band              Ohio National Guard Band    


O.U.A.M.jpg (140236 bytes)            St Bernard Band.jpg (145021 bytes)            2nd reg band.jpg (278147 bytes)
Cincinnati's Jr. O.U.A.M. Band

   The Junior Order of United American Mechanics was founded in 1853 at Germantown, Pennsylvania. The organization is a non-sectarian non-profit fraternal benefit society for men (Councils), women (assemblies) and their families. In 1999 the two were combined to form one Council.

OUAM Lithograph.jpg (1097964 bytes)
Strobridge Lithograph
for the


Ladies Military Band.jpg (115007 bytes)            St Joseph orphan band.jpg (149018 bytes)
U.S. Ladies Military Band            St. Joseph's Orphan Band


Masonic Band-double.jpg (225520 bytes)
This is a double card of the Cincinnati Masonic Band.


Trinity Orchestra 3-26-20.jpg (217168 bytes)                                    Harrison Boys Band.jpg (316453 bytes)
      Trinity Orchestra                                                   Harrison Ohio Boy's Band


Brass Band-Brecon Ohio.jpg (285255 bytes)

   The three men in this real photo postcard are in some kind of band in Brecon, Ohio, their hats all say Brecon. Brecon is located around the 1300 block of Kemper Road in a area that is, today, located next to I275 on the North side. The population in 1893 was 72. It had its own P.O. and railroad station.


Madisonville Marching Band.jpg (364879 bytes)
Madisonville Marching Band


The Sparklettes.jpg (417531 bytes)        The Sparklettes back.jpg (199652 bytes)
Roy Meyers Entertainment  904 Woodlawn Avenue

   This establishment was located near the foot of Price Hill. The building at that site today is an old apartment building.



   The first non-postcard image is an ad from 1895 for the College of Music of Cincinnati. Check out the names on the Board of Trusties.

College of Music-1895.JPG (530101 bytes)

  This school was incorporated in 1878 and opened in Dexter Hall within the Music Hall complex on October 14, 1878. The image below shows the Dexter Hall auditorium that was located on the third floor directly over the two story vestibule. The hall could seat 1,200 people.

Dexter Hall auditorium.jpg (593014 bytes)

 In 1884 the first of a series of buildings were built next to the Music Hall for use by the College of Music. In October of that year the Odeon was dedicated. This structure contained a 1500 seat auditorium, classrooms and practice rooms. This building made the College of Music one of the first music schools in the country to have its own concert hall. In 1889 property was bought next door and the Lyceum was constructed. This building had a smaller 400 seat auditorium with a organ (the Odeon also had a organ) and was to be used for lectures, chamber concerts and examinations. In the 1882-1883 College of Music of Cincinnati catalog contained this collage by the artist John Rettig showing exterior and interior views of the college. The 2nd image shows the entrance to the Odeon. The fire that destroyed the main section of the College in 1902 did not touch this part of the structure. It was retained and attached to the new Odeon that was built in 1911. The 3rd image is of the original Odeon auditorium and the 4th shows the Lyceum.

1882-1883 catalog drawing.jpg (1353530 bytes)        Original Odeon.jpg (590545 bytes)        Odeon 1884-1902.jpg (203151 bytes)        The Lyceum 1889-1902.jpg (336639 bytes)

In 1902 J.E. Schmidlapp, treasurer of the college, offered to build a permanent dormitory for the students as a memorial to his wife. The Schmidlapp Dormitory was erected adjacent to the other two structures in 1902 on Elm Street next to the Memorial Hall. The 1st two  images below are of the new dormitory (which was for women only) but students did not enter the dormitory directly from the door you see. This door opened to a long corridor that went almost the entire length of the block between Elm and Plum (later Central Parkway). The gated entrance you see in the 3rd image was inside this corridor, further down the corridor were 3 separate entrances to the college itself. In the first photograph you can see 3 bridges between the dormitory and Memorial Hall because the students would use the auditorium in the Hall whenever the Odeon was being used by another class. The buildings to the right of the Schmidlapp Dormitory would later become Alms Hall, another dormitory. At the rear of the Schmidlapp Dormitory was another bridge that attached to the main Odeon building and immediately upon entering the ladies would enter a combination practice room and dining hall seen in the 3rd photo.

College of Music entrance.jpg (208565 bytes)        College of Music Dorm Entrance.jpg (292467 bytes)        Schmidlapp Dormitory Entrance.jpg (330626 bytes)

   On September 5, 1902 tragedy struck the college when fire destroyed both the Odeon and the Lyceum. Fall classes opened using the dormitory building. Located at 1227 Elm Street (just south of Music Hall) the Schmidlapp Dormitory was used for years with the student enrollment steadily increasing. In 1911 the College of Music replaced the Odeon and the Lyceum with a single concert facility. Constructed of fireproof materials it had a 700 seat auditorium. In 1921 Mrs. Frederick H Alms purchased the property between Schmidlapp Dormitory and Music Hall for Alms Hall, a new dormitory. This new facility provided a connecting link between all the College of Music buildings and Music Hall. By 1926 The College finally retained control of all the properties. The last building erected by the college was the three-story office and studio building which was dedicated October 11, 1927. This new building faced onto Central Parkway (the other buildings  faced Elm Street). You can see this building on the right below. The building you see on the left is the original Odeon building that was not consumed by the fire. The grand staircase seen in one of the cards below was in this building.

College of Music-Admin. building.jpg (212481 bytes)

  All the buildings except the Administration Building have since been razed for parking lots. Because of a need for more space and a better location the college merged with Cincinnati Conservatory of Music in 1955. In 1962 C.C.M. joined the University of Cincinnati as its 14th college.

Music Hall-1c.jpg (124799 bytes)                College of Music 1.jpg (147230 bytes)        Schmidlapp-Students room.jpg (110409 bytes)        College of Music Dormitory.jpg (290238 bytes)
Memorial Hall-College                  Schmidlapp Dormitory                                       Student dorm rooms                             
Odeon & Music Hall                                                                               Check out odd looking figures on left in last card.   


Gantvoort.jpg (95059 bytes)        College of Music 2.jpg (110450 bytes)        College of Music 3.jpg (92035 bytes)        College of Music Orchestra.jpg (97858 bytes)
A. J. Gantvoort                 Main Staircase                   Albino Gorno's Studio              Orchestra  Rehearsal    

   Albino Gorno was the dean of the college, and senior faculty member.


College Of Music Chorus.jpg (311560 bytes)        College of Music Dining Rm.jpg (289373 bytes)
    Chorus                                  Dining Room





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