Modern  Chromes



    The modern Photo chrome-style postcard first appeared in 1939 with the Union Oil Company carrying them in their western service stations. During World War II the production of these cards was slowed due to the shortage of supplies, but after the war, they dominated the postcard market. These cards are the closest to real photographs and the ones most familiar to us today. You will see some stunning views of Cincinnati in many of these cards. There will be no attempt to describe what you are looking at as these images are not from 50 to 100 years age but what can be seen now. Of course Riverfront Stadium, (known as Cinergy Field the last few years), which is probably seen in 80% of these cards has been imploded already to make room for the new Ball Park and the new Paul Brown Football Stadium has already been built, so even these cards are showing images that no longer exist. As the saying goes, "The only thing permanent in life is change itself". These cards are all  4"x  6" continental cards.


Chrome BEV-1.jpg (171006 bytes)        Chrome-Overhead-n1.jpg (922389 bytes)        Chrome BEV-3.jpg (116139 bytes)        Chrome BEV-4.jpg (188050 bytes)


Chrome BEV-5.jpg (164394 bytes)        Chrome BEV-6.jpg (95002 bytes)        Chrome BEV-7.jpg (142638 bytes)        Chrome BEV-8.jpg (156232 bytes)


Riverfront Stadium Lg..jpg (726842 bytes)

   This larger than normal (5" x 7 1/2") postcard is not a continental card but it is obviously the same image as the card above so its placement seems obvious.


Chrome BEV-9.jpg (124894 bytes)         Chrome BEV-10vert.jpg (116648 bytes)         Chrome BEV-11.jpg (144221 bytes)        Chrome BEV-12.jpg (139386 bytes)


Chrome BEV-14.jpg (131007 bytes)         Chrome BEV-13.jpg (151652 bytes)         Chrome BEV-15.jpg (149529 bytes)        Chrome BEV-16.jpg (177213 bytes)
Paul Brown Stadium can be seen under construction on the left side of the third card above.


Chrome BEV-17.jpg (134711 bytes)        Chrome BEV-18.jpg (98805 bytes)        Chrome BEV-19.jpg (104495 bytes)        Chrome BEV-20.jpg (100548 bytes)


Devou Park view-gr.jpg (190303 bytes)        Cincy-EP.jpg (1111100 bytes)        Chrome BEV-2.jpg (87481 bytes)        Chrome-BEV-Big Mack.jpg (978815 bytes)


BEV Chrome-Central Bridge.jpg (315874 bytes)

   The card above was probably made in 1994 because the Central Bridge has been demolished and is missing.


Chrome-bev west.jpg (661507 bytes)        Chrome-Cincy from Mt Adams.jpg (462858 bytes)        Chrome-2000 BEV.jpg (554392 bytes)        Cincinnati BEV riverfront.jpg (413211 bytes)


Chrome BEV to KY.jpg (437427 bytes)



Devou Park Chrome-2.jpg (107344 bytes)        Devou Park Chrome-1.jpg (143310 bytes)        From KY-3.jpg (126188 bytes)        From KY-4.jpg (132013 bytes)


Devou Park Chrome-3.jpg (160224 bytes)        Cincinnati from Devou.jpg (864750 bytes)        Devou Park Chrome-4.jpg (149186 bytes)        From KY-5.jpg (132927 bytes)


Skyline _Devou Park.jpg (303383 bytes)        Chrome-FromKY.jpg (919463 bytes)        Devou BEV.jpg (375630 bytes)        Chrome-Skyline from Devou.jpg (435726 bytes)


Chrome Cincinnati From Devou.jpg (255163 bytes)        Cincinnati From Devou Chrome.jpg (433695 bytes)





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