Miscellaneous Novelty Cards


You are going to find all kinds of novelty cards here and they will be shown in no particular order.


   There are many types of mechanical cards. These cards generally have hidden images that you have to flip open, or pull out to see. The first three cards are the type you have to pull out. As you pull the tab out 12 smaller cards are flipped over one by one. The smaller cards in the third card are in color.

Pull Tabs-1.jpg (127247 bytes)                        Pull Tabs-3.jpg (121689 bytes)                        Pull Tabs-2.jpg (114945 bytes)


   The next four cards demonstrate the type of mechanical card where you have to flip it open to see the smaller images inside. The first two cards show 12 images about the same size as the image on the front.  The next card shows the front and, next to it, 1/2 of the inside showing the smaller 24 images attached accordion style. The last card has 14 images under the heart. Unfortunately I can't show any of these smaller images without damaging them.

Hidden door-1.jpg (73726 bytes)    Hidden door-2.jpg (86444 bytes)    Hidden door-3a.jpg (100544 bytes)    Hidden door-3b.jpg (105338 bytes)    Hidden door-4.jpg (94864 bytes)


Comic Folder x1.jpg (266494 bytes)        Comic Folder x2.jpg (211440 bytes)        Comic Folder x3.jpg (281641 bytes)

   With this card you flip up the bottom half and you see the 2nd image which is where you would write your message. You then opened up the bottom half and 12 images would fan out accordion style as seen in the 3rd image. There is a string or ribbon missing that would have been tied using the 2 holes thus keeping the card closed when mailed.         


This card has 12 images that you can remove completely from the main body. There are 6 images on each side.

Album-1.jpg (184404 bytes)


Credit Clothing pull tab.jpg (99450 bytes)

   This rather worn out push-pull tab card makes the piano player move as if he is playing the piano. Made by The Cincinnati Credit Clothing Co. 15th. & Broad St. 


Flach push-pull.jpg (245633 bytes)

   This second push-pull tab card, put out by the Flach Bros. Grocery Co. on the corner of 2nd & Vine St., changes faces when activated. Apparently if the person with the card matched a face with one that was probably hung in the grocery store they would win some kind of prize. 


  Puzzle Card-Deeks.JPG (52386 bytes)*

   Using the same technology as the above 2 cards, this Deeks puzzle card shows two scenes when tilted from side to side. Fountain Sq. & City Hall.


Note from Cincinnati.jpg (87505 bytes)                                         A Note-Heart.jpg (86501 bytes)
                                                                               This one is empty

   I got curious one day and opened the envelope on the card on the left to see  what was written. There is a piece of paper that just says April 1st.



Miniature-1b.jpg (167923 bytes)                Miniature-1a.jpg (48527 bytes)

   The first two items were produced by the Kraemer Postcard Co. They both contain  20  2 1/4" x 3 1/2" miniature cards, the top one in color and the one below in black & white. I have spread out the box above (pretend the white portions are black) to show you what they look like.


Minis.jpg (153166 bytes)    mini pic2.jpg (260579 bytes)    Mini pic1.jpg (260373 bytes)


Photo Pack1.jpg (68486 bytes)    Photo Pack2.jpg (97416 bytes)

   The packet above was Published by the Grogan Photo Co., Danville, Illinois. The 20 miniature photographs are 1 3/4" x 2 3/4". It is dated 5/1/45.


Grogan Miniatures.jpg (100657 bytes)    Grogan 1.jpg (392094 bytes)    Grogan 2.jpg (618931 bytes)

    The packet above was Published by the Grogan Photo Co., Danville, Illinois. The 20 miniature photographs are 1 3/4" x 2 3/4". I thought I would try something different with this one, and show all the photographs.


12 Assorted views.jpg (65920 bytes)    12 Views-Wittenborg a.jpg (114361 bytes)

   The 12  2 1/2" x 3 1/2" black and white photographs were Published by the Wittenborg Toy Co.


Karmer Novelty=z2.jpg (101548 bytes)    Karmer Novelty=z1.jpg (105955 bytes)    Karmer Novelty=z3.jpg (100311 bytes)    Kramer Photo Insert.jpg (287659 bytes)    Karmer Novelty=zback.jpg (85730 bytes)

   Kraemer collectors will be interested in the four cards above. The last card shows the back of one of the cards showing the thin piece of paper, with the normal Kraemer layout, pasted to the card (somewhat crookedly). The person put their photo in the oval and pasted this paper over it. The card below is the same except it was produced by E. Coleman (Appolo (sic) Building)

Coleman Photo Insert.jpg (250411 bytes)    Coleman Photo Insert-back.jpg (135570 bytes)


Hennegan-1.jpg (424994 bytes)        Hennegan-2.jpg (429092 bytes)        Hennegan-3.jpg (459346 bytes)        Hennegan-4.jpg (88726 bytes)
Hennegan & Co. 318 W. Court Street

   The Hennegan were wholesale booksellers and printers. They put out this novelty card in 1915 as an example of their ability to print interesting cards that could be used for advertising purposes. There was no such thing as a Hennegan County Fair. The first image shows the front of the card. When you open the card you can see where the front was cut out in two places so that part of the image on the right half could be seen.. You then opened up the card once more to where all the information was printed. The 4th image shows the back of the card. 




    These cards are entirely constructed of aluminum which ,as you can see, makes them very hard to keep flat. I show the back of one of these cards to bring up a point I should have mentioned before this. Very popular was the use of clear or glassine envelopes where you could see the card inside. As you can see on the back of one of these cards in the 3rd row that was how these were meant to be sent. You put the address and message on the card but you put the stamp on the glassine envelope. 

Aluminum cards-1.jpg (62080 bytes)    aluminum Bridge.jpg (245817 bytes)    Aluminum cards-4.jpg (69385 bytes)    Aluminum-EP.jpg (219777 bytes)
Same view - Different perspective                                                                                                

Aluminum-Music Hall.jpg (198149 bytes)    Aluminum Art Museum-School.jpg (218417 bytes)    Aluminium-UC.jpg (250628 bytes)    Aluminum Zoo.jpg (212879 bytes)

Aluminum cards-3.jpg (88267 bytes)        Aluminum cards-5.jpg (65754 bytes)        Aluminum-City Hall2.jpg (185145 bytes)

   The last 4 images are different from the others in that they were meant to be mailed in the normal way. I show the back of one of them.

Aluminum Music Hall.jpg (166131 bytes)    Aluminum cards-2.jpg (73139 bytes)    Aluminum-Art Museum.jpg (206556 bytes)    Alum back.jpg (161873 bytes)



Kopper Kard-CUT.jpg (423724 bytes)    Kopper Card 1.jpg (342262 bytes)    Kopper Card  (2).jpg (251760 bytes)    Kopper Card  (3).jpg (273184 bytes)  *Kopper-Kard Suspension Bridge.jpg (406871 bytes)
Cincinnati Union Terminal                                                          Various Engines                                                              Suspension Bridge       
                                                                                                                                                                                            Thanks Scott Kabakoff

   Copper cards do not scan very well especially since they are also embossed

Kopper Kard Music Hall.jpg (597945 bytes)                Kopper Kard-Fountain.jpg (323023 bytes)                Kopper Kard-Riverfront.jpg (448819 bytes)
Music Hall                                Fountain Square                                 Riverfront



Metal Car Attached.jpg (131512 bytes)



Nut Shell 2 (1).jpg (12593 bytes)        Nut Shell 2.jpg (27208 bytes)

   This plastic nut shell was mailed just like the first image shows, the two halves snapped closed for mailing. It was produced in the early 50's.





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