Lawrenceburg Indiana 2



   The first 2 rows shows the three states of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana from Lawrenceburg, Indiana. The 3rd row of cards also show The Wharf Landing, and the "Motor (Launch) Fleet."

Lawrenceburg-Ohio River.jpg (273876 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Scene.jpg (273929 bytes)        Tri-state view Lawrenceburg.jpg (175283 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Tri-State View.jpg (298580 bytes)

Lawrenceburg Scene Up The Ohio.jpg (174797 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Looking Up Ohio.jpg (330850 bytes)

Lawrenceburg Wharf Boat.jpg (276216 bytes)    Lawrenceburg-Motor Fleet.jpg (216478 bytes)    Lawrenceburg Launch Fleet.jpg (245906 bytes)    Lawrenceburg Ohio River 5.jpg (383208 bytes)    Lawrenceburg Wharf RPPC.jpg (139076 bytes)
                                                                                                                                                                                          RPPC The Wharf


Lawrenceburg Levee.jpg (692924 bytes)                            Lawrenceburg-Peoples Coal Barge.jpg (185313 bytes)                            Lawrenceburg Coal Elevator.jpg (355268 bytes)
Lawrenceburg Levee                                            Peoples Coal Co.                                                    Coal Elevator     


Lawrenceburg Ferry.jpg (211319 bytes)    Lawrenceburg Ferry 2.jpg (303340 bytes)    Primative Ferry Boat.jpg (259951 bytes)    Lawrenceburg River Scene.jpg (166242 bytes)    Lawrenceburg View of Ohio River.jpg (245576 bytes)
Lawrenceburg Ind. Ferry          The Ferry Carolyn        Primative (sic) Ferry Boat                               Scene on Ohio River                           



Lawrenceburg 07 flood 1.jpg (110985 bytes)        Lawrenceburg 07 flood.jpg (97423 bytes)                     Lawrenceburg Levee-High Water.jpg (216081 bytes)       Lawrenceburg-1907 Flood.jpg (322219 bytes)
                                                   Train Wreck                                          Protecting the Levee              Cottages destroyed



Lawrenceburg Levee Break-1913.jpg (201173 bytes)
Spot where levee broke

   By January 15, the great flood of 1913 had reached 62' at Lawrenceburg, Indiana but the people of that city, remembering the flood of 1907 when the water had reached 66' and the levee held, did not even bother to move their belongings to a higher elevation.
   On the 14th a slide occurred between the main flood gate and the Lawrenceburg gas plant. Two watchmen were assigned to keep an eye on it during the night. Around midnight on the 16th the ground gave way a short distance from where watchman Henry Schinaman was sitting. Immediately a chasm opened below him and water began rushing thru. Henry ran to the Newtown engine house and rang the bell, alerting the residence of the flood. 
   It was later determined that the 60' wide by 80' long and 20' deep opening was made by water seeping through the levee which softened the soil at the base, plus the incessant rain, caused the earth to slide out due to its own weight.


Lawrenceburg 1913 Flood.jpg (279040 bytes)                Lawrenceburg 1913 flood-Children.jpg (384036 bytes)                Lawrenceburg-Regan Hotel 1913 flood.jpg (313739 bytes)
Walnut Street                              Children in the wreckage                             Regan Hotel    
Lawrenceburg, Indiana


Lawrenceburg-Break in Big 4 Levee.jpg (334719 bytes)                Lawrenceburg-Break in Ohio Levee.jpg (333683 bytes)                Lawrenceburg High St. west-1913.jpg (328445 bytes)
  Break in Big Four Levee                  Break in Ohio River Levee                    High St. Looking West    


Lawrenceburg 1913.jpg (172874 bytes)                Lawrenceburg 1913 Flood-Mills Hotel.jpg (205143 bytes)
Locations uncertain

   The 2nd card has Mills Hotel along the right hand side.


Lawrenceburg Christian Church in Flood.jpg (426729 bytes)
Christian Church

   There is no date on this postcard so I a guessing at which flood this was taken, it could be the 1907 flood. Any help out there?



Tri-State Flood 1937.jpg (177914 bytes)

   Most of Lawrenceburg is shown under water in this aerial photograph. Lawrenceburg is in the center with Indiana on the left, Ohio in the upper middle and Kentucky on the right. The Ohio River is winding up and to the right and the Great Miami is shown winding around the spit of land in the center.

Lawrenceburg-BEV 1937 Flood.jpg (186768 bytes)


Seagrams-1937 Flood.jpg (332242 bytes)        1937-1.jpg (335506 bytes)        1937-2.jpg (309619 bytes)    Lawrenceburg BEV 1937 Flood.jpg (263837 bytes)
                    Seagram's Bottling Plant                                                             Lawrenceburg Overhead                          


    Lawrenceburg-1937-6.jpg (292828 bytes)        Lawrenceburg-37 flood wal st..jpg (321119 bytes)        1937+60.jpg (336737 bytes)        Factory District 1937 Flood.jpg (345592 bytes)
Walnut St. During Flood                   After Flood                         60 Days After Flood                    Factory District    


Lawrenceburg-1937-4.jpg (285424 bytes)        Lawrenceburg-1937-5.jpg (311625 bytes)        Lawrenceburg-1937-1.jpg (237199 bytes)        Lawrenceburg-37 flood.jpg (277875 bytes)
Break in the Levee                     Main St. Near 3rd.                  Zion Baptist Church                   After The Flood   
                                                                                                        Walnut Street                                                    


1937-3.jpg (315600 bytes)    1937-4.jpg (349269 bytes)    1937-5.jpg (352938 bytes)        Stoll Filling Station 37 Flood.jpg (357581 bytes)
                                      Lawrenceburg Fair Grounds.                                                        Stoll Filling Station


Lawrenceburg-37 flood 3rd st..jpg (309465 bytes)        Lawrenceburg-tent city.jpg (310749 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Court House Flood.jpg (327322 bytes)        Repairing Levee Break 37 Flood.jpg (217150 bytes)
3rd Street, Looking East            Red Cross's Tent City                    Court House                       Repairing The Levee    


Lawrenceburg-1937-3.jpg (291401 bytes)        Lawrenceburg-1937-2.jpg (282168 bytes)                Lawrenceburg-1937-7.jpg (294527 bytes)
         Public Library                        Big Four R. R. Depot                     Roller (flour) Mills



   The following images are from a somewhat rare book that was put together by M. O. Whitney who was a resident of Lawrenceburg, Indiana during the catastrophic flood of 1937. He apparently took all these photographs himself and rented a airplane so he could take pictures from overhead. With the help and support from his wife he did all this while his home was being destroyed. I will not be putting up every picture in the book, some are more or less repeats of others.
   I have some postcards which were published by The Whitney Studios of Lawrenceburg, There obviously must be a connection.

Ghost City Cover.jpg (424627 bytes)

Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood a.jpg (395608 bytes)    Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood b.jpg (468087 bytes)    Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood c.jpg (392887 bytes)    Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood d.jpg (378276 bytes)    Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood e.jpg (340903 bytes)

Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood f.jpg (421445 bytes)    Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood g.jpg (306033 bytes)    Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood h.jpg (340824 bytes)    Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood i.jpg (322682 bytes)    Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood j.jpg (347691 bytes)

Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood k.jpg (291770 bytes)    Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood l.jpg (365096 bytes)    Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood m.jpg (349485 bytes)    Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood n.jpg (437936 bytes)    Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood o.jpg (357865 bytes)

Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood p.jpg (351259 bytes)    Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood q.jpg (305697 bytes)    Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood r.jpg (323155 bytes)    Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood s.jpg (351436 bytes)    Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood t.jpg (387246 bytes)

Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood u.jpg (288942 bytes)    Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood v.jpg (269842 bytes)    Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood w.jpg (339601 bytes)    Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood y.jpg (336032 bytes)    Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood x.jpg (385768 bytes)

Lawrenceburg 1937 Flood z.jpg (433046 bytes)     1937 Flood a.jpg (327925 bytes)     1937 Flood b.jpg (532873 bytes)     1937 Flood c.jpg (399273 bytes)     1937 Flood d.jpg (369854 bytes)

1937 Flood e.jpg (480958 bytes)    1937 Flood f.jpg (431418 bytes)    1937 Flood g.jpg (436810 bytes)    1937 Flood h.jpg (406307 bytes)    1937 Flood i.jpg (383995 bytes)

1937 Flood j.jpg (354018 bytes)    1937 Flood k.jpg (407677 bytes)    1937 Flood l.jpg (547200 bytes)    1937 Flood m.jpg (346764 bytes)    1937 Flood n.jpg (392663 bytes)

1937 Flood o.jpg (340784 bytes)    1937 flood p.jpg (361680 bytes)    1937 Flood q.jpg (454581 bytes)    1937 Flood r.jpg (408708 bytes)    1937 Flood s.jpg (489261 bytes)

1937 Flood t.jpg (489381 bytes)    1937 Flood v.jpg (538336 bytes)    1937 Flood w.jpg (466387 bytes)    1937 Flood x.jpg (413466 bytes)    1937 Flood y.jpg (396949 bytes)

1937 Flood z.jpg (451188 bytes)    1937 Flood  rr.jpg (407758 bytes)    1937 Flood aa.jpg (366051 bytes)    1937 Flood bb.jpg (363524 bytes)    1937 Flood cc.jpg (402439 bytes)

1937 Flood dd.jpg (444419 bytes)    1937 Flood ee.jpg (403761 bytes)    1937 Flood ff.jpg (401390 bytes)    1937 Flood gg.jpg (345436 bytes)    1937 Flood hh.jpg (396618 bytes)

1937 Flood ii.jpg (464341 bytes)    1937 Flood jj.jpg (469655 bytes)    1937 Flood kk.jpg (353025 bytes)    1937 Flood ll.jpg (486591 bytes)    1937 Flood mm.jpg (317953 bytes)

1937 Flood nn.jpg (507098 bytes)    1937 Flood oo.jpg (376268 bytes)    1937 Flood pp.jpg (388739 bytes)    1937 Flood qq.jpg (441610 bytes)    1937 Flood rr.jpg (489102 bytes)

1937 Flood ss.jpg (373672 bytes)    1937 Flood u.jpg (676599 bytes)    1937 Flood tt.jpg (338166 bytes)



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