Lawrenceburg Indiana



Lawrenceburg-BEV.jpg (262053 bytes)        Lawrenceburg-Picturesque View.jpg (243904 bytes)         Lawrenceburg from Ludlow Hill Park.jpg (268262 bytes)
                                                                                        View From Ludlow Hill Park



Corner High st & Walnut-Lawrenceburg.jpg (109203 bytes)    Lawrenceburg High Street.jpg (250618 bytes)    Lawrenceburg West High Street.jpg (284476 bytes)    Lawrenceburg on Saturday.jpg (230797 bytes)    Lawrenceburg-High & Walnut St..jpg (220777 bytes)
                       High Street                                                 West High Street                  Saturday crowds                High & Walnut Sts.


Lawrenceburg-Opera House.jpg (325861 bytes)        Lawrenceburg High & Walnut STs..jpg (366112 bytes)        Lawrenceburg 3rd & Main.jpg (343305 bytes)
       Opera House                       High & Walnut Sts.                        3rd& Main         


Lawrenceburg-Wal st.jpg (235543 bytes)    Lawrenceburg-east from Walnut.jpg (282565 bytes)    Walnut Street-Lawrenceburg.jpg (312230 bytes)    Lawrenceburg-Walnut Street.jpg (100989 bytes)    Walnut Street-Lawrenceburg.jpg (207822 bytes)
Walnut Street.


Lawrenceburg Walnut St. after 37 flood.jpg (290890 bytes)
Walnut St. 60 days after 37 flood.


*Lawrenceburg Streetcar.jpg (97708 bytes)
Scene in Newtown



Lawrenceburg Court House Color.jpg (496340 bytes)        Lawrenceburg-Court House.jpg (147429 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Courthouse vert..jpg (363482 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Court House.jpg (329718 bytes)

Dearborn County Courthouse  Lawrenceburg, Indiana

Lawrenceburg Court House.jpg (218740 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Court House.jpg (132070 bytes)        Lawrenceburg CH.jpg (219937 bytes)        Lawrenceburg-Court House-1872.jpg (389792 bytes)


Wt Durbin Birthplace Gov. of Ind..jpg (436389 bytes)
Governor W. T. Durbin's


Lawrenceburg Public Library.jpg (261204 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Library 1.jpg (295893 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Legion Home.jpg (385218 bytes)
                       Lawrenceburg Library                                        The Legion Home


Lawrenceburg FD 1.jpg (315304 bytes)        Lawrenceburg-King Hotel.jpg (290940 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Central Hotel.jpg (302454 bytes)
Fire Dept. #1                                King Hotel                              Central Hotel



Lawrenceburg Roller Mills.jpg (250683 bytes)    Lawrenceburg-Flour Mill.jpg (240406 bytes)    Lawrenceburg Lumber Co-rp.jpg (209476 bytes)    Batesville Lumber.jpg (168626 bytes)    Batesville Lumber Co Lawrenceburg.jpg (234659 bytes)
Largest Roller Mills in state.   (Flour)                                                       Batesville Lumber & Veneer Co                            


*Campbell Bros. Mfg. Co. Harrison.jpg (124441 bytes)
Campbell Bros. Mfg. Co. 

   The Campbell Brothers Manufacturing Co. was started in 1836 by two blacksmith brothers, Alexander and James Campbell, to build wagons & corn drills. In 1900 it was taken over by James' sons and   in 1911 incorporated as the Campbell Brothers Manufacturing Co.. It eventually merged with the Hausfeld Co., a furnace manufacturer, and today is known as Campbell Hausfeld.


Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Inc. Whiskey Producers.

Seagram Whiskey-1.jpg (663936 bytes)    Lawrenceburg-Seagram.jpg (334661 bytes)    Lawrenceburg-Seagram back.jpg (113763 bytes)    Seagrams-Lawrenceburg.jpg (181634 bytes)

Seagram Offices, Lawrenceburg.jpg (174979 bytes)                        Seagram Whiskey.jpg (591387 bytes)    Seagram Dist.,Lawrenceburg.jpg (331731 bytes)

   The Joseph E. Seagram & Sons Distillery, built in 1847, was the largest spirits distillery in the United States. Pernod Ricard was planning on closing the plant and moving their operations to other facilities in 2007 when the Caribbean rum producer, Angostura, acquired the plant and is going to make the distillery the centerpiece of its U.S. expansion. It will set up its corporate offices in the Cincinnati area. The new name will be Lawrenceburg Distillers Indiana.


Schenley Whiskey Co. Cafeteria.jpg (298615 bytes)    Lawrenceburg-Schenley rppc.jpg (131847 bytes)                   Lawrenceburg-Old Quaker.jpg (320560 bytes)
    Schenley Cafeteria & Office (whiskey)                                          Old Quaker Offices

   The Old Quaker Company (whiskey) was a division of Schenley and was located at the foot of Brown Street.


Bonds Mill Distillary Lawrenceburg.jpg (368272 bytes)                Lawrenceburg-Ezra Brooks.jpg (301685 bytes)    Lawrenceburg-Ezra back.jpg (107106 bytes)
Bonds Mill Distilling Co.                               Ezra Brooks Distilling Co.                   


Lawrenceburg Roller Mills.jpg (289666 bytes)    Lawrenceburg Largest Mill 2.jpg (310016 bytes)    Lawrenceburg Largest Roller Mills.jpg (272017 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Roller Mills New Year card.jpg (264141 bytes)
                                          Largest Roller Mills in Indiana                                                   New Years Card 


Lawrenceburg James & Meyer Buggy Co..jpg (441593 bytes)
James & Meyer Buggy Co.

   I have seen ads for the James and Meyer Buggy Company where it is spelled James & Mayer Company. Can anyone explain?


Lawrenceburg Fitch Bros..jpg (265126 bytes)              Lawrenceburg Light & Power.jpg (249506 bytes)              Lawrenceburg-Thatcher Glass Co..jpg (162164 bytes)
Lawrenceburg Liverymen                        Light and Power                               Thatcher glass co.     
and Funeral Directors                                                                                                                          


Apacheon Coach Co. Lawrenceburg.jpg (615895 bytes)                Willys Lawrenceburg.jpg (341615 bytes)    Willys back.jpg (105084 bytes)
Apacheon Coach Co.                                        Vastine & Johnston Motor Sales                   


Krider Studios, Inc. 215 Walnut St. Lawrenceburg.jpg (275527 bytes)        Lawrenceburg-Reinking Orchards.jpg (265290 bytes)
Krider Studios, Inc.                  Reinking Orchards
215 Walnut St.                                                 


Lawrenceburg Walsh Co. 2.jpg (243590 bytes)    James Walsh Lawrenceburg.jpg (302601 bytes)    James Walsh back.jpg (47781 bytes)
James Walsh & Co. Inc.


Lawrenceburg Frolicher Co..jpg (434306 bytes)    Lawrenceburg Rrolicher back.jpg (155790 bytes)
The Frolicher Shoe Co.



Lawrenceburg School House.jpg (215036 bytes)    Lawrenceburg High School-n1.jpg (268712 bytes)    Lawrenceburg PS.jpg (310166 bytes)    Lawrenceburg Public School-n.jpg (327315 bytes)    Lawrenceburg-Public School.jpg (427026 bytes)


Lawrenceburg Parochial School.jpg (244717 bytes)            Lawrenceburg High Wchool.jpg (127512 bytes)    Lawrenceburg Consolidated High School.jpg (339083 bytes)            Lawrenceburg City School.jpg (281940 bytes)
Parochial School                                          Consolidated High School                                             City School (?)



Lawrenceburg-Glendale Res.jpg (242565 bytes)                Lawrenceburg-Residence Section.jpg (268696 bytes)                Lawrenceburg-State Auditor Home.jpg (312356 bytes)
      Glendale Residences                                                                                          State Auditors Home    



Lawrenceburg County Hospital.jpg (240749 bytes)
County Hospital



Lawrenceburg M.E. Church.jpg (162542 bytes)        Lawrenceburg ME Church.jpg (228210 bytes)        Lawrenceburg ME Church 4.jpg (376586 bytes)        Lawrenceburg-Methodist Church.jpg (162876 bytes)
                      M.E. Church          


Lawrenceburg Presbyterian.jpg (252916 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Presbyterian.jpg (697834 bytes)


Lawrenceburg Baptist Church.jpg (175753 bytes)            Lawrenceburg-Emmanuel Lutheran.jpg (104876 bytes)            Lyman Beecher Church.jpg (292711 bytes)
              Baptist Church                   Emmanuel Lutheran         Henry Beecher's first church 


Lawrenceburg-Zion Evan,.jpg (293095 bytes)        Lawrenceburg-Zion Lutheran.jpg (97804 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Zion Evangelical.jpg (1249235 bytes)

 Zion /Evangelical  and Reformed Church

        Lawrenceburg-Zion's Church.jpg (219860 bytes)        Lawrenceburg-Zion Church.jpg (338189 bytes)        Laqwrenceburg-Town Clock-Zion Church.jpg (163947 bytes)


Lawrenceburg Church & School.jpg (302339 bytes)    Lawrenceburg Catholic Church RPPC.jpg (209344 bytes)                        Lawrenceburg Episcopal Church.jpg (343926 bytes)
        Catholic Church & School                                                   Episcopal Church



Lawrenceburg-Greendale Cemetary.jpg (296651 bytes)    Entrance Greendale Cemetery.jpg (250812 bytes)    Greendale Cemetery.jpg (271799 bytes)    Soldiers Circle, Greendale.jpg (323968 bytes)    Lawrenceburg-Cemetery Entrance.jpg (178221 bytes)
Greendale Cemetery



Lawrenceburg Park.jpg (343530 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Park fountain.jpg (345001 bytes)        Newtown Park-Lawrenceburg-wb.jpg (176321 bytes)
 Newtown Park  


Lawrenceburg Greendale Rec. Center.jpg (286752 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Greendale Pool.jpg (229228 bytes)
Greendale Recreation Center


Lawrenceburg City Park.jpg (346210 bytes)    Lawrenceburg Park paths.jpg (133071 bytes)                        Lawrenceburg-Daisy Field.jpg (533098 bytes)
                                            City Park                                                         Wilson Creek daisy fields


Lawrenceburg From Dearborn Club.jpg (363354 bytes)    Lawrenceburg-Dearborn Country Club.jpg (415603 bytes)                                Lawrenceburg Basaball Grounds.jpg (436931 bytes)
                   Dearborn Country Club                                                                          Base Ball Grounds



Lawrenceburg-split rock.jpg (245256 bytes)
Split Rock Near Lawrenceburg


Lawrenceburg Parade-1907.jpg (103455 bytes)

   Parade in Lawrenceburg with kids carrying signs asking people to go to City Park for something that was going to happen at 2 O'clock.


Lawrenceburg Races.jpg (296274 bytes)
Automobile Race


Lawrenceburg Town Pump.jpg (440439 bytes)
The Town Pump



B & O RR Depot-Laurenceburg.jpg (249827 bytes)    Lawrenceburg B&O Depot.jpg (262407 bytes)                Lawrenceburg Big 4 RR.jpg (223389 bytes)
                             B&O Depot                                                              Big Four Depot  



Lawrenceburg Greeting.jpg (327627 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Greetings-4.jpg (286523 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Greeting a.jpg (317937 bytes)        Lawrenceburg-Greeting 5.jpg (278759 bytes)

Lawrenceburg Greetings a.jpg (528584 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Greetings b.jpg (448936 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Greetings 7.jpg (610504 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Greetings Riverview.jpg (309632 bytes)

Lawrenceburg Greetings (1).jpg (368365 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Greetings (2).jpg (380758 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Greetings (3).jpg (477195 bytes)        Lawrenceburg Greetings (4).jpg (433257 bytes)

Lawrenceburg Greetings-Rose.jpg (325779 bytes)