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   Medical College of Ohio founder Daniel Drake, a physician and scientist, realized that hands on experience with the sick and dying was an essential part of learning medicine. So, in 1821, he obtained a charter to establish the Commercial Hospital and Lunatic Asylum. The principle building was constructed in 1823 on four acres between Plum and Central Aves. & 12th and Ann Sts. This structure had four stories, including a basement and another two story addition was added in 1827, with the first floor for men and the second floor for women. After another addition was added in 1833 the capacity was 150 beds. It was located next to the canal which you can clearly see in the last row (Music Hall was on the other side of the canal and one block north). The complex was acquired by the city in 1861 and the name was changed to Commercial Hospital of Cincinnati. The name was changed again in 1868 to Cincinnati Hospital. These buildings were razed in December 1866 and a new building with a capacity of 500 beds was built in 1869. This final complex consisted of eight buildings connected by corridors and surrounding a large central court 400' square, (with a fountain). It was replaced by General Hospital which  is now called University Hospital. 

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  Located on Burnet Ave. between Goodman St. and Eden & Elland Aves. it was constructed between 1909 and 1915. This complex replaced the old and overcrowded Commercial Hospital that had been located downtown, (see cards above). There were 25 buildings on 65 acres. The idea of the building layout was to isolate various diseases, and if the contagion could not be contained, the individual buildings could be burnt down. The buildings were connected by an underground tunnel system. Also included in this complex were the County Morgue and the Police Department's Bureau of Crime Detection. You can see the German Altenheim, (old men's home) on the bottom right and Bethesda Hospital on the far right in the fourth card, (Bethesda can also be seen in the 3rd card). Jewish Hospital although not seen is across the street along the bottom of this card. Rollman Hospital would be on the left side, not seen. The Children's Hospital, Deaconess Hospital, V. A. Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital and Christ Hospital are also in this area. Any wonder this area is called Pill Hill?.
  Major new facilities were erected during the 1960s. In 1979 administration of the hospital was transferred to the University of Cincinnati thus becoming University Hospital.

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1915 Hospital Layout                                             Not a postcard                

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Contagious Wards    

   Located in the northwest quadrant (upper-right) the contagious ward consists of 6 buildings which was actually a separate hospital in itself. All contagious diseases were treated here. There was an administration building, a nurses' home, a detention ward building, and three ward buildings. Another building would later take care of special diseases, such as smallpox, would be treated.

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   The cards above and below all show the same group of buildings. In front is the administration building, on the left is ward A, behind the administration building is the receiving ward and the clinic, and barely seen on the right is ward H. The street is Burnet Avenue.

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Administration Building                                     Nurses Home                                         Newer construction                                                        

   The center image is a photograph of the Nurses Home at 311 Albert Sabin Way. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places on June 10, 2005.

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      U.C. Medical Center Complex                   U.C. College Of Nursing & Health



  Located next to Hughes High School at 311 Straight Street. In 1888 ministers of several German American Protestant denominations created the Deaconess Society. This organization opened a 27 bed hospital on East Liberty Street under the direction of two deaconesses-women who had received medical training and had chosen a life of service to the church and its institutions. In 1896 the society took over the management of the Ohio Maternity Hospital on West Liberty Street, maintaining both facilities. Lack of space forced them in 1901 to build a 70 bed facility in Clifton which opened in 1903.
  The newer building in the last card was erected in 1925-1926 and is the oldest surviving part of the hospital. All the old buildings to the right of it were demolished and in 1975-1976 a 12 story wing was built. The building you see on the left is Hughes High School.

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  Good Samaritan began as the 20 bed St. John's Hospital for Invalids that the Sisters of Charity opened in 1852 in one of Woodward's old school buildings at Broadway and Woodward Streets. They soon moved to a larger building  at 3rd and Plum Streets which was called St. John's Hospital. In 1866 two non-Catholic Cincinnatians donated money for the sisters to buy the old Marine Hospital at Locke and Sixth Streets, which the federal government had built during the Civil War. This donation stipulated that the facility be renamed The Hospital of the Good Samaritan. This is the hospital you see in the first row.
  Needing a newer facility the Sisters of Charity purchased the present site in Clifton in 1907. The initial structure was completed in 1915 with the two wings being added in 1926, the nurses residence was added in 1927 & 1945. In 1926 the nursing school became the nursing department of the College of Mount St. Joseph. In 1982, the old wings were replaced by new ones.
  The Marydale Gardens were located behind the main building and was a gift of Senator Robert H. O'Brien in 1928.

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                                               Marydale Gardens                                                 The Grotto

Good Sam resturant.jpg (95147 bytes)                    Good Sam-newer.jpg (221420 bytes)
       Marydale Coffee Shop                     Newer representative drawing





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