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Many of the hospitals
in the area.


  The Bethesda Oak Hospital was started in 1898 by seven German Methodist deaconesses-women who had chosen the religious life and service to Methodist institutions-staffed the hospital. The 4 story Deaconess building you see to the right in a couple of the cards was built in 1917 and was used to house the women working at the hospital. Over the ensuing years older buildings have been demolished to make room for newer structures. A satellite hospital, Bethesda North opened in Montgomery in 1970.

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Maternity Hospital                                                                                                                                                                              


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The Dorcas Institute

   Begun in 1910 The Dorcas Institute is the Bethesda training school for deaconess women learning the nursing profession.



   Located on the northwest corner of Betts and Linn Streets this hospital was a 4 story brick building with 325 beds. It was established in 1858 by the Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis. Taking care of the residents in the west end, it was second among local hospitals in the number of emergency cases handled. 

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                                      Chapel                                                          X-ray Department


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                                                                                                                                                Dunham Hospital                 Open air school

  This institution was established in 1897 as the first municipally owned tuberculosis sanatorium in the United States. Situated on 150 acres above Lick Run Valley on Guerley Road. From 1927 to 1945 it was called the Hamilton County Tuberculosis Sanatorium. In 1945 it was renamed Dunham Hospital in honor of Dr. Henry Kennon Dunham who had served, without pay, as medical director from 1909 to 1940. The last card  shows an  open air school for children with tuberculosis. I am just guessing that it was located at the Branch Hospital (If anyone knows, please let me know). In winter this school was obviously very cold. It now turns out that this MIGHT be the school pictured in the non-postcard image below. This school called the Clifton Open Air School was started by Mrs. Helen Lotspeich. She was an enthusiast of fresh air and its presumed beneficial effects on health. She always kept the windows wide open and there were no heaters installed at all. In 1930 a new school was opened that had heat but the windows were still kept open.

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Open air school



  This hospital stood where Christ Hospitals nurses home now stands at Eleanor Place near Mason St. in Mt Auburn. The hospital opened on November 23, 1887. In 1928 it moved into the newer structure you see in the last 3 cards which is located at Elland and Bethesda Avenues. It is now considered to be the largest facility of its kind in the nation with a staff of about 2,500 and a budget of more the $65,000,000. It is affiliated with the Medical College of the University of Cincinnati. The hospital is an institution of the Protestant Episcopal Church. Vincent Hall in the second card is the nurses home. Named in honor of Bishop Boyd Vincent William C. Proctor, of Proctor & Gamble, donated $250,000 for its construction.

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North side                                South side



  The structure you see in the first half was constructed in 1856 for the nationally famous finishing school for girls, Mount Auburn Young ladies Institute. It is located at 2139 Auburn Avenue. The Christ Hospital and Elizabeth Gamble Deaconess Home moved here from the West End in 1893. The larger 10 story building with two wings was erected in 1930. The school of nursing graduated its first class in 1903.

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                                               Nurses Home                   Hospital / Nurses Home             Approach to Hospital
                                                     Rear View


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2 Winter Views                                                                                                            


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Nurses Home                       Nurses Home Rear                    Nurses Home Parlor                                            


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Babies Ward                            Children's Ward                        Women's Ward                            The Industries


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