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   The 5 cards above are a set. They are numbered 1 thru 5 on the front. The stamp boxes on the back are AZO with 4 triangles in the corners pointing up which means these images were taken between 1901 and 1918. They all say 1913 flood Cincinnati, O. in pencil on the back. Does anybody recognize this bridge? It is not a bridge that would have spanned a river.


Unknown6.jpg (113550 bytes)

   This card which is obviously different from the first 5 has a back that is identical to the others and says the same thing in the same handwriting as the others. This makes me very suspicious.


Outside ballpark-1907.jpg (107787 bytes)

   You guessed it, another flood card. I am being inundated with these (That's a joke son). This one shows one of the 2 floods that occurred in 1907. The card was mailed 3-30-07. The writer calls this "The dear old hangout, the ball park is just behind that ugly fence." Unfortunately no further information was forthcoming. This one I have no hope of identifying.


Unknown Church.jpg (305915 bytes)

   This rather impressive church card was made by Kaeser & Blair, Inc., Cincinnati. So far I have been unable to identify it. Help!


West School double.jpg (270007 bytes)

   The only thing printed on the back of this double card are the words "Cincinnati, Ohio." I have never heard of a school that was called West, but apparently that is the name. The group photograph was obviously taken in 1925. Since this is such a rare card I would very much like to know more about it, anyone recognize it?


Unknown Church.jpg (458749 bytes)

   Mailed from Cincinnati in 1907, the writer states that this is where John preaches. I can find no church that looks like this one so all I can do is post it with the hope that it is a Cincinnati church and that you can identify it.


Unknown RPPC.jpg (354815 bytes)

   I haven't a clue. The writing on the back does not say what this structure is and it has no post office cancellations?



I am always a sucker for a card that says Cincinnati so I am sure there will be more later.



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