Some of these cards will not say "Greetings" but I believe you will see why I placed them in this category.

Greeting-1.jpg (116448 bytes)            Greeting-2.jpg (119515 bytes)            Greetings-glitter Xmas.jpg (326912 bytes)
                                                                                                                   Glitter Xmas card

Greeting-3.jpg (119523 bytes)            Pink Greetings.jpg (107575 bytes)

Greeting-4.jpg (119532 bytes)                Greeting-5.jpg (85016 bytes)            Main Page Greeting.jpg (105240 bytes)


Greeting-7.jpg (121817 bytes)    Greeting-8.jpg (121707 bytes)    Greeting-9.jpg (124983 bytes)    Greeting-10.jpg (143086 bytes)    Greeting-6.jpg (134165 bytes)

Ohio Large Letter.jpg (309609 bytes)

   This is a standard generic card. All they have to do is stamp the name of any city in the state of Ohio on the card, and voila, you have a postcard with your home town's name on it.


Greetings-sf.jpg (88690 bytes)          Butterfly Girl 4.jpg (183451 bytes)          Greeting-14.jpg (101727 bytes)          Greeting-15.jpg (108647 bytes)


Greetings-Public Landing.jpg (82657 bytes)      1899 Mail Card.jpg (80347 bytes)      1900 Souvenir.jpg (222595 bytes)      Christmas Greeting-wd.jpg (79514 bytes)
                 2 Rare cards mailed in 1899                              Mailed in 1900       1919 Kraemer Xmas card


Greeting-11.jpg (132887 bytes)    Greeting-12.jpg (106549 bytes)    Stewart PC shop opening.jpg (98623 bytes)    Greeting-16.jpg (113169 bytes)    Greeting-17.jpg (83990 bytes)
Same card. 2nd one used for Post Card Shop opening                                                


Greetings-20.jpg (126365 bytes)    Greetings-21.jpg (110253 bytes)    Greetings-22.jpg (90073 bytes)    Greetings-24.jpg (110539 bytes)    Greetings-25.jpg (120226 bytes)


Cincinnati Greetings-c1.jpg (124772 bytes)    Greetings-50.jpg (140596 bytes)    Greetings-51.jpg (106996 bytes)            Greetings Vet..jpg (808102 bytes)
                                                                                                                                                       Annual American Vets Meeting


Greetings-49.jpg (66079 bytes)    Greetings-52.jpg (57179 bytes)


Greetings-53.jpg (129107 bytes)    Cincinnati Greetings-sd.jpg (331622 bytes)


Greetings-54.jpg (123594 bytes)    Greetings Forest Lane.jpg (339676 bytes)    Greetings Cows.jpg (263859 bytes)    Greetings Threshers.jpg (510685 bytes)


Greetings Cinti-07.jpg (66673 bytes)        Cincinnati Greetings popping cork.jpg (243074 bytes)        Greetings-Buttermilk.jpg (185506 bytes)


Greetings-23.jpg (91967 bytes)                Greetings-26.jpg (72676 bytes)    Greetings-Wild Flower.jpg (82531 bytes)                Greetings-37.jpg (102067 bytes)
                                                                                            Real Flowers were used                                            Partially done by mailer?


Greetings From Batavia

Another Day Batavia.jpg (334263 bytes)


Greetings From Camp Dennison

Camp Dennison Greetings.jpg (882984 bytes)        Camp Dennison Greetings.jpg (307959 bytes)        Camp Dennison Greetings1.jpg (344201 bytes)

Camp Dennison Greetings3.jpg (377383 bytes)        Camp Dennison-Greeting-n1.jpg (415177 bytes)        Camp Dennison Greetings2.jpg (412214 bytes)


Greetings From Cleves

Cleves Greeting.jpg (276547 bytes)    Cleves Greetings.jpg (579068 bytes)


Greetings From Harrison

Greetings from Harrison.jpg (298270 bytes)        Greetings from Harrison 2.jpg (240573 bytes)        Harrison-Greetings.jpg (254629 bytes)

Shell Border-Harrison.jpg (345251 bytes)        Greetings from Harrison 1970.jpg (246058 bytes)        Harrison Greetings a.jpg (416504 bytes)


Greetings From Lockland

Greetimgs from Lockland 2.jpg (339538 bytes)    Lockland Greetings 3.jpg (533513 bytes)


Greetings From Loveland 

Loveland Greetings.jpg (103741 bytes)            Loveland-multi view.jpg (142053 bytes)    Loveland-multiview.jpg (152438 bytes)            Loveland Generic Greetings.jpg (390280 bytes)
 Loveland Multi-Views 


Greetings From Milford

Milford Greetings-Peaceful Scene.jpg (386131 bytes)


Greetings From Mt. Healthy

Mt Healthy Greetings.jpg (538222 bytes)