Gibson Hotel 2


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Convention at Gibson Hotel

   The card above was produced for the 1939 convention of the Southern Homeopathic Medical Association that was held along with the Pan American Homeopathic Medical Congress at the Gibson Hotel. You can see the hotel behind the RKO Albee sign.



The Vitrolite Co..jpg (465579 bytes)                The Triumph Ice Machine Co..jpg (827242 bytes)                The Globe Register Co..jpg (453853 bytes)                The Colter Co..jpg (375004 bytes)
Counters & Tabletops                   Ice Machines                              Recorders                      Wholesale Grocers     


Century Machine Co..jpg (486901 bytes)                The Burton Range Co..jpg (403172 bytes)                Goldsmith Metal Lath Co..jpg (345827 bytes)                F.D.Lawrence Electric.jpg (232462 bytes)
          Mixers                                   Kitchens                              Metal Lath                        Electricity


Adam Wuest.jpg (150216 bytes)            Dean And Kite Co..jpg (88356 bytes)            E.Kahn's Sons Co..jpg (187606 bytes)
Bedding                                      China - Glass                                         Meat     


Fick's Reed Co..jpg (300007 bytes)            Grand Brick Co..jpg (204194 bytes)            Queen City Coal.jpg (152524 bytes)
Reed Furniture                                         Brick                                                Coal            


Beatrice Creamery Co..jpg (160407 bytes)            The Chas. H.Hess Co..jpg (139659 bytes)            J.B.Schroder Cp..jpg (106096 bytes)
                                    Butter                                                                  Locks & Hardware


Peck-Hannaford.jpg (212785 bytes)            Cincinnati Galvanizing Co..jpg (167984 bytes)            The C. Schmidt Co..jpg (211135 bytes)
Heating & Ventilation                        Waste Baskets                                  Refrigerators       


Robert Mitchell Furniture Co..jpg (122147 bytes)            People's Lighting Fixture Co..jpg (79031 bytes)
Cabinets                                          Lighting  


Rattermann's.jpg (211921 bytes)                The Closson Jr. Co..jpg (119756 bytes)                Lett & Co..jpg (50729 bytes)                Clapp Ammonia.jpg (72888 bytes)
          Carpets                     Curtains/Draperies                            Eggs                                    Ammonia          


John Minges & Co..jpg (66652 bytes)                Zumstein Taxi Service.jpg (97913 bytes)
 Groceries                             Taxi Service


Gibson-American Laundry Ad.jpg (479333 bytes)
The American Laundry



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