Fountain Square Looking East


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Comic card showing
what two drunks see

One of the buildings you will see in many of these cards is the Pickering Building. That is the building you can see in the distance on the southeast corner of Main. This structure was well known because of the huge advertising signs that were placed on the roof. Of course there is the imposing Post Office building on the left side in the distance, (the street in front of it is known as government square). The Traction Building is the tall building on the right on the southeast corner of Walnut. The building on the southwest corner of Walnut was known as the Johnston Building. Of course there is the Albee Theater on the south side of Fifth St. You will see the sign for Peebles, "Dealers in Staple and Fancy Groceries, and Importers of Wine, Cigars." His store in Walnut Hills was so famous the area it was located is  now called Peebles Corner.
   I have had the photograph below hanging on my wall for many years. I thought it was about time I shared it with the rest of you.

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Not a postcard


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                                                                                          Night Views                                                                     Day View


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                                                 Four real photos


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  For almost a century, the Tyler Davidson Fountain stood in the middle of Fifth Street with traffic running on either side. By the 60's this configuration not only obstructed traffic, but was considered "old fashioned." On October 18, 1969, after 3 years of construction, the new Fountain Square was dedicated. The Tyler Davidson Fountain was moved into the area where Mabley & Carew once stood, moved 30' west and rotated 180 degrees so that it faced west.

Ft Sq-west-6.jpg (73968 bytes)      new Fountain Sq looking east-1.jpg (89881 bytes)      Tyler Fountain Dedication.jpg (236990 bytes)      new Fountain Sq looking east-2.jpg (111584 bytes)       Ft Sq-west-3.jpg (92944 bytes)
Dedication Ceremonies 







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