Embossed Cards


    Many of these cards have glitter on them which is what causes the dark streaks to appear. This type of card makes many of them hard to see clearly, especially the lettering.

Elsinore-1.jpg (82551 bytes)        Elsinore-2.jpg (84575 bytes)        Elsinore-3.jpg (89030 bytes)        Embossed-Elsinore-RG.jpg (343917 bytes)
Elsinore Tower


Eden Entrance-1.jpg (94923 bytes)            Eden Entrance-2.jpg (104229 bytes)            Bluish Imbossed EP Entrance.jpg (369276 bytes)
Entrance to Eden Park


Blue Imbossed-Ft. Sq..jpg (77332 bytes)            Fountain Square-1.jpg (79083 bytes)            Fountain Square-2.jpg (82399 bytes)            Imbossed Fountain PWG.jpg (292867 bytes)
Fountain Square


Harrison Mon-1.jpg (93359 bytes)        Harrison Mon-2.jpg (74812 bytes)        Harrison Mon-3.jpg (74973 bytes)        Harrison-a.jpg (68071 bytes)        Imbossed Harrison.jpg (233533 bytes)
Harrison Monument


Ingalls Bldg-1.jpg (67347 bytes)            Ingalls Bldg-2.jpg (89433 bytes)            Ingalls-3.jpg (101017 bytes)
Ingalls Building


Post Office-1.jpg (75788 bytes)        Post Office-2.jpg (82899 bytes)        Post Office-3.jpg (75536 bytes)        Post Office-4.jpg (66356 bytes)
Post Office and Custom House


Suspension-1.jpg (69031 bytes)        Suspension-2.jpg (90856 bytes)        Suspension-3.jpg (55026 bytes)

Suspension Bridge

Suspension-4.jpg (78174 bytes)        Suspension-5.jpg (74549 bytes)        Embossed-Suspension Bridge.jpg (239934 bytes)


Union Trust-imbossed.jpg (89066 bytes)        Union Trust-imbossed-2.jpg (90432 bytes)        Union Trust-imbossed-3.jpg (101508 bytes)        Union Trust-imbossed-4.jpg (96505 bytes)        Union Trust-imbossed-5.jpg (83209 bytes)        ImbossedUnion Trust.jpg (270255 bytes)
Union Trust Building




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