Eden Park 2


  I will try and take you thru the park as you would if you were actually there. After you enter the main entrance the first row of cards give you an idea of what you would see. The road to the right goes up the hill to the Art Museum and Mount Adams. Directly ahead is the reservoir which was periodically emptied and cleaned so the lack of water in the last card is normal. The buildings you see behind the reservoir are across the Ohio River in Kentucky.
  It took twelve years from 1866 to 1878 to complete the double basin reservoir, and was considered quite an engineering feat for its time. When it consisted of two basins it held 100,000,000 gallons of water. The west basin started operation in 1874, and the eastern one began service in 1878. The limestone used in the retaining walls were excavated from the other side of the park and was the reason for the area called twin lakes. More information will be supplied when these cards come up.

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Not a postcard
Eden Park Drive-1921.jpg (473720 bytes)

   This photo, taken in 1921, was for the Caruso memorial concert.


  We are taking the road going to the left above and the next seven cards show the area around the bend. You see, of course, the reservoir and to the left the springhouse. The gazebo you see in these cards was built in 1904 replacing the original thatched-roof structure which had been erected in 1900 over a spring which, according to legend, provided medicinal benefits. It was soon closed up because the water was not only not beneficial but it was found to be polluted.

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Springhouse 1.jpg (1079749 bytes)
Original Thatched-roof springhouse


Eden Park Reservoir-4.jpg (130016 bytes)    Eden Park Reservoir-5.jpg (102008 bytes)    Eden Park Reservoir-6.jpg (111392 bytes)    Eden Park Reservoir-7.jpg (115928 bytes)


Eden Park-zh.jpg (84297 bytes)    Eden Park-zf.jpg (112099 bytes)    Eden Park-ze.jpg (82724 bytes)    Eden Park Reservoir.jpg (157749 bytes)
                                                                                                                                                   Present day non-postcard view


   The next four cards show the springhouse from the other side. This view allows you to see the road we were just on plus you can see the Art Museum in the distance.

Eden Park Reservoir-8.jpg (87053 bytes)    Eden Park Reservoir-9.jpg (144188 bytes)    Eden Park Reservoir-10.jpg (113726 bytes)    Eden Park Reservoir-11.jpg (103830 bytes)    Eden Park Well.jpg (192483 bytes)
                                                                                                                                                                                            Not a postcard


  Looking to the right, and behind, the springhouse as seen in the 5 images above you can see the area shown in the next group of  cards. In the first card you can see the springhouse on the left and in the distance you can see a bandstand built in 1901. It replaced the first smaller stand built in 1872. The road you see going into the distance is Fulton Avenue, (the third way to enter the park from Gilbert Avenue). You can also see the water tower for the first time, believe me you will be seeing this structure a lot for now on.

Eden Park Reservoir-12.jpg (130915 bytes)    Eden Park-yb.jpg (96782 bytes)
                                               Newer card of same area


Eden Park Reservoir-13.jpg (111728 bytes)    Eden Park Reservoir-14.jpg (120069 bytes)    Eden Park-za.jpg (136399 bytes)    Eden Park Reservoir-15.jpg (107940 bytes)    Eden Park-zg.jpg (89719 bytes)


Eden Park Reservoir-16.jpg (67519 bytes)    EP & Water Tower.jpg (245073 bytes)    Eden Park-zc.jpg (93673 bytes)    Eden Park-zd.jpg (120400 bytes)
Same Image                                                                                            


   This was the scene almost every Sunday in the summer months of the popular band concerts when thousands would gather to look and be seen.

Not a postcard
EP org. bandstand.jpg (545501 bytes)
Original bandstand built in 1872


Crowds-1.jpg (107572 bytes)        Band Concert old.jpg (1923447 bytes)
                                                   Photograph used for Card

Crowds-8.jpg (119425 bytes)    Crowds-2.jpg (97064 bytes)    Crowds-3.jpg (105888 bytes)    Crowds-4.jpg (91466 bytes)    Crowds-5.jpg (111468 bytes)


Crowds-6.jpg (112669 bytes)    Crowds-7.jpg (125122 bytes)    EP Sunday Afternoon.jpg (319244 bytes)    Eden Park-Sunday Afternoon.jpg (369484 bytes)    Band Concert EP.jpg (346165 bytes)


Motoring in Eden Park.jpg (107410 bytes)        Sunday Afternoon-EP.jpg (112312 bytes)        Crowds-9.jpg (49359 bytes)        Eden Park RPPC.jpg (242363 bytes)
                                                   Private Mailing Card





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