Downtown Chromes



Fountain Square-1.jpg (122131 bytes)        Fountain Square-2.jpg (145622 bytes)        Fountain Square-3.jpg (127785 bytes)        Fountain Square-4.jpg (173826 bytes)


Fountain Square-5.jpg (147617 bytes)      Fountain Square-9.jpg (109319 bytes)      Cont. Tyler Davidson Fountain.jpg (399071 bytes)      Fountain Square-7.jpg (138650 bytes)      Fountain Square-8.jpg (123317 bytes)


Fountain Square-11vert.jpg (162064 bytes)        Fountain Square-12vert.jpg (104190 bytes)        Ft. Square vert-chrome.jpg (411098 bytes)        Fountain Square-13vert.jpg (112082 bytes)        Fountain Square-14vert.jpg (88929 bytes)        Fountain Update.jpg (1252210 bytes)

   From the looks of the last card above I am going to have to visit downtown more often.


Fountain Square-15.jpg (91466 bytes)        Fountain Square-ch5.jpg (386891 bytes)        Wolf card-3.jpg (599925 bytes)        Fountain Square-16vert.jpg (166910 bytes)        Fountain Square-19vert.jpg (108739 bytes)        Chrome Fountain.jpg (270630 bytes)


Fountain Square-17.jpg (133177 bytes)    Fountain Square-18.jpg (82205 bytes)    Fountain Square-Continental.jpg (279776 bytes)    Fountain Square-6.jpg (116483 bytes)    Fountain Sq-Westin Hotel.jpg (409750 bytes)

The large building you see in many of these Fountain Square cards are of The Westin Hotel. (See below).


Fountain Sq.jpg (130886 bytes)



P & G-a.jpg (112855 bytes)    P & G-b.jpg (111853 bytes)    P & G-f.jpg (135710 bytes)    P & G Fountain.jpg (163515 bytes)    P & G Towers-n1.jpg (853990 bytes)
                                                                                                 P & G Fountain


Chrome-P&G.jpg (438972 bytes)    P & G-d.jpg (166843 bytes)    P & G Headquarters.jpg (832458 bytes)    P & G-cc.jpg (143665 bytes)    P & G-c.jpg (160358 bytes)    Chrome-P & G Headquarters-n1.jpg (796368 bytes)



Taft-a.jpg (153770 bytes)      Taft-b.jpg (113263 bytes)      Chrome-Taft Museum-oo.jpg (1072449 bytes)      Taft-d.jpg (134847 bytes)      Taft-c.jpg (150382 bytes)



Music Hall-1.jpg (109438 bytes)        Music Hall-2.jpg (177588 bytes)        Chrome-Music Hall-2.jpg (373978 bytes)        Music Hall-1n.jpg (916839 bytes)


Convention Center-n3.jpg (292119 bytes)    Convention Center.jpg (123013 bytes)    Chrome-Convention Center.jpg (842914 bytes)                    Memorial Hall.jpg (132599 bytes)
                      Convention Center                                                                          Memorial Hall


Chrome-Aronoff Center.jpg (687184 bytes)                Piatt Park.jpg (131829 bytes)                Chrome-Playhouse in Park.jpg (742605 bytes)
Aronoff Center for the Arts                       Piatt Park                              Playhouse in the Park     


Findlay Market-Chrome.jpg (907699 bytes)                                    Carew Tower-Chrome.jpg (722207 bytes)
     Findlay Market                                                      Carew Tower



Hyatt Regency-Across from Convention Center.jpg (312783 bytes)    Chrome-Hyatt Regency.jpg (344314 bytes)        Fountain Square-wh.jpg (93779 bytes)    Weston International Hotel Next to Fountain Square.jpg (371400 bytes)
Hyatt Regency                                                                     The Westin Hotel


Plaza Hotel-Chrome-3.jpg (930432 bytes)    Plaza Hotel-Chrome-1.jpg (1023118 bytes)    Plaza Hotel-Chrome-2.jpg (913885 bytes)    Chrome-Plaza Hotel.jpg (954592 bytes)    Plaza Hotel-Chrome-4.jpg (888275 bytes)
   Marble Entrance                    Hall of Mirrors                        Palm Court                              Entrance                    Palm Court Bar

Omni Netherland Plaza Hotel


Clarion Hotel-chrome.jpg (789310 bytes)                Cincinnatian Hotel-Chrome.jpg (404221 bytes)                Chrome-Regal Hotel.jpg (294435 bytes)                Chrome-Marriott.jpg (464806 bytes)
Clarion Hotel                  The Cincinnatian Hotel                            The Regal                                   Cincinnati Marriott


Terrace Hilton Chrome.jpg (199672 bytes)
Terrace Hilton




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