Department Stores



J.T.Carew-Mabley & Carew.jpg (208253 bytes)        R.G.Carew-Mabley & Carew-Vice Pres..jpg (261891 bytes)
J.T. Carew-Founder         R.G. Carew-V.P.   
Two Newspaper Artist Drawings


   Mabley Carew at Night.jpg (403936 bytes)        Mabley & Carew Night 2.jpg (92014 bytes)        Mabley & Carew Night 3.jpg (97090 bytes)        The Mabley & Carew Co.jpg (39928 bytes)

   Four night views of the Mabley & Carew Co. on the northeast corner of 5th & Vine. This store opened in 1881 and closed in 1930. Fountain Square is now on the site.


Mabley & Carew 1.jpg (135684 bytes)            Mabley & Carew 2.jpg (140109 bytes)            Mabley & Carew 3.jpg (117472 bytes)            Mabley & Carew 4.jpg (120052 bytes)
    Millinery Section              Children's & Misses Hat Section                 Waist Section                        Women's Suit Section


Mabley & Carew-Kale-sten-iks shoes.jpg (307460 bytes)        Mabley & Carew Kale Shoes back.jpg (141543 bytes)
Mabley & Carew card for Kail-stem-iks shoes



H & S Pogue vert 2.jpg (84516 bytes)      Pogue Samples.jpg (626669 bytes)      H & S Pogue-Gingham.jpg (90231 bytes)      H & S Pogue vert.jpg (122044 bytes)      J.S.Trevor-H.S. Pogue Co..jpg (239507 bytes)      Thos.Trevor-H.& S. Pogue Co..jpg (222733 bytes)
      H. S. Pogue 410 Race St. opened in 1878. Expanded into Carew Tower.            J. S. Trevor         Thomas Trevor
                                                                                                                                             Treasurer ?               Manager   



Rollman 1 vert.jpg (139604 bytes)        Rollman 3.jpg (100270 bytes)        Rollman & Sons-n1.jpg (110777 bytes)        Rollman_upper_floor.jpg (168479 bytes)        Rollman 2 vert.jpg (121387 bytes)

   Rollman's Dept. Store was located across the street from Mabley & Carew on the northwest corner of 5th and Vine. Opened in 1867 on the site of the Havlin Hotel. The 4th card shows the drug & toiletries dept. on the upper level. The 1st card below is a postal card from Rollman's sent in 1932 with an advertisement for portraits. The 2nd is a postcard advertising a new dress style.

Rollmans Portraits.jpg (261234 bytes)            Rollman-Dress Ad.jpg (185704 bytes)            Rollman & Sons.jpg (139495 bytes)
                                                                                    Not a Postcard



Not  postcards
George W. McAlpin Co.-West Fourth.JPG (712020 bytes)                McAlpins-1920s.jpg (72869 bytes)

   When the Shillito Company moved to Seventh Street in 1877 the dry goods firm of McAlpin, Polk & Company took over the building at 13 West Fourth Street. The company expanded twice, first into the Mitchell Furniture building in 1900 and then the Aeolian Pianos building in 1938. The 2nd image above shows McAlpins before its expansion into the Aeolian Piano store.

McAlpin-5.jpg (59812 bytes)        McAlpin 2.jpg (69374 bytes)        McAlpin Store.jpg (78253 bytes)         McAlpin-Family Corner.jpg (124961 bytes)


McAlpin 3.jpg (65823 bytes)                        McAlpin Store Orthopedic Shoes (1).jpg (335008 bytes)      McAlpin Store Orthopedic Shoes (2).jpg (319077 bytes)
                                                                         Children's Orthopedic Shoes


1906 Fall Festival Souvenirs

McAlpin Store-aa.jpg (69894 bytes)      McAlpin-ss.jpg (96213 bytes)      McAlpin-st.jpg (80837 bytes)      McAlpin-Festival.jpg (222614 bytes)      McAlpins Fall Festival 6.jpg (206838 bytes)      Equestrian girl.jpg (199933 bytes)
 Football Girl            Yachting Girl                  Rose                  Tennis Girl             Automobile Girl       Equestrian Girl


McAlpin Shoes.jpg (332097 bytes)                        P.O.Stewart-McAlpins.jpg (284286 bytes)
             Shoe Department                            P.O. Stewart (Manager?)



   The John Shillito Co. Started in 1830 at a store on west 4th St. next to the Post Office. The first two non-postcard images below show the store at this location. A new store was built there in 1857 (2nd image) but within 20 years it became much to small and built a new store on 7th Street. When John Shillito opened this store in 1878 at the southwest corner of 7th. & Race it was the largest department store in the country under one roof with 840,000 sq. ft. of retail space (next 2 images). 

John Shillito & Co.-w.4th St. next to P.O..jpg (88603 bytes)    John Shillito Interior.jpg (191008 bytes)                John Shillito & Co.-Race, 7th & George.JPG (654955 bytes)    Shillito-1910.jpg (305952 bytes)
                        4th Street Store                                                                           7th & Race Store                    

   Costing $181,500 the building was 6 stories tall with a central atrium 120 high and 60 feet in diameter topped by a 45-foot diameter hexagonal skylight built on a steel framework. The skylight can be seen in the 2nd image below. This image was taken later in its life after the open atrium had been filled in with selling space that held part of the furniture and glass departments. The Cincinnati Fire Department later made the store cover up the skylight. 
   Shillito's was bought in 1930 by F&R Lazarus and the building was modernized in 1937. Except for the side facing Shillito Alley that is across from the Cincinnati Athletic Club the original brick siding was removed and replaced with a shell of granite, limestone and marble with Mayan inspired designs.

Shilitos 1.jpg (86935 bytes)                         Shillitos 2.jpg (92108 bytes)

*Shillito's Piano Dept.jpg (71658 bytes)      *Shillito's.jpg (84757 bytes)      *Upholstery Department, Shillito Co.jpg (90205 bytes)         *Shillito's Cloak & Suit Dept..jpg (110710 bytes)
        Piano Dept.                             Millinery Dept.                          Upholstery Dept.                    Cloak & Suit Dept.

Shilliti-Novel Ad.jpg (235302 bytes)        Shillito-Novel Ad back.jpg (143135 bytes)                        Shillito-Way Home.jpg (320725 bytes)        Shillito-Way Home back.jpg (133349 bytes)
Ad card for the novel "Who Goes There!"                                      Ad card for the novel "The Way Home"   

Shillito Wall Paper.jpg (386171 bytes)

   The card above was produced by the M. H. Birge & Sons out of Buffalo N.Y. who were manufacturers of wallpaper. The card shows some of their product that was sold at Shillito's.


Not a postcard
1903 Shillitos.jpg (130044 bytes)
Shillito's Ad



Joseph Lazarus.jpg (81445 bytes)    Lazarus-Main Flr.jpg (400658 bytes)    Lazarus Ostrich Display Room-back.jpg (27880 bytes)    Lazarus Co. Patterrn Dept..jpg (297184 bytes)    Lazarus Ostrich Display Room.jpg (51454 bytes)*
                                                        Main Floor                                                                  Pattern Department           Ostrich Display Room

Joseph Lazarus & Co..jpg (197216 bytes)            Lazarus.jpg (250975 bytes)
Not a postcard                     Advertisement 
Same image

   By 1928 Shillito's sales had fallen from being Cincinnati's largest department store to fourth and was bought out by, Columbus based department store and holding company,  F. & R. Lazarus Co. Lazarus added a eight story addition to Shillito's original building at 145 W. 4th Street in 1936-37 and the old original building was resurfaced to match the new structure. The interior was completely modernized. In 1946 a new garage and service building was added.
   In 1929 Lazarus and Abraham & Strauss of Brooklyn joined to form Federated Department Stores. In 1945 they opened headquarters in Cincinnati. In 1980 the triangular shaped building at 7 West Seventh Street was constructed for their headquarters. (see below).
   In 1998 the original building was converted into apartments called the Lofts at Shillito Place. The atrium and the original skylight was discovered still intact. It was recreated using energy-efficient materials and has been recreated. Today there are 18 loft-style apartments with office space on the main floor. 

Macy's 1.jpg (223421 bytes)        Macy's 3.jpg (355676 bytes)        Macy's 2.jpg (446405 bytes)
These are not postcards

   In 1982 Federated merged Shillito's and Rikes of Dayton. In 1986 Shillito-Rikes was combined with the Lazarus chain of Columbus, and the Shillito name was dropped. The Campeau Corp. of Canada took over the business. In 1994 Federated took over Macy's Inc. when that company was emerging from bankruptcy. In 2003 Federated began changing all their stores names, except Bloomingdale's, to Macy's.



S & H Knox .jpg (97702 bytes)                    S & H Knox vert.jpg (139777 bytes)                     Knox Store.jpg (466714 bytes)

   The S. & H. Knox Co.  (A.K.A. Woolworth's)  The store on the left was at 1133 Main and the one on the right was at 28 W. 5th. St. The 3rd non-postcard image is the photograph used for the center card.



Alms & Doekpe Advertising card.jpg (90581 bytes)    Alms & Doekpe ad card.jpg (59579 bytes)                    W.L.Doepke.jpg (275852 bytes)
             Opened                                                                      Newspaper drawing 
                                                                                               Son of William

Canal 14.jpg (116197 bytes)        Canal Alms Doepke vert.jpg (92890 bytes)

        Alms & Doepke Co..jpg (152200 bytes)        Alms & Doepke.jpg (626069 bytes)        Alms & Doepke-Main & Canal.JPG (674048 bytes)
                   These are not postcards

   In 1865 Frederick and William Alms joined with William F Doepke to create the Alms & Doepke department store on Main Street. In 1878, the store moved to a much larger building in a choice location on the North side of the Miami Erie Canal at Main St. By the turn of the century, Alms & Doepke were the second largest mercantile establishment west of New York City. With the decline of the Over-The-Rhine which was the major source of customers for the store, profits fell and the store closed April 3, 1954. The last three images above are early illustrations of the building, the 1st from the west end and the last 2 from the east end. The building now houses local government and court system offices. On March 3, 1980 the building was added to the National Register of Historic Places.


The Big Store.jpg (81577 bytes)                Big Store Cutting Room.jpg (215766 bytes)
                                             Cutting Room

   D. L. Liebman's  Big Store  at 419-427 West 5th Street was founded in 1896 was one of the earliest department stores to feature a beauty salon inside.


Great Western Specialty Co..jpg (617870 bytes)    Great Western back.jpg (444069 bytes)                Looking south from first national-1.jpg (148624 bytes)    Looking North 1st National Bank Back.jpg (310215 bytes)
The Great Western Specialty Co.  426-428 Elm Street.



Checker.jpeg (311903 bytes)Checker back.jpg (219141 bytes)                Checker Store Gift.jpg (426823 bytes)    Checker Store Gift back.jpg (272861 bytes)
 (Thanks to Scott Kabakoff)                                                                                          

Checker Store (1).jpg (307298 bytes)                                                    Checker Store (2).jpg (350307 bytes)    Checker Store (2) back.jpg (192839 bytes)
Back was too damaged to repair                                                                                                    


Kings Mills Park Store.jpg (101760 bytes)                        Tri-County Mall.jpg (833226 bytes)
The Park Department Store,                                  Tri-County Mall          
 Kings Mills                                                                         


Westwood Dept store.jpg (124050 bytes)                        Madisonville Store.jpg (213386 bytes)
Westwood Department Store                        Madisonville's Progressive 
                                                                         Store 5919-20 Madison Rd.