Coney's Last Years



Most of these cards are self explanatory, the ones that are not  I will name for you.

Coney Entrance.jpg (112484 bytes)        Coney-greetings.jpg (121134 bytes) 
Coney Entrance                                                         


Extra large postcards

       Coney Island Large.jpg (270707 bytes)        Coney Floral Clock-65.jpg (786230 bytes)        Coney Sign.jpg (124069 bytes)        Coney-large-clock.jpg (1019673 bytes)
1964                                   1965                                                Floral Clock, it worked.     
Can you believe those kids stood                                                                                                
there for a whole year?                                                                                               

   The little 8 year old girl seen in the first two cards above has contacted me. Her name is Kathleen Smith and she tells me how the Coney Island Management asked her parents if they could use her for a "short time" to pose for the postcard. It ended up taking 4 hours and she was paid $2 in ride tickets. She states it was not bad for her first modeling job. Little boy are you still out there?


Coney-Tivoli Gardens-large.jpg (1743434 bytes)
Tivoli Gardens
Large 5 1/2 x 7 card


These are not postcards
Coney-Aerial-n1.jpg (651650 bytes)     BEV view-Coney 1940s.jpg (529237 bytes)     BEV view-Coney 1950s.jpg (597919 bytes)     Coney Map 1971.jpg (401809 bytes)
       Aerial view of park                          1940's                                     1950's                   Basic diagram of park in 1971


These are not postcards

Mall in 1940s.jpg (325909 bytes)    Mall in 1964.jpg (833406 bytes)    Mall in 1968.jpg (774092 bytes)    Mall in 1970.jpg (1188641 bytes)
   Mall in 40's                          Mall in 1964                       Mall in 1968                 Mall in 1970


Coney-z16.jpg (144480 bytes)    Coney Island BEV Mall.jpg (307515 bytes)    Coney-z19.jpg (122883 bytes)    Mall 1.jpg (166420 bytes)    Coney-z17.jpg (113182 bytes)
Same Image                                                                                                                       Same image


Mall 2.jpg (138486 bytes)        Mall 3.jpg (102132 bytes)        Mall 4.jpg (117562 bytes)        Mall 5.jpg (110623 bytes)


Mall 6.jpg (131261 bytes)        Coney 1941.jpg (199904 bytes)        Mall 7.jpg (162544 bytes)        Mall 8.jpg (103954 bytes)
Real Photo                                                   


Swiss Chalet.jpg (121586 bytes)        Chrome-Coney Mall.jpg (375083 bytes)        Swiss Sky Ride-Coney.jpg (236236 bytes)        Coney Vert 4.jpg (131230 bytes)        Coney-z10.jpg (120911 bytes)
Entrance to Swiss Sky Ride                Skyride  in both directions                                                                                                       

   The Skyride was erected in 1964. In order to build it the popular Wildcat Coaster had to be torn down. 


Mall 9.jpg (86676 bytes)          Mall 10.jpg (88146 bytes)          Fountain -Coney Island.jpg (113410 bytes)          Coney-z14.jpg (72457 bytes)
   European Fountain

   When the Mall was lengthened in 1965 this fountain was built under the Skyride. It was inspired by the Tivoli Gardens in Europe.


Tivoli Gardens.jpg (143426 bytes)
Tivoli Gardens


Coney Vert 3.jpg (103021 bytes)                 Coney-z15.jpg (102337 bytes)                Coney-z6.jpg (89352 bytes)

   Coney Island was famous for its sensational fireworks displays. They were given several times during the season. They were put on by the park's expert on pyrotechnics Arthur Rozzi. 


The Great Ricardo.jpg (265505 bytes)    The Great Ricardo back.jpg (70753 bytes)
The Great Ricardo

   The Great Ricardo, who gave his address as 2160 Patterson St., appeared at Coney occasionally. 


These are not postcards
Land of Oz.jpg (1085968 bytes)                    Land of Oz-1958.jpg (247302 bytes)
   Entrance to Land of Oz                       Taken during 1958 flood


Coney-z11.jpg (121860 bytes)            Coney-Old 99.jpg (461618 bytes)
Happy The Clown                               "Old 99"          


Land of Oz.jpg (158509 bytes)    Coney Vert 1.jpg (100744 bytes)    Coney-Land of Oz.jpg (761103 bytes)    Coney Vert 2.jpg (132760 bytes)    Junior Turnpike.jpg (125698 bytes)
                                             Entrance                                                         Kangaroo Ride             Junior Turnpike

  " The Land of Oz" was a complete amusement park in miniature. Opened in 1934 the name was adapted from the "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" book by Frank L Baum.  The Friendly Giant was installed at the entrance in 1953. 


Lost River.jpg (411487 bytes)    Coney-Lost River.jpg (261664 bytes)        Coney-z13.jpg (108616 bytes)    Coney-z12.jpg (107282 bytes)
These are not postcards                                                            The Lost River                    

   In 1928 the Cascades, a mill chute ride,  opened. In 1941 it was remodeled and renamed the Lost River. The new version proved to be unpopular so it was again remodeled in 1942. A boat would enter a dark winding tunnel, which had illuminated scenes. Toward the end of the ride the boat would be lifted to the top of a hill and dropped down a hill into a pool of water. The new remodel made the hill higher and the descent much steeper. Going down was referred to as "dive-boating."


 Cuddle up-Whip-Dodgem.jpg (127029 bytes)    Flume Ride.jpg (144950 bytes)    Coney's Flume Ride.jpg (383797 bytes)    Coney-z7.jpg (118432 bytes)    Coney Turnpike 2.jpg (350967 bytes)
Cuddle up-Whip-Dodgem                                  Flume Ride                                                                 Turnpike                                    

   All the rides in the 1st card were housed under a single roof (the old rides building.) The Log Flume Ride was erected in 1968. Passengers rode fiberglass boats shaped like hollowed out logs. They were propelled through fast moving water simulating running the rapids. The Turnpike was 1,875 feet long and wound around the north side of Lake Como before crossing a causeway bridge to the loading area on the southeast end.


Skee Ball.jpg (127179 bytes)        Skee-Ball.jpg (232667 bytes)
           Skee Ball                         Remember now?

   The Skee Ball building (opened in 1947) was actually the redesigned old Exhibition building that had been erected in1937 for industrial and mercantile exhibits.





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