Coal was and still is, literally, the driving force in America. Practically nothing ran without it back when these cards were produced. Coal is still the largest energy source in the country with 50% of the power produced is with coal. To illustrate this, in 1915, there were 140 coal dealers. Check your phone book and see how many you can find. Although coal is still extremely important in today's society I only found one. Mergers have formed mega Corporations.

Trum Coal Co.jpg (115110 bytes)        Island Creek Coal.jpg (92704 bytes)        Steamer Catharine Davis of the Island Creek Fleet.jpg (40727 bytes)
      Trum Coal Co.                       Island Creek Coal               Steamer Catharine Davis


Superior Fuel.jpg (116991 bytes)    Superior Fuel 2.jpg (380835 bytes)    Superior Fuel 2 back.jpg (197928 bytes)
Superior Fuel 



Blue Pennant Coal.jpg (100435 bytes)    Blue Pen coal-back.jpg (80620 bytes)            Yellow Jac coal-front.jpg (142633 bytes)    Yellow Jac coal-back.jpg (70144 bytes)
Blue Pennant Coal                                                                            Yellow Jacket Coal 

Middle West Coal Co..jpg (284274 bytes)    Middle West back.jpg (205660 bytes)         Middle West Coal.jpg (359734 bytes)    Flambeau Coal back.jpg (31632 bytes)
Tepee Elkhorn Coal                                                                    Flambeau  Elkhorn Coal

   All four cards above were sent out by The Middle West Coal Co., Inc. Their offices were in the 1st National Bank Building. The same Building where the Marmet-Halm Coal Co. were located. Not to mention The Diamond Coal & Coke Co., The Chesapeake & Ohio Coal & Coke Co., Belmont Coal, Raleigh Coal & Coke Co., Raymond City Coal & Coke co., The E. L. Sternberger Coal Co., The Waldensia Coal & Coke Co., The Winifrede Coal Co. I would think that this building was probably kept pretty warm during the winter months.


Blue Diamond Coal Co..jpg (417079 bytes)        Blue Diamond Coal Co..jpg (348118 bytes)                                    Adam F. Meyer Coal Co.jpg (267059 bytes)
                          Blue Diamond Coal Co.                                                                        Adam F. Meyer Coal Co.



G.M.Halm-Halm Coal.jpg (301072 bytes)    George M. Halm Marmet-Smith Coal Pres,.jpg (40530 bytes)
George  M. Halm  President


Marmet (7).jpg (283647 bytes)        Marmet (6).jpg (277834 bytes)        Marmet (8).jpg (208028 bytes)        Marmet (2).jpg (251305 bytes)


Marmet (4).jpg (331206 bytes)        Marmet-back (3).jpg (146049 bytes)        Marmet-back (4).jpg (128808 bytes)        Marmet (1).jpg (266863 bytes)
These are on the backs of all these cards


Marmet-Covington.jpg (281201 bytes)  *Florence Marmet RPPC.jpg (336468 bytes)    Marmet (12).jpg (188322 bytes)    Sallie Marmet.jpg (354669 bytes)
                      Florence Marmet                                        Otto Marmet                        Sallie Marmet


Marmet (10).jpg (273907 bytes)    Marmet (9).jpg (231461 bytes)    Marmet.jpg (276625 bytes)    North Bend-Top of Elevator & Tracks.jpg (217551 bytes)    Marmet Coal Coke Ovens.jpg (232679 bytes)
Building the Otto Marmet                                                                                                                                        

   Cincinnati and North Bend Offices and facilities of the Marmet-Halm Coal & Coke Co. Their mines were in West Virginia. In the first card in the middle row above you can see Covington KY. as seen from Marmet Coal Yards with the coal boat Florence Marmet in the lower left. You can see the Florence Marmet in the flood & ice gorge part of the disaster section.

These are not postcards
Marmet Coal & Coke North Bend.jpg (272860 bytes)        Marmet Coal-1894.jpg (25038 bytes)        1912 Marmet Ad.jpg (58695 bytes)        Marmet Coal Ad.jpg (176577 bytes)
                       1894 Ad.                            1912 Marmet ad   



Campbell Creek Coal-aa.jpg (214306 bytes)        Campbell Creek Coal-aa-back.jpg (123904 bytes)
Campbell's Creek Coal Co.


Stoker Coal.jpg (101443 bytes)        Stoker Coal back.jpg (205164 bytes)
Both sides of a double card for Grenadier "Rainbow" Stoker Coal


Coal Barge.jpg (312933 bytes)
Coal barges on the Ohio River 


Queen City Coal Co..jpg (176039 bytes)    Queen City Coal.jpg (210353 bytes)
2 Ads for the Queen City Coal Co.




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