Clothing-Hats-Shoes 2


*Albert Straus Co-dress dept.jpg (84777 bytes)
 Albert Straus Co.
Dress Department


Ironsox.jpg (246401 bytes)            Straus Bear.jpg (305644 bytes)    Straus Bear back.jpg (227388 bytes)            Isaac Strauss Clothing.jpg (647745 bytes)
Isaac S. Strauss Co. Men's Clothing 22-24 W. Pearl St.                 


Brown suits & shoes Loveland.jpg (88453 bytes)        Millinery Opening.jpg (93198 bytes)        Harris Taylor.jpg (108933 bytes)
   J. Brown Loveland                       M. & E. Sander                       J. C. Harris Tailor       
                                                  22 E. Seventh Street                  242 East 5th Street


Suhres Tailors-ss.jpg (67668 bytes)    Suhre's Tailors.jpg (131794 bytes)
Suhre's Tailors 24 West 7th St.


Fogels Outfitters.jpg (194275 bytes)                American Trunks.jpg (113388 bytes)        AC Lawrence leather Co-2.jpg (100800 bytes)                A.E.Tufts Store-Kings Mills.jpg (224558 bytes)
Fogel's Ladies Outfitters                        some luggage to carry the clothes in                           A. E. Tufts, The New Store
231-236 W 5th St.                                                                                                                                          King's Mills      


L E Hays Tailors.jpg (114019 bytes)              Postal-Roy Taylors.jpg (120058 bytes)              Cincinnati Cloak & Suit Co.jpg (239200 bytes)    The Cincinnati Coat & Suit Co.jpg (261841 bytes)
Large postcard of L. E. Hays tailors             Roy Tailors Factory                                        The Cincinnati Cloak & Suit Co.                    
 205 W. 4th St. 11th floor                               21 W. 3rd St.                                                           316 Race Street                          
(Postal card)                                      


Farmer.jpg (115678 bytes)    Varner insert.jpg (758903 bytes)    A.L. Sanford.jpg (126300 bytes)    Sanford, Storrs & Varner.jpg (360841 bytes)    Sanford, Storrs & Varner.jpg (265156 bytes)    Sanford, Varner & Co.-Clothing.jpg (210646 bytes)
  Sanford, Storrs & Varner 3rd & Race Sts. 

   The sheet above is folded up and placed inside the pants of the card on the left. The 2nd image is a newspaper drawing of A. L. Sanford. The next item is an ad and the last two are early illustrations of their building.

Sanford, Varner & Co.jpg (76282 bytes)                                        Sanford Varner Co..jpg (259459 bytes)
Sanford, Varner & Co. Salesman Card                                                                                            

   The items above are obviously related to the company above. The 2nd card was written by Sanford Varner & Co. to a person requesting some design ideas for their next line of clothing.


Storrs-Schaefer Co, salesman card.jpg (123399 bytes)                Storrs-Schaefer Co. Tailors RPPC.jpg (269770 bytes)
The Storrs-Schaefer Co. Salesman cards

   This company may be related to the Sanford, Storrs & Varner cards above? Could they also be related to the Schaefer cards on the 1st page? The 2nd card shows a person who might be hanging posters like the one he is showing.


The Childrens Shop-1.jpg (100310 bytes)                The Childrens Shop-2.jpg (160059 bytes)                The Childrens Shop-3.jpg (99994 bytes)                The Childrens Shop-back.jpg (63825 bytes)
The Children's Shop. Andrews Building at 5th and Race. Suite 205 & 207 second floor.


Sanders & Sons.jpg (259724 bytes)        Sanders & Sons-back.jpg (132568 bytes)                        Majestic Clothes.jpg (97780 bytes)        Oppenheimer.jpg (118675 bytes)        Philip Seasongood.jpg (137661 bytes)
       M. R. Sanders & Sons Inc.                                                                   Oppenheimer-Seasongood Guiterman & Co.
   133-135 West 4th Street                                                                                                                                             


Milton Ochs & Co.jpg (279114 bytes)        Milton Ochs-back.jpg (107816 bytes)
Milton Ochs & Co. 708 Walnut St.
#4 of a set.


Dunlap Clothes 1.jpg (231279 bytes)    Dunlap Clothes 1a.jpg (74296 bytes)        Dunlap Clothes 2.jpg (256391 bytes)    Dunlap Clothes 2a.jpg (79864 bytes)
The Dunlap Clothes Shop-421 Vine Street



Julian & Kokenge Co..jpg (74905 bytes)    Julian & Kokenge.jpg (126155 bytes)    Kokenge Ad.jpg (138326 bytes)    Julian & Kokenge Shoes.jpg (374331 bytes)        W.A.Julian-Shoes.jpg (322031 bytes)
                                                           Julian & Kokenge Shoes                                                W. A. Julian

   The 1st non-postcard image above shows the right side of the 2nd, postcard image. The building was located on 4th St. across the street from Lytle Park.


The Scheiffele Shoe Co..jpg (276665 bytes)        Scheiffele Shoe Co.jpg (60052 bytes)    C.E.Millers Shoes.jpg (166626 bytes)
Hoffner & Delaney Sts. Cumminsville          Scheiffele Shoe Co.                        


Weber's Shoes.jpg (97621 bytes)                    Wolf Bros Shoes.jpg (59315 bytes)
 Mohawk Shoe Store.                   Wolf Bros. & Co.    
2014 Mohawk Place                   111-113 W. 5th St.  


The Holters Shoe Co..jpg (209047 bytes)    The Holters Shoe Co. back.jpg (170722 bytes)    The Cahill-Holters Co., Cincinnati.jpg (121805 bytes)*  The Holters Co..jpg (142646 bytes)                Holters Shoe Co.-418 Sycamore.jpg (84101 bytes)
                                    The Holters Shoe Co. 418 Sycamore St.                                                        Not a Postcard



   Red cross Shoes (no affiliation with the Red Cross) was originally established in 1891 by Irwin Krohn. He joined with Samuel Fechheimer to form the Krohn-Fechheimer Shoe Co. in 1896.  The name "Red Cross" originated with a merchant by the name of Cross, who had red hair. and who christened his ketchup Red Cross. This name became popular and was used by several different products. Another shoe competitor was the Stern-Auer Shoe Co. These two companies and others in the Cincinnati area began to suffer economically after WW I. The boom years during the war  gave way to economic recession  and inflation. The high top shoes for women in vogue for years had gone out of style. In 1921 a 6 month strike in the shoe industry stymied all efforts to fix the problem. A local industrialist, Lewis S. Rosenthal, proposed the idea of merging eight Cincinnati Shoe companies, including the Stern-Auer Shoe Co., into the United States Shoe Company. This was done, Red Cross shoes were still popular and the economy had begun to recover.
   The new company started out foundering due to poor marketing. By 1929 the company was on the verge of collapse when Stern-Auer came to the rescue. Seeing the popularity of  the Krohn-Fechheimer Red Cross shoes, they proposed a merger with the United States Shoe Co. but only if Stern-Auer could be in charge of marketing the Red Cross brand. The new company would be known as the United States Shoe Corporation.
   Negotiations dragged on until 1931 when agreement was made and Joseph  S. Stern Sr. became president of the new company. They reduced the price for Red Cross shoes from $10 to $6 and sales skyrocketed. Production went from 600 pairs a day to 3,000 pairs a day by 1933. By 1939 the Red Cross brand had become the most popular shoe in the nation. A advertisement in Life magazine in 1940 stated the Cincinnati shoe plant below had 1800 people making the Red Cross shoe.

U.S. Shoe Corporation.jpg (551075 bytes)                Red Cross Shoe Plant.jpg (665470 bytes)
Red Cross Shoe plant  1558 Herald Ave.  Madisonville

   During WWII the name Red Cross Shoes temporarily became Gold Cross Shoes. The corporation has greatly expanded over the years and now own brands other then shoes, they own Lens Crafters for instance.

US Shoe Corp.jpg (311959 bytes)
Plant In Gold Cross Days

Red Cross Shoes.jpg (359051 bytes)            US Shoes Gold Cross.jpg (294530 bytes)
Red Cross Shoes                          Gold Cross Shoes
(Read  round emblem on cards)

Rwd Cross Shoes.jpg (130871 bytes)    Red Cross Shoes-1937.jpg (540400 bytes)    Red Cross Shoe-1914.jpg (569438 bytes)    Red Cross Shoe 1906.jpg (341259 bytes)    Red Cross Shoe.jpg (296788 bytes)    Red Cross Shoe 2.jpg (270292 bytes)


Cincinnati shoes-wise smithy.jpg (92913 bytes)                            The Scout-Shoe.jpg (105744 bytes)
Generic card for Cincinnati shoes                     Ground Gripper-Cantilever                
                                                                Shoe Store. 15 E. 4th St.


John Gates Calling card.jpg (104238 bytes)                Charles Meis Shoe Co..jpg (517726 bytes)        Charles Meis Shoe Co.-806 Walnut St..jpg (85827 bytes)
        John Gates & Co.                                              The Charles Meis Shoe Co.                  

   The 1st image above is a salesman "calling card" for the John Gates & Co. A wholesaler in shoes and rubbers located at 22-24 East Pearl Street. The front of the card shows a common view of the Suspension Bridge so I will not bother to put up an image of it. The 2nd card is a salesman card for the Charles Meis Show Co. located at 512 Vine Street. The last non-postcard image is of their store located at 806 Walnut Street.


                  1930 Ad.
Krippendorf-Dittmann.jpg (293496 bytes)    Krippendorf-Dittmann back.jpg (94950 bytes)           1930 Shoe Ad.jpg (234447 bytes)             Krippendorf, Dittmann Co.Sycamore & New Sts. Shoes.jpg (112554 bytes)    Krippendorf Dittmann Co. 622 Sycamore.jpg (1394588 bytes)
The Krippendorf-Dittmann Co.

   The Krippendorf-Dittmann were shoe manufacturers that were located on the N.E. corner of Sycamore and New Sts. (Between 6th & 7th Streets). The last two images are photographs.


Easter card
Buschmann Ad Easter.jpg (356724 bytes)
Peter Buschmann Shoes
3941 Spring Grove Ave.


*pietzuch Shoe Store-430 Main.jpg (110341 bytes)        Joseph Pietzuch Co..jpg (200426 bytes)                            Mann & Longini Shoe Co.jpg (160612 bytes)
        Pietzuch's Shoe Store. 2nd Floor   430 Main Street                         The Mann & Longini Shoe Co.
                                                                                                                         310 Vine Street


Health Spot Shoe Store.jpg (487931 bytes)  *  Health Spot back.jpg (268853 bytes)
Health Spot Shoe Shop 710 Race Street
*Thanks to Scott Kabakoff


Sewing Products Co.jpg (395925 bytes)    Sewing Products back.jpg (104664 bytes)
Sewing Products Co.



Rupp & Wittgenfeld C0..jpg (360179 bytes)        Rupp & Wittgenfeld Co-127 E.8th St. Shoes.jpg (116672 bytes)
Salesman's Card         127 E. 8th St. Factory   

   The Rupp & Wittgenfeld Co. was a major supplier of leather and leather supplies. The company had 3 locations over the years. They began in the 1880's at 646 Main St., they then moved to the building you see above in 1911. The company disappears from the city directories from 1914-1915 and then re-appears in 1916 at 304 Main. When they closed for good I do not know.