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  This category of postcards is, to put it mildly, MIND BOGGLING and since it is relatively easy to boggle my mind the only way I could arrange these cards was by alphabetical order, (sort of). I know  there are a lot of churches that are not in their correct areas so, please, excuse my ignorance.


Baptist Church Hyde Park.jpg (110440 bytes)        Hyde Park Baptist Church.jpg (74185 bytes)*      Hyde Park Baptist Church-Michigan & Erie Aves..jpg (147126 bytes)        Hyde Park Baptist Church.jpg (903733 bytes)
         Hyde Park

   The Hyde Park Baptist is the first church founded in the Northwest Territory (from the Ohio River to the Pacific Ocean). On January 20, 1790 the Columbia Baptist Church was started by 9 members of the pioneer settlement led by Steven Gano a surgeon in George Washington's Army. On two acres of land near Lunken Airport where this church stood is a plaque commemorating this event. Due to continual flooding in this area, the church was moved in 1808 to Duck Creek and Edwards Roads and the church was renamed The Duck Creek Baptist Church. Population shifts by the 1870's caused the church to move again. In 1875 it was again moved to Grace Avenue in Mt. Lookout and was renamed the Duck Creek Baptist Church at Mt. Lookout.
   In 1904 the church voted to move once again to Hyde Park. The Chapel was completed in 1907. Construction began on the main sanctuary and fellowship hall in 1924 and was completed in 1926. Located at 3460 Michigan Ave., the last 2 photos above show the church as it looks today.

Baptist Church Lockland.jpg (98617 bytes)


Baptist Church Norwood .jpg (87990 bytes)        Norwood Baptist Church.jpg (162326 bytes)        Baptist Church Norwood interior.jpg (83324 bytes)
                                                                                                          Norwood interior

   The Norwood Baptist Church above was dedicated on October 14, 1919 and is located at 2037 Courtland Ave. The 2nd image is a present day photograph. The last image is a postcard.


Harmon Memorial Baptist Church, Norwood.jpg (44443 bytes)        Norwood Baptist Ch. Sherman Ave..jpg (221615 bytes)        1st Baptist, Norwood.jpg (187700 bytes)
Harmon Memorial Baptist AKA First Baptist Church Norwood


Linwood Baptist Church, Eastern Ave..jpg (44646 bytes)*   Linwood Baptist Church-4809 Eastern.jpg (189441 bytes)                  Loveland Baptist Church.jpg (94395 bytes)
                               Linwood Baptist                                             Loveland Baptist

   The 2nd Linwood image above is a present day photograph.


1st Baptist-Wesley Ave..jpg (96909 bytes)        Wesley Baptist Church (Jerriel).jpg (146388 bytes)
1st Baptist Church (Jerriel)  Wesley Avenue

   Now known as Jerriel Baptist Church the last photo shows the edifice today.


Ninth Street Babtist Church.jpg (127476 bytes)        9th St Baptist interior.jpg (279129 bytes)        Ninth Street Baptist Church.jpg (257855 bytes)
Ninth Street Baptist Church    25 West Ninth Street

   The Ninth Street Baptist Church apparently had various branches or chapels around the city. Station B was on 3rd Street, west of Collord, Station C was at 892 Vine Street, Station E was on 8th Street, East of Glenway Avenue. The 3rd image above shows what the church looks like today.


Nine Street Babtist Church Station A Chapel.jpg (73689 bytes)
Station A Chapel
Hunt & Elsinore


Immanuel Baptist Church Northside.jpg (116645 bytes)        Pullan & Hamilton Immanuel Baptist.jpg (99141 bytes)
Immanuel Baptist Northside
Pullan & Hamilton Avenues.

   Immanuel Baptist Church was built in 1896 by the architect who designed Shillito's Department Store, James McLauglin. It is now the home of the Word Alive Christian Fellowship. The 2nd image shows what the building looks like today.


Kings Mill Baptist Church.jpg (63189 bytes)                Kings Mills RPPC Baptist Ch..jpg (343736 bytes)                Baptist church-Kings Mills.jpg (142609 bytes)

Kings Mills Baptist Church

Baptist Church-Kings Mills.jpg (78161 bytes)        Baptist Church Kings Mills.jpg (116117 bytes)        Kings Mill.jpg (617132 bytes)        King's Mills Baptist Church-1627 King Ave.jpg (147441 bytes)

   The last non-postcard image above shows the church today.


Columbia Babtist Church.jpg (106521 bytes)        Eastern Ave-Columbia Baptist.jpg (131925 bytes)        Columbia Baptist Church.jpg (128836 bytes)
Columbia Baptist Church        3714 Eastern Avenue

   The Columbia Baptist Church is the first Protestant church west of the Alleghenies, organized Jan. 20, 1790. Benjamin Stites donated the land for the original church. The first service was held July 4, 1795. The Columbia Baptist Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Hamilton County and holds the remains of Columbia's founders. The last image shows what the structure looks like today.


WH Baptist.jpg (246763 bytes)                        Walnut Hills Baptist Church Kemper Lane.jpg (149132 bytes)
Walnut Hills Baptist Church
Kemper Lane south of McMillan St.

   The 2nd non-postcard image shows the church as it looks today.


Newtown Baptist Church.jpg (313376 bytes)                Wyoming Baptist Church.jpg (174089 bytes)
Newtown Baptist Church                  Wyoming Baptist Church


   Calvary Episcopal Church Clifton.jpg (117978 bytes)    Calvary Episcopla Ch-Clifton.jpg (239692 bytes)    Calvary Episcopal 3766 Clifton Ave..jpg (234666 bytes)    Calvary Episcopal Church Clifton Ave..jpg (488224 bytes)    Calvary Episcopal Church Sunday School.jpg (237617 bytes)
  Calvary Episcopal Church  3770 Clifton Ave.

   The Calvary Episcopal Church at 3770 Clifton Avenue was designed by Samuel Hannaford and built in 1887, it is shown in the first four images, the 3rd & 4th images are photographs. The last photo shows The Calvary Episcopal Church Sunday School, located at the rear of The Calvary Episcopal Church which was added to the National Register of Historic Places on March 3, 1980. 


Columbia Congregational Ch..jpg (210042 bytes)        Columbia Church.jpg (155041 bytes)        3912 Easter.jpg (138239 bytes)
Columbia Congregational Church 3912 Eastern Ave.  

   The 3rd image above shows how the current owner drastically reduced the structure to its diminutive size.


Central Christian School.jpg (100257 bytes)
Central Christian
9th St. btwn. Plum & Central 

   The first Baptist church in Cincinnati was opened on Front Street in 1813. In 1828 118 members left to form the Central Christian Church on Ninth Street following the "Second Great Awakening" teachings of Alexander Campbell.


Roselawn Baptist Church.jpg (497284 bytes)                                        Union Baptist Sanctuary.jpg (628926 bytes)
        Roselawn Community Baptist                                Sanctuary Union Baptist Church
                                                                                             7th. and Central Ave.


  The next 14 cards are of Christ Episcopal Church on 4th Street. I wanted to point out a couple of things. If you look closely at the 3rd and 4th cards you will be surprised to see they are the same image. This was probably an accident during the printing process, but it could have been deliberately done to make it look differently than the cards put out by other publishers. The 5th card shows the correct view. You will also notice that the 1st card looks a lot different than the others. The building to the right of the church is the Parish House and was obviously built into a more imposing structure.

Christ Episcopal Church 1.jpg (84253 bytes)        Christ Church-z2.jpg (79436 bytes)        Christ Episcopal Church 2 right.jpg (82363 bytes)        Christ Episcopal Church 2 wrong.jpg (89406 bytes)        Christ Episcopal Church 3.jpg (61779 bytes)


Christ Episcopal Church 4 chapel.jpg (87452 bytes)        Christ Episcopal Church 5.jpg (87258 bytes)        Christ Episcopal Church 6.jpg (108531 bytes)        Christ Ch.-cooking school.jpg (99111 bytes)*
   Chapel                               Mother's Meeting                           Gymnasium                            Cooking School


Auditorium, Christ Church Parish House.jpg (168871 bytes)*      Christ Church-boys library.jpg (296832 bytes)        Girls Library Christ Ch.jpg (113140 bytes)        Men's Club Room, Christ Church Parish House.jpg (185200 bytes)*
      Auditorium                         Boy's Club Library                         Girl's Library                          Men's Club Room    


Christ Church-z1.jpg (83596 bytes)        Christ Church 318 e4th.jpg (392587 bytes)        Christ Church.jpg (1550382 bytes)

   The first postcard and two photographs above show the church as it looks today.


*Good Shepherd Church & Parish.jpg (221377 bytes)        Church of the Good Shepherd.jpg (345345 bytes)
Church Of The Good Shepherd, Norwood

   The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd was built in 1892 at the corner of Ashland and Monroe Aves. The 2nd image is what it looks like today. The church is now the Christ The Savior Holy Spirit Orthodox Church.


St Philips Church.jpg (142101 bytes)                4139 Kirby Ave. St. Phillip's.jpg (148417 bytes)
St. Phillip's Episcopal Church 4139 Kirby Ave. Northside

   St. Phillips was built in 1892 and was first known as St. James the Less, but was soon renamed after the showing of an irreverent play of the same name. In 2003 the congregation moved and now meets at the Churches Active in Northside (CAIN) building on Hamilton Ave. The 2nd non-postcard image above shows the building as it looks today.


Terrace Park St Thomas.jpg (330409 bytes)    Terrace Park Episcopal Church.jpg (253607 bytes)    Terrace Park-Episcopal Church.jpg (303866 bytes)
St. Thomas  Episcopal Terrace Park






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