Chester Park


These are not postcards
Chester Park BEV.jpg (1301797 bytes)                37 Flood-Spring Grove Ave..jpg (699095 bytes)
Bird's eye views

   The second image above shows the devastation caused by the 1937 flood. The Chester Park pool and skating rink can be seen on the lower right.


Winton Pl. B&O Station-1918.jpg (236660 bytes)        Winton Place Depot-2.jpg (1106509 bytes)        B&O Winton Place  Depot.jpg (201287 bytes)        Winton Place Depot-1967.jpg (233772 bytes)
Winton Place / Chester Park Station

   The 4 above show the Baltimore & Ohio Railroads Winton Place Depot. Many of Chester Parks patrons used this depot. The last two are postcards.


Chester Park Streetcar.jpg (86614 bytes)        Chester Park Streetcar.jpg (954697 bytes)        Chester Park Streetcar pc.jpg (297580 bytes)        Chester Park Streetcar pc1.jpg (380752 bytes)

   Streetcars at Chester Park.  The first two images are not postcards. The 3rd image shows a early summer car. If you look closely at the 1st image above behind the streetcar at the arched entranceway (with the two towers on top) you can see the tracks of the roller coaster going up into the arch.


Chester Park entrance .jpg (106513 bytes)            Chester Park entrance 2.jpg (126695 bytes)            Chester Park entrance 3.jpg (145391 bytes)        Chester Park tickets 1932.jpg (684315 bytes)*
  Chester Park Entrance                   path to the Club House                           ticket booth                                   

   Thanks to Ellis Unger for the last image above. It shows a row of  1932 tickets for some of the various rides available at the park.


Chester Park overhead.jpg (108218 bytes)                Chester Park entrance 4.jpg (98238 bytes)                Chester Park entrance 5.jpg (139417 bytes)
Overhead view                                                                        Same image                                  


Not a postcard
Chester Park Photo.jpg (405274 bytes)


Chester Park-z4.jpg (97679 bytes)                Chester Park Club House 2.jpg (86260 bytes)                Chester Park-z5.jpg (108435 bytes)

The Club House

Chester Park-z3.jpg (110080 bytes)                Chester Park Club House 1.jpg (96169 bytes)               Chester Park-z2.jpg (95376 bytes)


These are not postcards
Chester Park Clubhouse.jpg (116816 bytes)        Chester View (4).jpg (745083 bytes)
Lakeside View of Clubhouse                                               


   The Lake first appeared in 1902 in the center of the park, oval in shape it took the place where the old arena was located. Starting now and lasting until the park closed for good the water was pumped into the lake from the city's water main on the north end of the park and was discharged back into the mains on the south side. This fresh water was pumped continuously thus ensuring the lake's water was always in pristine condition. There was a period starting in 1904 when the lake was converted to salt water. It was calculated in 1919 that 100,000 gallons of water passed through the park daily. This was of course a very costly expense for the park and was partly responsible for its closing due to the water bill not being paid.

Clubhouse and Lake.jpg (98734 bytes)                        Lake View 1.jpg (108553 bytes)                        Lake View 2.jpg (101480 bytes)

Various views of the Lake

Chester RP Boat on Lake.jpg (95459 bytes)                         View from the Lake.jpg (107803 bytes)                          View from the Lake 2.jpg (80792 bytes)   


Bathing Beauties.jpg (101355 bytes)                        Chester Park Crowd 1.jpg (119855 bytes)                        Chester Park Crowd 2.jpg (87027 bytes)
 Bathing beauties                                                                      Scenes along the Boardwalk                              


These are not postcards
Chester Park-BEV.jpg (349551 bytes)            Chester-1906.jpg (818065 bytes)


Chester Park-Shady spot.jpg (144837 bytes)*
A Shady Spot


Slide 2 vert.jpg (97749 bytes)        Chester Park-Slide-vert.jpg (372446 bytes)

    Slide the Slides Ride

Slide 1.jpg (96351 bytes)    Chester View (2).jpg (904036 bytes)        Slide 3.jpg (107966 bytes)    Chester View (3).jpg (825791 bytes)
Not a postcard                                             

   The last non-postcard image above is the actual photograph used in the making of the 4th card.


The Tickler.jpg (139894 bytes)    Chester Park-the Tickler.jpg (137609 bytes)                        Chester-1909.jpg (832206 bytes)

   The tickler, installed in 1908, was similar to a roller coaster. Passengers entered a circular tickler car and was pulled up to the top of a steeply inclined platform where it was released and, because of gravity, began to fall through a series of serpentine turns that caused the car to twirl while bouncing off the sides of ride causing the riders to slide into each other. The 3rd image is not a postcard.


Chester Park-vaudeville.jpg (120583 bytes)

  I believe this real photo card shows a crowd scene at Chester Park. The poster hanging on the column advertises free vaudeville at Chester Park. The building in the background has a sign over the entrance which also says free vaudeville.





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